Campaign of the Month: June 2022

Baldur's Gate

Sewertime sadness

Woah black pudding

12th of Hammer

Arcabus Caldwell addressed them and got confused by the rebranding of the group. He was then super pretentious, so Raoden was pretentious back. He just said ok bye and the group got pissed that he just talked to them because they were famous. Sergor suggested Aria marry her brother, and Raoden supported the idea. They talked about Raoden’s siblings. Oliver was annoyed that Caldwell had interrupted their conversation with Gerald, which was actually productive. Raoden tried to help Toros earn a little more money. They talked about what they should do next. They decided that while Raoden was working they could go sell stuff and find contracts to do in the Steel Dragon.
They decided to sell the art, worship items, and magic items they had at an auction house.
Raoden decided to go to a postal service to ship the painting and a harp to his father, along with an attached letter updating him about the recent events that had occurred.

13th of Hammer

Next morning the group headed to an auction house and showed the owner the items they had for sale. They then went to the Steel Dragon to look for contracts.
While Raoden was working on his potion and spells, the rest went to Tumbledown to cure a sick child. They were led to the house by a begger they paid to take them there. They knocked and the people let them in. Sergor healed the child and the father thanked them dearly. They proceeded to ask him about life in Tumbledown but did not get any new information. Sergor then went to the smithy in the wide. The smithy seemed pretty bad. The owner seemed excited that someone finally was willing to test his armor after six months the post was on the board. The armor seemed a little weird but Sergor decided to go for it. The owner shot a heavy crossbow and said that it’s gonna hurt a lot but he’s not gonna be hurt. He shot him a few times that actually hurt him. He was paid, and once the owner heard they were the Baldur’s Gate Five he also gave them a pretty shitty dagger. After that they all went to their own business.

In the evening Aria was in the Singing Own and Ailen Whitburn came to talk to her. He asked her to dinner. She replied with “Why?”. He got burned. He said that he would like to spend time with her and talk to her about not world ending stuff. They scheduled dinner for the next evening.
The barkeep came up to her and asked her what the fuck how what go get him girl.

14th of Hammer

The next morning Finley was on his way to the lab. He noticed a lot of flaming fists and there seemed to be tension in the streets. He noticed a barricade of a building. He approached a random person on the street to ask what’s going on. He told him there’s been a murder, a series of murders actually where they didn’t find a body, just blood. So far it was just homeless people but this time it was someone who was running to apprentice for Marzat Creekleaf. He was missing for 3 days and when his house was investigated they found the blood, body missing as well. His name was Sodrol Dewmore. He talked to the Flaming Fist and found out that five homeless people were also missing. One of them was Gebbert who was staying around Finley’s workshop.

Finley went to the workshop to let Raoden know that there is a serial killer on the loose in Seatower, but that he is more likely to get the apprenticeship.
They made some small talk about the previous day’s events, Raoden made racist comments about orcs, and Finley said Sergor’s cat obsession is a cry for help.
Then the clock rang at 6 hours of potion work and they dropped everything to go to the Steel Dragon Inn.

They all met at the Inn and took some more postings and went to the Seatower of Balduran to meet Inspector Bernham.
In there they saw a bounty poster for Lia Haggerdson, who escaped the prison when The So Far Group helped all the prisoners escape.

He let them know that there are currently not one, not two, but three serial killers in Baldur’s Gate.
He also added he cannot sanction vigilantism, but should the serial disappearer be found, there would be a hefty bounty.
Bernham then told them there were some witnesses
A homeless man in the Steeps named Exter – “A weird shadow killed his friend”.
The murders occurred at night, supposedly the first attack was 3 tendays ago, and they appear to be random in location.
At the apprentice’s place, the door was locked from the inside and the door had to be kicked in to find the crime scene.
Aside from a small splash of blood near his bed, there were no signs of struggle.

They left to go visit Marzat Creekleaf and ask her questions about Dewmore before they visit his house.
The current apprentice opened the door and Raoden was disappointed to find out that he was in fact still alive, and Sodrol Dewmore was just another hopeful.
Then they were let in to talk to Marzat.
They were told that Dewmore was from a house of magic users baby whaaaat in Waterdeep, and he came specifically to Baldur’s Gate to apprentice for Marzat.
She told them he rented an apartment from a ghastly person called Pierce Burgess, who also happened to be Finley’s landlord.

They then left to go to the crime scene. Raoden cast detect magic and sensed magic from the basement. Finley tried to investigate to see if someone entered through the window but he found nothing. Sergor inspected the bedroom and found the blood splatters. Some of them went to investigate the basement and found nothing. Raoden stole some parchment and ink for copying spells. They went to investigate the bedroom but found nothing. Oliver and Sergor tried to investigate outside of the bedroom but found nothing. Raoden tried to look for any bloodstains but found nothing of that sort, but he did realize that it looked like there was something acidic on the bed, and melted the top layer of the sheets. They noticed a wooden part of the bed was a bit damaged by acid. They informed the Flaming Fist and went to the witness.
They approached the homeless man who told them about what he saw. It was dark now without any moonlight, and it was rainy. Then dark shadows appeared all over Vrenik’s face that then engulfed his body and were there for hours. Then towards the morning it started moving and the body was gone. He said he didn’t find anything but there was a really bad smell. Sergor asked Finley for acid and poured it on himself to see if the smell was the same, and it was.
They tried to go back to the crime scene to look for any other acid marks and saw nothing.
They decided to split and come back at night trying to bait it.

Raoden, Finley and Sergor went to the art studio for a rare races ad. The owner didn’t seem to like his looks too much because he doesn’t seem to look that rare. He tried to disguise himself as his brother and she liked it much more. They agreed that Raoden would model as an illusion of his brother, naked. When she told him he needs to be there at 9am he decided he needs to think about it more.

In the meantime Oliver went to get dirty old clothes from the trash so he can pretend to be a homeless person.

Later that evening Ailen arrived at the Singing Owl all dressed up. Aria wore her old patriar cloths. They walked towards the upper city, and caught up. She told him adventuring is more fun and fulfilling than managing their business, but she still misses her old life sometimes. He told her that his father is trying to prevent people from taking his family’s possession. He suggested using his connections to find out about the rest of his family and Aria agreed.
He led her to a small apartment building in the Wide. On the last floor was a restaurant that was overlooking the city over the wall. He told her that they are going more and more into shipping, and they are working with the Heartland Circle. She warned him about them. She told him that she was in the temple of Kelemvor in the past few years. They were talking and catching up for a while. She asked him how come he reached out to him if he knew she’s in hiding and he said patriars don’t go there since it’s not fancy enough. They continued catching up until she asked him why he asked her out to dinner as she was taken, which caught him by surprise. She then friend zoned him. On the way back Ailen noticed a thug approaching them. He threatened them and asked for all their possessions. Ailen then threatened him back, in a way that sounded like it was kind of staged, and the thug backed off. Then they continued on their walk back as if nothing happened. They then said their goodbyes.

In the inn she changed to the creepy robes and went to meet the others and the plan was ago. Oliver disguised himself as a homeless person and went to sleep in an empty dark shadowy alley not far from the workshop, with Max watching him and the rest of the group in the workshop. As they were waiting, Sergor smelled a smell of melting metal. He went to check it and saw some sort of black ooze coming out of the sink in the lab. It got out of the sink and attacked Sergor. Raoden sent Max to get Oliver inside and a fight ensued. During the fight Raoden summoned a dohwar. Attacking it with a sword the goo split in two, but they eventually managed to destroy it. When it was destroyed it exploded. They saw that it left absolutely no trail on stone, but it did leave a mark in the sink. Raoden approached the dohwar and talked to it in Sylvan. The penguin-like fey creature was pissed that Raoden pulled him to the Material plane in the middle of dinner with his wife. Raoden started apologizing and tried to befriend the creature. Finley also thanked him in Sylvan, which surprised Raoden, then the Dohwar disappeared back home.
The geoup investigated the ooze’s trail more and realized it doesn’t melt glass either. Finley scooped up the remains of the creature and then went to investigate the sewer.

They then tried to follow the trail of melted trash, just to get lost. They left the sewers and tried again. Following the track again they got to a connection room between the lower and upper city sewer. Sergor tried to cast detect magic and saw nothing, so they continued following the path. They eventually arrived at a large pool of sludge that started crawling towards them. Another fight ensued. Aria noticed what she thought were tentacles under the stairs of the room. Finley noticed that it looked like there was alchemical waste in the goo. During the fight more and more goo came out of the pool, and the tentacles aria noticed turned out to be some large green monsters with large tentacles with teeth at the ends. After a few near death experiences of almost all of the party they managed to dispatch of the odd creatures.

After the fight ended and the room was silent again Raoden decided to yet again bask in the glory of battle standing in the middle of the room proudly, this time without shedding a single tear as none of the things he fought were even humanoids. As he was focused on the task given to him by Kipp, the rest of the party noticed that the door atop the stairs in the room was being opened.

But who is opening the door? Is he responsible for all this? Who is dumping all of the alchemical waste so irresponsibly? Find out this and more, next time on “The S.O.F.A.R group formerly known as the Baldur’s Gate Five. Will they ever manage to change the group name? Let’s find out.”