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Baldur's Gate

Vampire Diaries
A Butchered Heist

The gang met up at the Steel Dragon to discuss their plan for the Blinding.
They decided to make Max invisible and have him follow The Preacher to gather more information, and grab one of his lackeys while they are separated for interrogation.

The Wide was decorated festively with symbols of Tyr. A huge crowd was standing next to a stage erected by the Statue of the Beloved Ranger. Priests were handing blindfolds. Some fancypants in the crowd had decorated blindfolds, who would ever wear such a ridiculous thing.
A priest approached the Group to give them blindfolds. Raoden wore his immediately to not stand out even though no one else was wearing one yet.

Quickly the place became very crowded, even outer city people who normally were barred from these events were allowed in.
Sergor cast Detect Evil and detected a bit of everything. Feys, celestials, and fiends, but no undead.
Finley made Max invisible and he scouted from above.

A priest of Tyr went up on stage. He cast a spell to raise his voice and started the ceremony.
He spoke of how no one is above justice, not even the gods himself. Tyr blinded himself for his failures in the times of trouble. In reverence to this show of blind justice, his followers blindfold themselves on this day.
He put on blindfolds and the crowd followed suit, but the So-Far-sans-Raoden Group didn’t.

Raoden tried to detect if any magic suddenly appeared to find The Preacher, specifically conjuration to detect his key. He only found minor magic items. Through Max’s eyes Raoden tried to find any people with no blindfolds. He saw a group of thuggish people. Their arms were covered in the same place as the preachers thugs usually are. The group moved towards them.
Max noticed a bat flying around just like him to watch over people. Max followed the bat but couldn’t figure out what he was looking for.

When near the thugs, Max reported that another group appeared and The Preacher among them. The Preacher preached his usual preachment and left. The Preacher went to a door, took out a key, and put it in the lock. But just before he turned the key, he turned his head instead and looked directly at Max. He pointed his finger at Max, his eyes glowed yellow, and he banished him to whence he came.

The thugs dispersed, some of them putting on a blindfold. Raoden cast Hold Person on one of them. As the group tied him up, a watchman shouted at Raoden to stop. They told him that adventurers can’t arrest people willy nilly.
Aria noticed that their uniforms are not standard, they were changed to be puffier in the arms. Perhaps to hide their Preacher Marking!?
Aria asked who their commanding officer is and they answered Lieutenant Varren, whom Aria recognized. Fin removed the thug’s bracer and showed it to the guards and asked them if it seems familiar. They feigned ignorance.
Sergor recognised a patriar and called him over. Luckily, it was Ailen Whitburn.
He told the watchmen to stand down, and let his guards arrest the thug. They told the watchmen that the So Far Group will hand the thug to the Watch, but they will have access to the prisoner.

Finley investigated the thugs tattoo to see if it’s an actual bite mark but couldn’t figure it out.
One of the bodyguards taking the guard recognised Oliver and said he fucked his girl and for that he will do him a solid. He took them to some sequestered empty building.

Raoden told the thug that he’s not a crazy violent half-orc like Sergor, he’s a good cop who doesn’t want to see him tortured by a crazy violent half-orc. So he SUGGESTED he cooperated. But the prisoner rolled a 20.
Sergor walked up to him instead and cast Lesser restoration. He felt that something was affecting the thug, but it was too powerful to be cured with that spell. He tried Protection From Evil to the same effect. He felt that the prisoner was definitely under the influence of a sinister being.
Raoden recognized it as a charm, but the magic itself was long gone, leaving only a crazed fanatic.

Oliver stripped him to look for other tattoos. He found some that made it seem like he used to be a sailor.
Oliver asked him about his history. He told Oliver he was a sinner like him moving from port to port. He rambled about the gods using them as playthings and that the One True God will give them eternal life.
Oliver threatened his life and the thug was elated to be sent to the Eternal God.

Raoden took out his creator tokens and used Augury to ask them if questioning this man will give them any information that will lead them on the path to The Preacher. The result was both good and bad.

On closer examination Aria saw that the thug’s arm tattoo was covering puncture marks.
She asked how to join The Preacher. He said you must pass the trials, then they will know and let you in. He refused to let her know specifics in advance. He said you must cast the gods from your heart and the followers of The Preacher will come in the night, eyes glowing, and take you to your test.

Oliver ran out to buy holy water and tried to rub it on the prisoner’s bite mark, which did nothing.
The thug recognized Raoden and said the chosen ones are angry with him for interfering.
He referred to The Preacher as “the most holy one”
Sergor read Volo’s entry on vampires and discerned they are dealing with a thrall.
The group let the bodyguard take care of the thrall and bring him to the Watch.

They then went to Sow’s Foot to visit their favorite codecracker. He finished translating the book. They paid him with the Guild stash money and got the book titled INDEPENDENCEUZKURS CAPTAIN’S LOG.

It was about a (probably) gith spelljammer who escaped slavery from (probably) ilithids.
He searched for a sage named Gamalon Idogyr in Toril. He arrived during the spellplague and was warned against entering due to ships malfunctioning. He went in anyway, and crash landed in a flooded mine. His diary ended with him going to seek the sage.
Finley was very excited at the prospect of a plane-jumping ship being in their vicinity. But first they went to Marzat so Raoden can ask her about some stuff from the diary. However, a jew let us know she was busy at the moment. Raoden asked him to ask her if she knew the name Gamalon. After going and returning he said she did know the name and to come back tomorrow, then kicked them out.

Raoden resummoned Max who was confused by what happened to him and mad that Raoden did cool stuff without him. Raoden apologized and bribed him with a snack.

The group decided to rob a (G)u(i)ld(th) stash in Sow’s Foot. The stash was in the cellar of the Ham’s House butcher shop. Sergor went in and met a very fat gnome. He asked him what his most expensive cut was, then ordered tenderloin. Sergor surveyed the layout of the place while the gnome brought him his meat. He got his meat and said he’s going to eat it on the spot for some reason.

After a characteristically long deliberation, they concocted a flawless plan. When the last customer left, Max – invisible – flew in the open door and went to the back room. Raoden teleported Oliver in, who used a flying potion. He investigated the trap door and determined it was a trap door. He opened it and flew down the stairs. He lit a torch and saw barrels, crates, and a small shrine to a gnomish god. He investigated and saw what he thinks is a hidden door that definitely has no traps.

There was a small opening but he could not manage to pry it open. The opening continued down like a tube. He took a sausage hook and used it to pull the door out. It slid back and opened. He saw traps, as well as equipment, daggers, leather armor, etc.
Behind some crates there was a removable brick. He recognized the same trap from last stash. He disabled it and took the gold, replacing with ball bearings. In another crate he found hidden 3 flaming fist badges which he took as well. He set everything in its place, poured seawater on the hidden door’s mechanism to make it seem like it’s been unused for a long time next time someone opens it.

They celebrated a successful heist by sleeping in Stonyeyes. At night, it appeared to be completely unprotected. A lot of half orcs were walking around and doing things that justify the stereotypes against them, such as mugging and threatening honest folk.
In a tavern, Sergor made the barkeep cook the meat he bought and paid extra for the honor.
Everyone got pickpocketed, then didn’t find any rooms in any inns. They went to sleep in Little Calimshan.

23 Hammer

They woke up early Di next morning so Sergor’s uncle wouldn’t yell at him for associating with Oliver.
Everyone except Oliver went to the library. Sergor read about vampires and found out all the major vampire lords have different abilities and weaknesses, but they are all evil and the sun either kills them or weakens them.
By drinking all their blood, a vampire lord can create vampire spawn which are weaker and have to obey him. Thralls are put under the lord’s charm

Raoden tried to find things about spelljammers but the library had very limited information.
He looked into Gamalon Idogyr, who was the count of Spellshire and the court mage of Tethyr. There was no record of his death but there was a newer court mage.
He also copied the translation of the gith diary in hopes he could give the original as entrance for Candlekeep.

Raoden went to Marzat and a jew opened the door. He said he’ll check if she’s available and slammed the door. Minutes later Raoden was let in to the reception. He asked for tea just to make the jew work.
Marzat came in and told him his potion was good enough. She made him her apprentice, telling him he was to work from dawn til much after dusk, cleaning and doing back breaking labor. She promised to tell him all about his spelljammer curiosities over dinner.

In the Blushing Mermaid, Oliver met the harper agent. Oliver told him about their heist progress and he arranged for payment. He then refused to give his name but asked all about Nelly. After an awkward conversation Oliver left to the Steel Dragon Inn.

For Marzat’s dinner, Raoden refused to cook meat and made a vegetarian meal. She was very cross with him. She told him to follow the recipe exactly and treat with the precision of a potion recipe. He argued but she told him to follow the recipe precisely. He offered meat replacements so she offered Finley as a tutor replacement.

They talked about Raoden’s staff. Marzat told him it was given to her as a gift for helping an archfey. The crystal was her own addition, which she won in a duel against a red wizard.
He asked about the history of the crystal, and she said she will teach him how to magically study its history starting next week.
Raoden somehow connected it to Uzkur, but she saw no connection.
She said Gamalon was still alive last time she talked to him 25 years ago. She said Idogyr lived on the rock of Bral from before the spellplague. He is approximately 170 years old.
She explained that a helm is an engine that starts the spelljammer by converting wild space magical energy to kinetic energy, and phlogiston is a flammable material found in wildspace that allows you to travel faster by riding its currents.
They talked more about the larger world. She mentioned that she visited Selune once.
They finished dinner and sent him to do some chores.

The rest of the group mentally prepared for their meeting with Hawke tomorrow. But what will they ask him? Will they find the Independence, or at least learn a valuable lesson along the way? Will they ever go to Ulgoth’s Beard? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!!!!!!!

Ocean's Failures
It's Better to Fuck Than Heal Your Legs

Picking up over a month after the last session, the party was in Twin Songs preparing for the heist of the Guild Stash.

Raoden was given Invisibility and Flight potions and Oliver made himself sneaky, so they could go jack the loot.
Raoden then teleported Oliver inside the place through Max’s senses, and flew up to enter through the window.
The moment Oliver appeared, he appeared right in a floor trap, biting sharply into his leg, breaking it and restraining him.
He managed to open it back up and re-arm it, but then realized he’s restrained and didn’t do any of that.
Raoden flew up and through the bell tower’s trap door, then tried to open the door to Oliver. He felt a prick in his hand which started to go numb, and he got poisoned apparently.
He began telling Oliver that he’s not feeling so good, but then just stopped talking as he got paralyzed from the poison.
Oliver resumed his escape attempts while Max flew away to try and get the group’s help.
Finley gave Aria a potion of flight so she could go rescue Seal Team Shit and she flew up to the bell tower.
She helped Oliver get out of the trap and grabbed the invisible Raoden, and they all went out of the tower, staying just outside while the church’s priest went around looking for the intruders.
A few moments later Raoden thumped on the ground when the flight spell ran out.
Aria used a few moments to magically heal Oliver’s leg.

Then they went and carried Raoden down to the alleyway to have Sergor heal him.
After the paralysis and poison were removed, the plan was officially reset.
Oliver flew in from the top of the bell tower, and Raoden waited outside the window.
He opened the window for Raoden who then flew in and investigated the area and crates for traps.
The crates themselves were not trapped, but the wall behind them was trapped.
Oliver tried to discern how to disable the trap’s mechanism but failed.
Raoden figured out that there’s a false wall and trying to open it will cause a trap to spring.
The two tried to lift the crate quietly together because they are two weaklings. They succeeded then immediately put it down with sore arms. They opened it and found dried foodstuffs, oil, weapons, etc.

Reexamining the slits in the trap Oliver thought it’s probably for releasing a type of gas. They looked for a way to disable the trap and failed. Oliver emptied a sack to block the window, to hide the fact that he lit a torch so he could look through the trap slit, where he saw a button. Oliver tried to press it with a thief’s tool but it was already pressed.
He realized the brick is holding the button pressed and unpressing it will trigger a trap, so he stuck something in to keep it pressed. He rolled a 1. A gas sprayed on both of them and Oliver fell asleep. Raoden opened the window to let the gas out, but not before wisely putting out the torch, which he thought to do by himself with no outside help or retconning whatsoever.
Behind the false wall were a bunch of wallets. Raoden exchanged money for ball bearings and got 500 gp worth. He reset the trap then teleported Oliver to some rooftop to recuperate. He then failed to push the crate back. Aria noticed that the homeless man near the bell tower is getting suspicious, so she used Thaumaturgy to slam shut a window in the area as a way of explaining the ruckus as coming from somewhere nearby.
Then she used Message to communicate with Raoden – their plan was to teleport Sergor inside so he can lift the crate and move it 5 feet, then teleport him back.

Noticing the homeless person got suspicious, Aria told Finley to reenact the “couple fooling around” plan. They pretended they were fooling around in public and the homeless guy seemed amused and went back to his spot. Raoden teleported an armorless Sergor into the room, and he moved the crates back to place. Aria then made a needless sound effect. The group decided to get Sergor to cure the poison off of Oliver but he didn’t wake up, so they decided to wait for him to wake up. By the time Oliver woke up it was around 5am and the sky started to brighten. He then snuck up and rearmed all the traps, managing to get out quietly. After the group had cleared the building the bells of the church rang for the new day.

19 Hammer

Immediately after they returned to the inner city Finley went to visit Holly. He showed her the pearl Kanen gave him, which prompted her to berate Kanen. He told her he wasn’t comfortable keeping it, and Kanen wouldn’t take it back, so Holly offered to sell it off and split the profits 50-50 like a common scammer.
Finley explained that he thinks Kanen gave him the pearl as part of a mating ritual, so he’s afraid Kanen would get offended if he sold it off.
He tacked on the story of how he gave a 100GP gem to Cera, but then left immediately after without knowing if she accepted it or not, which made Holly mad because a reporter was asking around about him.
Then she tucked the pearl inside her gigantic old-lady bosom, and pressured Finley into eating breakfast, which he ate and then fell asleep right by the table.

Raoden went to his therapist to tell him he is sad because he was talked into firebombing wolf cubs. The therapist asked him what he would have done differently and Raoden said he would have raised the cubs himself. He thought maybe he should have talked his friends out of killing the wolves. The therapist told him it’s natural to feel sad about it, and feeling nothing would mean something is wrong. He told him to be less suggestible and stand up for himself.
Raoden was afraid of his friends being mad at him for not doing what they say. The therapist said he could have suggested alternatives. He concluded the session by giving Raoden homework: Calmly and rationally tell his friends no when they tell him to do something he dislikes, explain why not, and to do it five times.

Sergor went to the newly-rebuilt Hammered Anvil to speak with Flintcarver, the master blacksmith.
He asked her if she could make an armor out of the Ankheg shell he carved out previously.
She said it’s not gonna be a problem, as it’s an exotic armor and she’s an exotic creature herself. Probably could make a very light half-plate from it, like a mithril half-plate but from an Ankheg.

Aria went to meet with Father Alby. They launched into a theological debate about the belief systems of the gods.
Aria said even though her faith lies with Kelemvor her power increasingly comes from Bhaal. Alby explained to her that elves believe their powers come from Corellon, however not all of them worship him. She can choose what to do with her divine spark.
Aria said that sometimes her actions seem to befit Bhaal more than Kelemvor, such as murdering people rather than letting them die on their own terms. Alby told her that killing is not necessarily unnatural, such as a lion hunting a gazelle. He told her Kelemvor will give her a sign if he is displeased with her actions.
Aria thanked him for his guidance and then went to meditate.

20 Hammer

Di next morning, Finley went to give Oliver flight potions so he go to the Coastal Paradise.
But first, Baldur’s Mouth. The article accused Finley of being part of The Smokehouse Conspiracy, and suggests that Duke Silvershield helped him get his workshop and lock Norrid Runecoat away. In addition, it accused him of being part of an illegal fighting arena, in charge of supplying healing potions. Lastly, it mentioned that he slept with at least 6 girls in Beregost, one of them getting pregnant, and that he denies it all to protect his affair with Kanen Barrow.

They all started grilling Finley about getting Cera pregnant. Raoden suggested going to the Baldur’s Mouth to intimidate them to stop printing the exposes. During a conversation with Sergor, it came up that Raoden’s uncle was a god that died. From that they ventured that Raoden considers his dad’s adventuring group as his uncles, which he claimed he does because they all helped raise him. Two of them taught him what he knows about self defense and surviving out in the world, and the third, fun uncle who was his dad’s best friend taught him how to be a chaotic son of a bitch.

After that, Oliver flew to visit The Coastal Paradise using Finley’s flight potion and met with Caleb, the owner.
Caleb proceeded to tell Oliver that following the scathing expose published about him, the Coastal Paradise has seen such a sharp increase in customers, that they doubled the prices twice without any impact on customer volume. He’s even thinking of opening a second brothel and franchising out. He suggested getting him someone to sleep with but Oliver said he’s not currently in shape, showing him his leg. Caleb asked why he came then and he said he came to visit a friend. Caleb said Nelly is busy but she could spare a few minutes later if he can help, and suggested he wait in the common room, but Oliver asked if he had somewhere more private and Caleb suggested his office.
Oliver stayed around to watch Caleb working on the ledgers, getting excited over and over seeing the insane profits.
A while later Caleb was informed Nelly is free so Oliver flew to Nellie’s room. She asked him about his leg and they spoke about how she’s swamped with work now that she was mentioned in the news. She said people have very specific and changing ideas of how they do things, and most of them specifically want to visit her now and lick her feet (because they think Oliver does that), which she’s not interested in.
He told her the newspaper didn’t describe her, so they can claim any other woman in the brothel is Nelly. She said that’s a good idea and she would suggest it to Caleb.
She asked him how he is doing about the expose and he said he was mainly worried about her. She told him that she’s worried about the piracy part, because Baldur’s Gate has a death sentence for pirates. He told her that he doesn’t believe they will bother him considering his reputation in the city, but they will cross that bridge if and when they get to it. He then flew to the room he was renting because he was running out of flight potions.

Sergor went to arrange a picnic with his girlfriend though he cheaped out on wine.
He told her that the expose about him would probably claim that he blackmailed her father to allow their dating. She said that her father would be angry to hear that because he would never surrender to blackmail.
They spoke some more while riding, then reached the picnic spot and sat down to eat while watching the sun set.
On the way back from the picnic they were not attacked by gibberlings, to everyone’s disappointment.

21 Hammer

Finley went to pick up his brand new eye-cover made from the gold monocle they found in Ulcaster’s school.
He went to the workshop to show Raoden, who said it’s very cool, but also Aria was there for some reason.
Sergor went to teach at his school again, for a record second day in a row.

Aria talked to Gerald about the serial killer under the Watch’s jurisdiction. He said the latest victim was a prolific merchant in the Wide, killed five days ago. All of the victims were stabbed multiple times but showed no signs of struggle. He told her the Watch would never officially accept help but could use the help unofficially.

Sergor returned to his uncle’s home and met Rollerend, who gave him an expensive, gem-adorned chess set where there’s a Red Lady themed side, and an evil-gods themed side which was white even though everyone knows the blacks are evil.
Rollerend asked Sergor for a game, and they talked about some of Sergor’s history as a Red Knight and how he became a paladin while playing.
Then Rollerend became Frank.
He admonished him for being just like a fighter; For a Red Knight, everything is a battlefield to strategize.
The game of politics is one such battlefield, one that decides the fates of many other battlefields.
Sergor said he’s more concerned with practicalities, but Rollerend said that he’s noticed Sergor has actually been involved with different Patriars, some in high places, and he’s prone to being outmaneuvered. Then he checkmated Sergor in a stunning display of bulging masculinity.

Back in the workshop when Finley and Raoden were done working on the potion for the day Finley tried to taste it to see if it tastes right. Raoden said he thinks he is going to get the apprenticeship regardless and thanked Finley for the help. Finley told him that ever since he started being an alchemist his master always made him feel like he is disappointing him and then Norrid took all the credit for his work and made him feel that his work is worthless, but now that he helped Raoden it made him feel like he has a talent for that after all. Raoden agreed and said that he is very talented and he’s just used to assholes who are too far up their own ass. He said that that was probably his old master’s bad way of teaching – Keep Finley down so that he doesn’t rise above his rank. They talked about how they both look down on themselves, Raoden said that he thinks he is a misunderstood genius and Finley is a not confident genius. They had a potion hug. Raoden thanked him for the conversation because he is bad with friendships. They shook hands and said that they are potion buddies for life, then titled themselves “The potion boys™”. Raoden said he doesn’t want to make any more potions and hoped that Marzat wouldn’t make him make any more. He’d rather leave it to the pros (see: Finley) and focus on magic.

They talked about their old friends who they haven’t been in touch with in a while, and about druids they knew. Finley told him he made a device that allows him to speak to animals that he made months ago but haven’t had the chance to use yet. Raoden told him about his idea that involves dog servants. They concluded they should wait for the next day.

22 Hammer

Waking up bright and early, Raoden bottled the Heroism Potion to bring over to Marzat after 12 grueling days of potion brewing.
On the way, Raoden saw Mordalla – an angelic being by all accounts – back in the Gate after finishing her latest adventure. She made small talk with Raoden about what the both of them were doing, and Raoden spilled his spaghetti and his potion. They agreed to meet up later at Kipp’s to tell him the good news about his apprenticeship.

He reached the Windswept Tower, and a jew opened the door for him and took him to Marzat.
He handed the potion to Marzat, who smelled it and said it seems like he almost used the correct ingredients. She put the potion along with seven others, to Raoden’s surprise. He thought all the competition was dead based on their deaths. She told him she will get back to him soon, hopefully tomorrow.
He told her he was going to stop the Preacher during the Blinding and she midway through realized she doesn’t care about adventuring stories and told him his time will be limited once he’s her apprentice. He caught her at her word, saying that means he will definitely be her apprentice and ran off before she could object.

Bad Reputation

After Raoden ruined their reputation and destroyed their life, the session started.
But before that can happen Oliver went to visit Finley in his lab. They discuss the stealth cloak that Finley said he could possibly make, Finley replies that he needs a full day’s notice if they want to have it.
Oliver let’s Finley know about the new quest they received from the harpers, so Finley starts preparing to make the cloak.

Sergor and Aria go to the seatower of Balduran in an attempt to ask for their hard earned money. They head towards Bernham’s office.
After a nice plea by Sergor explaining how vicious and tough the opponent was and how it destroyed their armor, Bernham didn’t give a shit and just gave them the original reward of 750GP each. Aria asks him about looking at the prison and seeing where the escapees were, and he directs them to his assistant.
Sergor then asks about the other two serial killers. Bernham lets him know that one of them is in Wyrms Cross. They’ve found victims left in their rooms. Locked inside with no signs of break in. Their throats were slit, and there doesn’t appear to be any connection between the victims, seemingly random.
The other serial killer is in the upper city so they are the Watch’s responsibility.

They then go with the assistant who recommends they go talk to Commander Dernham who is in charge of the prison.
Commander Durnham is a muscular warden looking man, and told them about the bounties emphasizing that Xzar is extremely dangerous and they think he is still in the vicinity of Baldurs Gate, as opposed to Leah who is a mass murderer who they think is headed towards Neverwinter.
Aria and Sergor convince him to let them see the cells and he leads the way down the prison, which seems like hell on earth with barely any light and in some places no light at all, with everything being damp and wet from the waves crashing against the tower.
They arrive at the deepest floor of the prison where the most dangerous prisoners were kept. Durham tells them that 13 prisoners escaped from this wing, Xzar and Leah included but they already caught 4. Aria looks for any markings or writings but can’t find any, so Sergor looks for magic and finds out the walls are now magically reinforced.

Aria then asks to speak to a guard that was there at the time of the explosion, so Durham brings over a young guard called Leeroy.
He was on the way back to the barracks when the explosion occurred so he lived through it. He tells them that the guild helped some of the prisoners escape and some got out on their own. But they don’t know who was guild and who wasn’t. He starts talking about some people swimming across the river but is quickly shushed by his commander. They then thank them for their time and leave.

Once they are out of the tower Sergor asks Aria about why she wanted to see the cells and she tells him that the Watch were told about 14 escapees and they know there were actually 15 escapees. Aria compares the two lists and finds out that the missing name is Handrel Gloom. She also remembers that the gloom family are a noble family from never winter that used to have a branch in Baldurs Gate until something happened. She also tells Sergor about Matt.
She then goes to stalk Leeroy after confirming with Gerald he is the guard he talked to.

Oliver goes to talk to Raoden once he comes back to the workshop.
Raoden yells at Finley that he did good, but is then interrupted by Oliver before he can explain what good did he do.
Oliver tells Raoden he has made good progress, didn’t succumb to drugs and did some good (but not the one Raoden just referred to doing) such as stopping a serial killer and didn’t do drugs. He also didn’t kill his competition just to win but instead killed his competition because it was for the good of the land.
Raoden thanks him and elaborates on the good he did earlier letting him know that he talked with the Baldurs mouth about their rebrand to the So Far Group.

He tells them that they even interviewed him, and that it’s going to be a fantastic issue. He tells them it’s a personal touch interview so the people of Baldur’s Gate can know who we are and show the human side of the group, making us relatable. He described it as a feel good fluff piece. Raoden then says he is going to read a book about dungeon survival.

Oliver goes to Nelly, and waits until she is done with her customer. Once inside Nelly lets him know that there’s been a reporter there from the Baldurs Mouth asking about him. She is mad at him about it because she doesn’t like the publicity and doesn’t want to end up like Evie. Oliver apologizes and says Raoden’s went to the Baldur’s Mouth to inform them about the rebranding of the group and he said they asked him questions but he has no idea what they asked, what he said, or why they would come there and ask her questions specifically.

She asks him what’s up and he says he just wanted to hang out, and she says OK whatever money is money. He says 6 years is enough time living in fear, and has been thinking about going to find out what’s going on with his ship. They discuss the Bitch Queen. Nelly says that she is still worried about Umberlee possibly being mad at Oliver for using her name. He replies that considering he was the sole survivor from the ship she may have had her eyes on him in a good way prior to this, and she might actually have a hand in what happened. Nelly replies that maybe Umberlee had a reason to keep him alive. Nelly asks if this is Oliver’s way to say goodbye but he says it’s not as it’s only going to be 6 years in 3 months. He discusses his plan of first gathering information before doing anything rash (a revolutionary new strategy that has never been tried before). Nelly says she doesn’t know his crew mates but they probably don’t deserve their fate of being undead pirates.
She asks him if by telling her he’s asking her to gather what information she can about the ship from sailors and he says he did not think about it but if she is willing he would love that. She says OK if she still has a job the following day as she is scared of the Baldurs mouth.

Cut to:

17th of Hammer
Baldurs mouth has come out. The streets are in uproar.
Raoden finds the paper and runs to find Finley. He accidentally wakes up Finley’s roommate and Finley and him both run to the steel dragon inn, they look for Oliver but can’t find him so Rickey directs them to the Coastal Paradise. They find Oliver on the way there. They then run together to the singing owl and try to find Aria, but she is not there. They then meet up in the Steel Dragon inn (with Aria in tow) and read the Baldurs mouth.

It begins with a report about the mass murderer. And then talks about the gem shortages, they believe the guild is smuggling fake gems into the city. Then the bad part starts with a special exposé. There is also an ad for “the Blinding” , a church of Tyr ceremony in front of the statue of the beloved ranger in 5 days. This issue’s exposé is about Oliver, saying that he is wanted for numerous crimes in Waterdeep, exposing his visits to the Coastal Paradise (which he never tried to hide) and mentioning Nelly specifically, and finally blaming him for the murder of Evie.

Oliver gets very mad at Raoden about the paper, asking what the hell he told them. Aria asks Raoden what they should be prepared for in the next few articles. He says it’s been a few hours so he doesn’t remember everything but they asked about her Surname. Aria then regrets not saying her name was Millie.
Raoden says a lot of things that he said and they ignored. About Sergor she asked if he threatened a patriar to marry his daughter to which he said idk. She asked if Finley got a girl pregnant in beregost. Finley said he did not use protection, to which Raoden replies that either she is pregnant and doesn’t know it yet or she is not pregnant. Aria suggests she is pregnant by someone else and is trying to say Finley is the dad, but Finley says Cera wouldn’t do that.
Aria then asks Raoden if he slept with his family, and he said no but he does know a few noble families that do it.
Raoden says next she called his dad the tyrant king, and he corrected her that he is a dragon king, she also asked him if he was expelled and he said that he left of his own volition. He also told her we all sleep together in the same room except for Aria who is a woman.
He is mad that he told her several times that they are now the So Far Group and not the Baldurs Gate Five, and she didn’t even print it or mention it once. Finley is mad they didn’t run his ad.
Raoden says the takeaway is that the preacher might appear in the Blinding and that they didn’t call them the So Far Group.

Oliver asks Aria if she knows a lawyer as he wants to sue them for libel. She asks him if he did piracy near water deep and he says yes meaning it’s not libel but true.
Finley suggests they dig into the reporter’s personal life as payback and print gossip about her.
As the conversation nears its end they suggest that the silver lining is Silvershield agreed to currently not extradite Oliver to Waterdeep.
Aria says we can’t sue them because they will win. Oliver suggest to do more positive things in the city to overpower the gossip, and Finley wants to do more bad so they won’t print the bad they already have.

Aria then pivots badly to tell the rest of the group about her brother escaping from prison. Finley also does a bad segue to give Aria a box with 4 cartridges that will SHOCK her aka a concentration helping thingamajig.
Aria lets them know about the lead of a guard who knew he was there. She is thinking of scaring him into telling them shit.

Aria then goes to the harbormaster to ask about the Gloom family’s business in Baldurs Gate. She gets a very thin folder with information, there’s a single page that says they were a merchant family that sold magical items and then a huge seal that says confidential by Duke Silvershield. The harbor lady says the Judicial Archives in the Judicial Palace might have more records but that’s a restricted area, where only high up folks can get access to enter.
She then decides to go look for old Baldurs Mouth articles about the Gloom family.

Sergor talks with Borm about the article and asks him if he can find out what’s gonna be written in the next parts of the exposé. Sergor apologizes about it happening in the paper but he is not going to stop associating with Oliver as he is a capable fighter and good ally, and if he stopped associating with all brutes he would have to deny his entire family too who are all brutes.
He then goes to try and talk to Silvershield who conveniently is busy at the moment and can’t talk to him right now, so he leaves him a note asking him 3 things:
1. Does he know or was asked to comment about the following day’s exposés?
2. What happened to Norrid after the bomb stuff? Was he in seatower and escaped? We want to know what happened after the Bhaal influence.
3. Can we get a note/recommendation allowing us to investigate the serial killing in the upper city? We are unsure if they would talk to us because of current circumstances but we want to help the city.
He leaves the note and asks the assistant to please give him the reply hastily, thanks her and goes to find the rest of the group.

The group then meets up (except for Aria) in the Steel Dragon and catches Sergor up about what Raoden did, so Sergor asks them to please not talk to the Baldurs Mouth again and that he has to go deal with the exposé that’s going to happen about him.

Aria finds some old articles about the Gloom family losing their license to sell magic items but not why or much else information about it.

Sergor went back to his uncle. He told him he found out that they are going to post that he threatened Kaleth to marry his daughter, and that the five are sleeping together. Borm said it’s probably going to be easy to deny it, assuming they would deny it as well. Borm said that he needs a way to go there unseen and tell them to postpone the wedding plans so the mouth doesn’t presume they are threatening them again. Sergor suggested getting a potion of alter self to make getting there unseen easily.

Raoden goes to a general store to buy something that would retain the shape of items he puts in it, to try and get imprints of keyholes. The merchant shows him why it’s impossible so he says he will take some more time pondering about this and rethink his strategy.

Oliver goes to the workshop for the list of ingredients for the spell Finley’s master made. He wants to ask the sorcerous sundries about what spell could they be used for, but Finley is a bit hesitant saying they probably don’t know more than him as he is a genius alchemist, and less importantly has been spending years trying to figure it out, but sure if he wants to try.

Aria goes to find Gerald on his patrol to talk to him, she messages him to get away from his group and catches him up about the Matt thing with the 13 prisoners having escaped not 14. She tells him about the Gloom information she has and they try to brainstorm ways to get into the archive but Gerald is an NPC so he has no solution for her. She also tells him about Leeroy and her stalking him. Gerald figures out that the people who had to swim were ones who the Guild didn’t want to take with them. They then talk about how Matt could have possibly made his way to a dungeon inside Seatower and not the one of the Watch, and not moved to the Watch. They must have kept the information about him very confidential. Someone very high up would have had to erase his name from the prison records and arrest records.

Sergor gets a potion and then goes to give it to Borm but meets Aria on the way and she asks to talk to Jefor so they go together. They first go and give Borm the potion and then go to seatower to talk to Jefor.

Jefor has been given a new higher office but not the position yet. Aria asks him who in the flaming fist would have access to edit arrest and prison logs, he says a few of the higher ups. Anyone with a rank of flame and above would have access to both of those, no more than 5 people in Baldurs Gate. There are 3 flames, 2 blazes and the Marshal himself in Baldurs Gate. They let Jefor know that they think they tried to cover up his existence and not specifically his escape. They say a lot of things allegedly and theoretically in an attempt to convey what they mean. They emphasize to please look into it very discreetly and he says sure he will let them know in a few days.
They then ask him to please deny and spin things to the best of his ability if he is asked about them from the Baldurs Mouth as one of them talked to the gossip lady there. He facepalms saying you never talk to her, but says he will try his best and wishes them good luck as they head off.

Oliver goes to the sorcerous sundries and asks about the ingredients and if they can figure out what some of the other halves are. They give him no answers. They said it’s possibly for multiple potions and spells rather than one big one
Oliver then told everyone about the guild caches then went to scout the one in Blackgate. He wants Raoden to come with invisible and flying so they won’t notice him but Raoden is busy working on his potion so he goes alone.

Oliver looks around the neighborhood and asks the stable owner about the stable and prices and leaving his horse there. He spots a homeless person watching the stable. He knows from experience that homeless people in the city always look out for information they can sell to the highest bidder so they are not necessarily guild members.
Finley makes 25gp from his actual job making potions and alchemy shit.

Raoden goes to buy a 50gp diamond from sorcerous sundries and buys it for 300gp, and then the rest of the party goes to hunt wolves.
We track the wolves, but after a while the ground vibrates a bit and Raoden’s and Finley’s legs sink.
A huge green insect-like creature bursts out of the ground after Finley. It is an Ankheg. Not long after another one joins.
We kill them and then we get acid for Finley and enough Ankheg armor for a single set of armor.

We resume tracking the wolves into a small cave, Raoden sends Max forward to check on them and sees there are a few cubs. Raoden feels conflicted about killing cubs but eventually relents and fireballs them, killing them all. He feels bad about it and then holds his sheep sleep doll.
One of the wolves was a winter wolf but we destroyed the pelts by burning them. We collect the pelts and go give them to the farmer. Raoden refuses the reward so Sergor takes it as the farmer insists. Raoden then pets one of the sheep and weeps silently while hugging it.

They then go to sleep and rest longly.

18th of Hammer
The party spends way too long discussing which stash house we are going to try and hit, they can’t come up with a good plan because they don’t know the size and how much stuff is in a cache. They ended up agreeing to go to twin songs. They all go to the preacher of Tyr to ask about the Blinding except for Raoden and Oliver who send Max as a pigeon to the bell tower to look in and see the cache. He sees a trap door leading to the tower itself. He flies in through one of the windows. There are two storage rooms where the cache could possibly be, one on the upper floor and one on the lower floor. They decide to table it until night time and instead ask the priest of Tyr about the blinding.

Apparently they cover their eyes with scarves in the wide and pray to Tyr. And then they celebrate. They have the watch on ready alert and moving through the crowd in case anything happens. Sergor thanks him for his time and donates a bit to the church and they head off.

The So Far group head to Keinen to pay him some more, he tells them that whoever wrote the book was a plane skipper, and Raoden gets very excited so he jacks up the price. He found several references about passage between the planes. We pay him for 4 more days which is the estimated amount of time for him to finish.

And then as the session is about to time skip to the night so the heist can commence it ends. See you next month, space cowboy.

The Proof Is In the Pudding
The Orc Who Cried Wolf

15th of Hammer
Through the door stepped out a robed man, quite young with glasses – It was the apprentice of Marzat Creekleaf! Apparently, the place is the basement of her tower. While distracting us, he tried to reach something. Aria noticed it and called him out, but he managed to grab a scroll and cast it, shooting out rays of fire at us. He then ran back through the door and disappeared. Aria chased after him into a lab, where he was speaking to a giant red ooze, and a fight started.

Oliver ran up as well, trying to hit the ooze on his way to the apprentice. Unnoticed, an imp snuck up to Oliver and tried to sting him from behind. The apprentice paralyzed Oliver, and started running up the stairs. The ooze hit Oliver, and he fell unconscious. Aria ran to the apprentice, dodging the oozes grappling touch on the way, jumped up the stairs, grabbed his leg and Inflicted Wounds on him, nearly killing him. Sergor barged into the room and threw a javelin at the apprentice, piercing him through the chest, killing him. The ooze managed to take down Sergor and Raoden before we finally finished him off.

We searched the laboratory, and found a bunch of stuff as described in the party loot. According to his research notes, the black oozes were a mistake, and formed on their own after dumping failed potions in the sewers. At first he couldn’t control them so he locked them in the sewers, but after finding the correct combination of spells, he managed to control them, and used them to kill his competition for the apprenticeship.
After two hours, Marzat came down, and we explained everything before she could kill us.

She told Raoden to clean everything up, which he did using an unseen servant. A few hours later, the Flaming Fist arrived and questioned us about the situation. Finley led them to his workshop and showed them the evidence of the attack. They congratulated us for solving the case and left. Aria, Sergor and Raoden pillaged the apprentices room, with the approval of Marzat of course, and found some gold, 5 Beads of Force and a potion. Raoden packed the apprentices room while the rest of us went to sleep after a long day. The following day, Finley worked on new magic items, Raoden worked on the potion, Sergor and Oliver tried to find the wolves that were haunting the countryside but failed, and Aria went to see Gerald. He told her that something weird is going on with the Flaming Fist. They sent The Watch the list of the 15 escapees from the Seatower, but only gave them 14 names. In addition, there was never any record of that prisoner getting imprisoned. Gerald investigated further, and one of the guards told him that he only knew his first name – Matt. He also let her know that one of the escapees is Xzar, a dangerous wizard.

Later that day, the party went to Keinder the code cracker, who lives in the Sow’s Foot district. He was very paranoid, and looked around the street to see if anyone followed us. His house was very dark and almost empty. He turned out to be a Duergar, with tattoos on his head in the Drow language, marking him as a slave. We told him that we found a book we wanted to decode, but Raoden decided to mention his previous status even though we were explicitly told not to. Oliver persuaded the dwarf to help us anyway. We couldn’t afford his rates, so he told us he would help us in exchange for a purple pearl found only in the Underdark. It is illegal to sell it above ground because the oyster is poisonous and requires an endless cycle of dead slaves to cultivate and extract. We decided to give him 2k gold as a head start, and see what happens.
Outside, Raoden explained that they shouldn’t bother with the pearl, because it’s not hard to get, it’s almost impossible as they are usually kept only by Matron Mothers of the drow.

We went to the Wide and sold a sack of gems we previously found for 1500 gold, 50% above the regular price, thanks to the gems crisis (sad face).
Finley finished making one of his new magic items, a spell refueling ring, and gave it to Raoden instead of his previous infusion on his staff. Finley didn’t want his magic intervening with the magic of Raoden’s staff.

In the evening, Gerald came to the Singing Owl to pick up Aria for a surprise. They went to a building, and on the top floor he set up a sort of a picnic on the balcony. They watched the city and the sunset. It really reminded her of the date she had a few days ago. She asked him about his week and they talked about the flaming fist. They then talked about the possibility that her brother was imprisoned. They wondered why he would have been alive and in jail. He then asked her how she’s doing with the events of the Marshal turning into the chosen of Bhaal. They continued to talk about the situation with her family. He said that he is worried that if the flaming fists are looking for the escapees they might kill him on sight. After dinner they went back to her place.

Oliver went to The Steel Dragon to drink and then to the docks, full of drunk sailors and prostitutes at that time of night. He went to sit on one of the piers, looked at the note with the song for 10 minutes, then at the sea, and then went back to The Steel Dragon to add another verse to the song.

16th of Hammer

The next morning, a Harper approached Oliver about Guild stashes for emergencies with equipment and weapons spread around the city. Since they are for emergencies, the Guild rarely check up on them and even then they don’t do a serious examination. He wanted us to sack them while making it seem that they are still well stocked for someone giving a shallow look from the outside. There are 5 stashes:
A cellar in a nameless tavern in Rivingtom
Backroom of a stable in Blackgate
Shed in a farm in Norchapel
Under the cellar of Hams House in Sow’s Foot
In the bell tower in the church of Helm in Twin Songs

Sergor went to look for Aria and asked her to teach him about Patriar etiquette and the various Patriar families in the city.

Raoden went to search for the book “X the mystics rules of dungeon survival”, then to the therapist to work on his PTSD while hiding his belief in the creators, and then to Kipp. Raoden updated him about his latest exploits: taking drugs and then throwing them away without using them again, fighting a necromancer and basking in the glory of battle, only crying a little, fighting black puddings, killing Marzat’s apprentice, once again basking in the glory of battle and not crying at all! Kipp asked him how he felt, and Raoden told him it felt good to not have competition but also sad that he killed a person. Kipp facepalmed.
Kipp told him he had to feel good about the purpose of the killing, not the killing itself. He explained that he has to think about the good he does for other people, not the carnage that he leaves behind. If Raoden wont have true conviction in his actions, then he will die and all the people he tries to help will die. Kipp ordered Raoden to think about the people that he helped and saved instead of the people he killed or himself, and then he will understand what it means to be a knight of the order.

Raoden then went to the Baldur’s Mouth and told them that he has “hot gossip about the Baldur’s Gate Five of which I am a part off”. He told the editor that we are rebranding and changing our name to “The So Far Group”.
She asked him ridiculous, gossipy questions about us, and Raoden did a terrible job of deflecting all the nasty rumors. He also told her that our group dynamic is problematic, but that we manage. In addition, he basically told her that we all sleep with each other. Tune in for the reputation destroying edition of the Baldur’s Mouth next session!

Sewertime sadness
Woah black pudding

12th of Hammer

Arcabus Caldwell addressed them and got confused by the rebranding of the group. He was then super pretentious, so Raoden was pretentious back. He just said ok bye and the group got pissed that he just talked to them because they were famous. Sergor suggested Aria marry her brother, and Raoden supported the idea. They talked about Raoden’s siblings. Oliver was annoyed that Caldwell had interrupted their conversation with Gerald, which was actually productive. Raoden tried to help Toros earn a little more money. They talked about what they should do next. They decided that while Raoden was working they could go sell stuff and find contracts to do in the Steel Dragon.
They decided to sell the art, worship items, and magic items they had at an auction house.
Raoden decided to go to a postal service to ship the painting and a harp to his father, along with an attached letter updating him about the recent events that had occurred.

13th of Hammer

Next morning the group headed to an auction house and showed the owner the items they had for sale. They then went to the Steel Dragon to look for contracts.
While Raoden was working on his potion and spells, the rest went to Tumbledown to cure a sick child. They were led to the house by a begger they paid to take them there. They knocked and the people let them in. Sergor healed the child and the father thanked them dearly. They proceeded to ask him about life in Tumbledown but did not get any new information. Sergor then went to the smithy in the wide. The smithy seemed pretty bad. The owner seemed excited that someone finally was willing to test his armor after six months the post was on the board. The armor seemed a little weird but Sergor decided to go for it. The owner shot a heavy crossbow and said that it’s gonna hurt a lot but he’s not gonna be hurt. He shot him a few times that actually hurt him. He was paid, and once the owner heard they were the Baldur’s Gate Five he also gave them a pretty shitty dagger. After that they all went to their own business.

In the evening Aria was in the Singing Own and Ailen Whitburn came to talk to her. He asked her to dinner. She replied with “Why?”. He got burned. He said that he would like to spend time with her and talk to her about not world ending stuff. They scheduled dinner for the next evening.
The barkeep came up to her and asked her what the fuck how what go get him girl.

14th of Hammer

The next morning Finley was on his way to the lab. He noticed a lot of flaming fists and there seemed to be tension in the streets. He noticed a barricade of a building. He approached a random person on the street to ask what’s going on. He told him there’s been a murder, a series of murders actually where they didn’t find a body, just blood. So far it was just homeless people but this time it was someone who was running to apprentice for Marzat Creekleaf. He was missing for 3 days and when his house was investigated they found the blood, body missing as well. His name was Sodrol Dewmore. He talked to the Flaming Fist and found out that five homeless people were also missing. One of them was Gebbert who was staying around Finley’s workshop.

Finley went to the workshop to let Raoden know that there is a serial killer on the loose in Seatower, but that he is more likely to get the apprenticeship.
They made some small talk about the previous day’s events, Raoden made racist comments about orcs, and Finley said Sergor’s cat obsession is a cry for help.
Then the clock rang at 6 hours of potion work and they dropped everything to go to the Steel Dragon Inn.

They all met at the Inn and took some more postings and went to the Seatower of Balduran to meet Inspector Bernham.
In there they saw a bounty poster for Lia Haggerdson, who escaped the prison when The So Far Group helped all the prisoners escape.

He let them know that there are currently not one, not two, but three serial killers in Baldur’s Gate.
He also added he cannot sanction vigilantism, but should the serial disappearer be found, there would be a hefty bounty.
Bernham then told them there were some witnesses
A homeless man in the Steeps named Exter – “A weird shadow killed his friend”.
The murders occurred at night, supposedly the first attack was 3 tendays ago, and they appear to be random in location.
At the apprentice’s place, the door was locked from the inside and the door had to be kicked in to find the crime scene.
Aside from a small splash of blood near his bed, there were no signs of struggle.

They left to go visit Marzat Creekleaf and ask her questions about Dewmore before they visit his house.
The current apprentice opened the door and Raoden was disappointed to find out that he was in fact still alive, and Sodrol Dewmore was just another hopeful.
Then they were let in to talk to Marzat.
They were told that Dewmore was from a house of magic users baby whaaaat in Waterdeep, and he came specifically to Baldur’s Gate to apprentice for Marzat.
She told them he rented an apartment from a ghastly person called Pierce Burgess, who also happened to be Finley’s landlord.

They then left to go to the crime scene. Raoden cast detect magic and sensed magic from the basement. Finley tried to investigate to see if someone entered through the window but he found nothing. Sergor inspected the bedroom and found the blood splatters. Some of them went to investigate the basement and found nothing. Raoden stole some parchment and ink for copying spells. They went to investigate the bedroom but found nothing. Oliver and Sergor tried to investigate outside of the bedroom but found nothing. Raoden tried to look for any bloodstains but found nothing of that sort, but he did realize that it looked like there was something acidic on the bed, and melted the top layer of the sheets. They noticed a wooden part of the bed was a bit damaged by acid. They informed the Flaming Fist and went to the witness.
They approached the homeless man who told them about what he saw. It was dark now without any moonlight, and it was rainy. Then dark shadows appeared all over Vrenik’s face that then engulfed his body and were there for hours. Then towards the morning it started moving and the body was gone. He said he didn’t find anything but there was a really bad smell. Sergor asked Finley for acid and poured it on himself to see if the smell was the same, and it was.
They tried to go back to the crime scene to look for any other acid marks and saw nothing.
They decided to split and come back at night trying to bait it.

Raoden, Finley and Sergor went to the art studio for a rare races ad. The owner didn’t seem to like his looks too much because he doesn’t seem to look that rare. He tried to disguise himself as his brother and she liked it much more. They agreed that Raoden would model as an illusion of his brother, naked. When she told him he needs to be there at 9am he decided he needs to think about it more.

In the meantime Oliver went to get dirty old clothes from the trash so he can pretend to be a homeless person.

Later that evening Ailen arrived at the Singing Owl all dressed up. Aria wore her old patriar cloths. They walked towards the upper city, and caught up. She told him adventuring is more fun and fulfilling than managing their business, but she still misses her old life sometimes. He told her that his father is trying to prevent people from taking his family’s possession. He suggested using his connections to find out about the rest of his family and Aria agreed.
He led her to a small apartment building in the Wide. On the last floor was a restaurant that was overlooking the city over the wall. He told her that they are going more and more into shipping, and they are working with the Heartland Circle. She warned him about them. She told him that she was in the temple of Kelemvor in the past few years. They were talking and catching up for a while. She asked him how come he reached out to him if he knew she’s in hiding and he said patriars don’t go there since it’s not fancy enough. They continued catching up until she asked him why he asked her out to dinner as she was taken, which caught him by surprise. She then friend zoned him. On the way back Ailen noticed a thug approaching them. He threatened them and asked for all their possessions. Ailen then threatened him back, in a way that sounded like it was kind of staged, and the thug backed off. Then they continued on their walk back as if nothing happened. They then said their goodbyes.

In the inn she changed to the creepy robes and went to meet the others and the plan was ago. Oliver disguised himself as a homeless person and went to sleep in an empty dark shadowy alley not far from the workshop, with Max watching him and the rest of the group in the workshop. As they were waiting, Sergor smelled a smell of melting metal. He went to check it and saw some sort of black ooze coming out of the sink in the lab. It got out of the sink and attacked Sergor. Raoden sent Max to get Oliver inside and a fight ensued. During the fight Raoden summoned a dohwar. Attacking it with a sword the goo split in two, but they eventually managed to destroy it. When it was destroyed it exploded. They saw that it left absolutely no trail on stone, but it did leave a mark in the sink. Raoden approached the dohwar and talked to it in Sylvan. The penguin-like fey creature was pissed that Raoden pulled him to the Material plane in the middle of dinner with his wife. Raoden started apologizing and tried to befriend the creature. Finley also thanked him in Sylvan, which surprised Raoden, then the Dohwar disappeared back home.
The geoup investigated the ooze’s trail more and realized it doesn’t melt glass either. Finley scooped up the remains of the creature and then went to investigate the sewer.

They then tried to follow the trail of melted trash, just to get lost. They left the sewers and tried again. Following the track again they got to a connection room between the lower and upper city sewer. Sergor tried to cast detect magic and saw nothing, so they continued following the path. They eventually arrived at a large pool of sludge that started crawling towards them. Another fight ensued. Aria noticed what she thought were tentacles under the stairs of the room. Finley noticed that it looked like there was alchemical waste in the goo. During the fight more and more goo came out of the pool, and the tentacles aria noticed turned out to be some large green monsters with large tentacles with teeth at the ends. After a few near death experiences of almost all of the party they managed to dispatch of the odd creatures.

After the fight ended and the room was silent again Raoden decided to yet again bask in the glory of battle standing in the middle of the room proudly, this time without shedding a single tear as none of the things he fought were even humanoids. As he was focused on the task given to him by Kipp, the rest of the party noticed that the door atop the stairs in the room was being opened.

But who is opening the door? Is he responsible for all this? Who is dumping all of the alchemical waste so irresponsibly? Find out this and more, next time on “The S.O.F.A.R group formerly known as the Baldur’s Gate Five. Will they ever manage to change the group name? Let’s find out.”

Max On, Max Off
Toss some drugs to your fishes

Raoden went to the workshop and rushed to his brazier to try on some bras, and to try his ritual of Connection. He then noticed a white-yellowish powder. He did not know where it was from but assumed it was a sniffable drug. He searched for clues and found nothing so he scooped it up for later use.
He tried and failed to complete the ritual because he was missing the ingredients, so he summoned Max to tell him to be free until they reconnect. Then he hurled him at a window.

Sergor went to his uncle’s house. Borm chewed him out for missing his Parliament of Peers meeting. He then took him on one of his trademark Scold Walks. Borm asked him if he was excited for his wedding and ready for the responsibility of being a husband, to which Sergor answered yes and no respectively. They talked about possibly postponing the wedding to when he’s ready. He took him to a tower on the walls of Little Calimshan. While admiring the view of Baldur’s Gate, Borm told him the difference between patriars and commoners. He explained that patriars think in bloodlines and will sacrifice themselves to better their children’s life.
Sergor, however, is a short-minded adventurer. He said Sergor is in a unique position to advance his bloodline and make them leaders of Baldur’s Gate, but acts selfishly.

Sergor said they just saved the world by stopping an evil book from going into Zhent hands. Borm was unconvinced, and told him going to the Parliament of Peers is more important in the long run. Sergor saw his point and vowed to try harder. Borm went down the stairs, but not before telling Sergor he invited a guest from Waterdeep, Rollerend. He said that he is a warrior (in a way) and a follower of his faith (in a way). He left Sergor to stare at the city and think about the mysterious guest.

At night, Raoden looked for Toros. He found him performing in The Splurging Sturgeon. Toros finished performing and made the bar give Raoden a round of applause
Raoden bribed him to leave with him to sniff unidentified drugs. Toros agreed with some apprehension. Half an hour later they were both zonked out on the excellent drugs.
Evil Max appeared and asked him what took him so long (to take more drugs). Raoden told him to go away since he’s a drug induced owl.
E-Max offered him to do some research like the good ol days. Raoden said he wants to do the ritual for reconnecting with Max. He then quickly lost focus and left to get a snack with Toros. E-Max convinced him to go to Sorcerous Sundries for his snacks.

When they got there, the clerk was confused at Raoden’s request for earth apples.
Toros asked for snacks, and also cinnamon scented candles which E-Max asked for. Raoden recalled they are used in some binding or summoning rituals. He continued to get whatever E-Max asked for in order to restore Kitty’s soul. When he asked for a naga’s knuckle, another person in the shop rolled over to him and told him those are ingredients that could summon a demon. E-Max also requested dragon’s blood. Raoden realized through his drug stupor that this will in most likelihood summon something from the lower planes.
He realized he didn’t have enough money for all the ingredients and only got the cinnamon candle.
Meanwhile, Toros was munching on unknown leaves, so Raoden joined in and paid for that too. It was treant shit.
E-Max told him he has to get more money to buy the ingredients, but Raoden just wanted to go home and eat treant shit.
E-Max got frustrated and told him he’ll come back when he has money to rescue Kitty from the hells.

After a night with Nelly, Oliver got dressed. Nelly asked him why he lied to everyone about the fate of his crew, and why he stopped pirating.
He said it was more complicated than that, he’s not sure if it’s a lie or if the Bitch Queen forbade him like the priestess says. Nelly said she is worried that he made up a lie about the Bitch Queen and that drew her ire and she cursed him for real as punishment.
He said his vial of endless water protects him, but Nelly was doubtful. He told her that he revealed everything to Finley and asked him to help. She hugged him and told him to be careful if he is going after the ghost ship.
Oliver revealed to her that he was the one who gave Evie the money that got her killed.
Nelly got on her knees and asked him to not blame himself, that he couldn’t have known. She told him she was avenged and her spirit can rest, but he was not satisfied.
He said that she doesn’t have to worry about him, but she told him that’s what friends with benefits are for. He secretly left her a big tip if you know what I mean, then walked down the pier to The Steel Dragon. But just as he got out of the Coastal Paradise, he found the ocean waves drawing him in. He saw beneath the waves a small blackened model of a ship drifting towards him. He could hear the sound of the ship’s bell and echoes of distant screams of the crew members.
The ship swirled in the water, sucked in by black sands, then disappeared into the river. He felt the chill of a bad omen. He went back towards the Steel Dragon Inn and checked out the Umberlee statue on the way there, but saw nothing out of the ordinary because he rolled a 1. He then decided to pour some water from his vial to one of the bowls and continue to the Steel Dragon.

Finley was dropping a shipment of potions to Holly, and as usual she force fed him dinner. As he was eating he noticed Kanen Barrow standing on a table telling a story. He told the tale of him sneaking on a guarded ship to steal shit, but his other crew members were discovered.
Kanen’s ship was called The Blazing Sword. And the ship he robbed was The Golden Plank, a very famous and well-defended ship.
The captain was a master swordsman, but Kanen beat him and then stole all the stuff from the ship and captain. The best thing he found was a perfect pearl on the captain’s finger. Kanen made it into an earring and gave it to Finley. He told Finley that the most beautiful man deserves the most beautiful pearl. Finley tried rejecting it, but Kanen persisted.
Finley relents and tells Kanen that he is willing to take it if he insists but he will give it back if he asks for it, Kanen whispers that he will never and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Finley, embarrassed, kept the pearl and excused himself home.

12th of Hammer

Raoden woke up with a craving for more drugs.
Toros asked him why he had a shit aftertaste. Raoden told him it was a treant shit aftertaste, then asked him for more drugs and more shit. Raoden hesitated. He gave Toros a handful and took just a sprinkle as a pick-me-up. Raoden went to the Dock and fed the drug to the fishes. E-Max tried to stop him, but Raoden said he can’t boss him around anymore.
E-Max argued that he just wanted to release Kitty. Raoden didn’t trust him and said he’s off to find the real Max. E-Max told him he’ll just tell Kitty that Raoden forgot about her. Raoden tried to slap him, causing him to disappear.

Whilst Oliver was in the Steel Dragon, a stranger asked to sit next to him. He introduced himself as Damien Broadleaf, and said he represented a group of business owners in the lower city. Their businesses were being extorted by the Guild, and the Iron Throne is too expensive. They wanted the Baldur’s Gate five to ambush the Guild when they came to burn down his store.
Oliver told him that it will just make the Guild angrier, and that they can’t be around to protect them forever.
Damien responded that the Guild will back off if they know the Baldur’s Gate Five are protecting them, and that he can’t afford to pay the Guild anymore.

Finley got to his lab and saw a stoned Toros. He made small talk with him and took his treant shit while he waited for Raoden to return to work on the potion. He also noticed Gebbert is still absent from his usual spot.
Oliver joined up with Sergor to go to Finley and discussed the Guild situation on the way. They figured Rilsa will never help Aria if they interfere with her business, so they can’t help Damien until then.
Oliver went back to tell Damien they can’t help him, and offered him 15 gold to feed his children. Damien refused the charity.
They all met back Finley’s workshop.

Raoden announced that he just made a bunch of fish’s day and they’re more important than Toros, because fish are many and he is few. Toros found that very deep. Sergor said he can’t take them to Little Calimshan, so Toros decided to go to Little Calimshan, then fainted.
Raoden asked Sergor to remove the drugs from his system, then when he did Raoden got pissed at him for harshing his vibe.
Sergor explained the Guild situation to Finley and Raoden. Raoden explained the drug and Max situation to the party. Finley checked for signs of break-ins but found none.
Sergor said this might be related to him being haunted by a creature in his dreams a while ago. This caused Raoden to break down crying. Overall the party was proud of Raoden’s progress.
Finley woke Toros up with smelling salts and immediately got depressed. Sergor asked Toros what his day job was and Toros cried that he’s a bard. Raoden hugged him and said through tears that Toros is a bard. Raoden got Max to follow Toros and make sure he doesn’t die.

Finley tried to get him to work on the potion but Raoden decided he wanted Finley to ask the fish if they had fun with the drugs so they went to the bay.

The non-idiots went to Little Calimshan to talk to Rilsa, but someone else was there in her stead. They asked for a delivery from Rilsa. The replacement told them the person they’re looking for is not in the city. He is known as the Black Leaf, and is one of the top agents in his organization.
After he did his job, the person who hired him tried to kill him, so he relocated to Nashkel.
The replacement said that with this information the debt is paid and the So Far Group and the Guild are Even Stevens.
Sergor tried to confront him regarding the Guild extortion but he didn’t budge and insisted it’s just protection.
Sergor said perhaps a group of adventurers could open their own security service, but Replacement said it’s a very bad idea to go against an established powerful organization who knows where they live.

Sergor said they won’t break the truce, but if the Guild does they will pay the consequences.
Oliver left a note for Rilsa saying they should talk. As they left, the Replacement told them to send regards to Nelly and Kaylein

As Raoden and Fin got out of the house, Raoden decided there’s no time and went back to the lab to work on the potion.
They made preparations and waited for Aria to guide them, then made the potion. All seemed to go well, then Gilad got a work call.
In between tending to the potion, Raoden tried to reconnect with Max. He went to Azaka for advice. He asked for help while mimicking her accent for some reason. She asked if his parents taught him to dance while scribbling on his scroll. She returned it and said it will be much easier now. He saw there are dancing instructions to do ritual with. He paid her with 300 year old socks and asked her if she could kill his shrink. She said she would think about it.

He went back to the workshop to perform the ritual. As he danced, he felt a presence returning to his mind. The brazier exploded in a bright light and he felt Max was there. Raoden excitedly told him everything he did to get him back. Max told him that they lost connection once Raoden talked to E-Max and took his advice rather than real Max’s.
He summoned Max back and held him close, apologizing to him for abandoning him. Max said that he doesn’t mean that, and he takes everything for granted. He just restored the connection because it was what he decided to fixate on at the time, not caring why he lost it in the first place.
Raoden said he just wanted to talk to him again because he’s his best friend and he was tricked by a demon because he was fucked up on drugs, but he hasn’t been on fucked up on drugs for a whole day. Also before that he did a whole adventure sober. And he gave the drugs to fishes yesterday.
Max said that being influenced by a demon did count as extenuating circumstances, but he didn’t know if he could forgive him yet. Raoden said it was okay. Then they talked about bird sex.

Sergor and Gang met Finley and Co. They updated each other. Sergor told Raoden E-Max might have scared him with the nightmares so he would take drugs to cope, because he’s more susceptible while drugged.
They talked about Raoden’s fiendish heritage and somehow got to discussing Sergor’s red eyes. He said that they turned red from an experiment conducted on him as a child to make him stronger, but refused to elaborate further in fear of a copyright claim from Andrzej Sapkowski.

Raoden left to talk to Rusty. He asked to buy opium, then decided to sell opium instead. He then realized it was actually cocaine, and sold it for 50 gold. He asked Rusty if he is the one who put drugs in his house, and Rusty says he doesn’t even know where he lives.
He told him the drugs are called Vorndoir and are incredibly addictive and hard to quit. Rusty told Raoden that he is not ready for the big league of drugs and shouldn’t do that shit. But, it’s 10 gold / gram if he wanted some.
Raoden asked where it came from, who his distributor is. When Rusty refused, he Suggested he do it. But he didn’t have Suggestion so Rusty suggested he fucked off. They then agreed on a referral program.

The rest went to Gerald of Nvidia in the Temples to ask about The Preacher. Gerald said it was same ol, same ol. Sergor asked if he knew something about the markings on his followers’ arms and Gerald said this isn’t the time nor place to discuss that, and that he will talk to them in the Three Old Kegs.
They continued over to Coran to ask about Hawke. Hawke was willing to meet in eight days at noon.
Sergor asked about the diamonds and Coran said they’re not from the same mine as Aria’s, which led Sergor to ask how he knew Aria is a Ravenshade.
Coran replies that there are many families interested in Aria’s brother.
The Whitburns are keeping the mine shut, saying no one can buy it until everyone in the Ravenshade family is confirmed dead.
Finley asked about the favor they owed and asked if he could give him the pearl he got in exchange. Coran was more interested in where he got it from and was intrigued by the story about Kanen, and Sergor was interested in why Kanen gave it to Finley.
Oliver remembered that Waterdavian captains wore pearls to signify their rank, and based on the size and quality of this one, he was extremely high ranking. Oliver was doubtful that The Blazing Sword could take on the Golden Plank.

Sergor wanted to know what was wrong with the lighthouse in Ulgoth’s Beard, and Coran told him the citizens are disturbing it on purpose as a form of protest, and that he already knew that.
Oliver asked about sightings of the ghost ship, and Coran said the last attack was ten miles west of Ulgoth’s Beard.
Sergor asked if Coran knew a code cracker who speaks Gith. They paid him 50 gold and he referred them to Keinder in the outer city in Sow’s Foot. He warned them not to comment on his appearance.

Raoden picked up the gilded petal. Then he sat down and cast Comprehend Languages to try and crack the encoded diary. He realized maybe it wasn’t Gith, but another language written phonetically in Gith.
They filled Raoden in on everything and made sure he knew not to comment on Keinder’s appearance, which he did not seem to internalize.

They went to the Three Old Kegs. Gerald arrived later and sat down with them. He told them in so many words that it’s a secret hush hush meeting.
They captured some of the followers of The Preacher, and after two days of unsuccessful interrogation they were found dead with two piercing marks on their necks.
The mark on their arms was burnt into their flesh in the shape of an 8 with two dots inside. He added that patriar children are still disappearing.
Raoden showed Gerald an illusion of the vampire he saw back then on that fateful night.
Once he created it the fear came rushing back. He recreated his dream where Finley was massacred to everyone’s shock.
After theorizing some more, Gerald noticed someone and left. A young patriar with black hair and a talisman of Amaunator and a cane joined their table. He introduced himself as Arcabus Caldwell, and said they will talk next session.

But what does he want? What does Evil Max want? Did the fishes enjoy the drugs? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!!!

Vasq in the Glory of Battle
Sergor Needs to Shower

As the session picked up, the party was still in the treasure room, basking in all their newfound riches.
Sergor, who had equipped the necromancer’s gauntlet in his attempts to pass safely through the traps, suddenly realized that his hand was aching. Angling the gauntlet a bit he managed to see that his hand was in fact shriveling.
Meanwhile Finley started dissecting the mimic for its tongue with Oliver’s help, and Raoden started investigating the room for anything hidden, albeit unsuccessfully.
Finley then went to get a barrel of salt in which to preserve the tongue.
The group then started debating what they should do about Vasq and his bodyguard, but first things first, they let Raoden cast Comprehend Languages to read the Netherese book they were about to hand over to Vasq.
The moment he started reading, he immediately closed it back up and refused to continue reading. Apparently it was a Netherese translation of the Book of Vile Darkness, reassuring the group that Vasq is an evil bastard that needs to be dealt with.
Now they began debating what they should do with the book. Raoden suggested sending it in a package to his dad. They said it’s a good idea if they had a good way to do it, so instead they thought maybe they should give it to Marzat Creekleaf.
Aria suggested using it as an entrance to Candlekeep, which immediately triggered Raoden’s intense interest. Oliver suggested they keep the book so it doesn’t get to the wrong hands and doesn’t corrupt any magic user they give it to.
Then they short-rested.

Being completely paranoid, they decided to hide the book from Vasq just in case. They put it back in its chest, then Raoden conjured a small metal box to put the amulet in to block detect magic, and that they hid in a sack of flour in the kitchen.
They then went out to confront Vasq, who waited eagerly for them.
Agreeing to split the loot the following morning, they followed him back inside to “help him with his expedition”. Inside they very quickly confronted and arrested him. They went outside to let the bodyguard know that Vasq was arrested, and he can either leave with them or travel on his own, whatever he prefers. He preferred to leave alone because he “doesn’t work with traitors”.
Vasq complained about not finishing his archeological expedition, so they went inside with him to pick up the evil book while he measured random walls and stones.

When all was said and done, they set out on their way towards the temple of Lathander in Beregost to deal with Sergor’s predicament.
They travel for most of the day and at some point in the evening Aria noticed yellow eyes in the bushes watching them and heard barking laughs like hyenas. Using their own element of surprise, Sergor and Raoden began casting spells pre-emptively and thus a fight ensued with a bunch of Gnolls.
They managed to kill most of the Gnolls before the rest turned tail and ran. While Sergor looted the corpses, Raoden stood in the middle of the carnage, breathed in deep like a manly man, and only shed three tears while crying inside.

They continued their journey and arrived at the temple, where Sergor announced his urgent care matter of the gauntlet.
Finley introduced themselves as the So Far Group (formerly known as The Baldur’s Gate Five), but the guard on the wall only caught on to the latter part of the name.
A cleric greeted them and said that he is not capable of curing Sergor but there are more powerful clerics he can wake up. He escorted them inside to wait.
They paid exorbitant prices for lodging.
A powerful cleric emerged and said he could either remove it or first identify it to find out if and what kind of curse it is then remove it. They decided to first identify if its a curse to not pay the whooping amount of 1500 double eagles for the curse removal to not work. They found out that the gauntlet was indeed cursed and that it basically shrivels your hand away until it replaces it completely, so they paid for the curse removal as well. By the end Sergor used all their mutual money to get it removed and then healed himself.

They went to bed down for the night, and then Oliver gathered everyone besides Raoden in one of the rooms to talk about Raoden behind his back.
Oliver thought that Raoden was not actually over his “problem” and that he might be trying to kill himself, and that he’s also putting everyone else in danger because he’s insane, reckless and unpredictable.
Oliver thought that if Raoden wanted to kill himself thats fine with him, but he keeps putting them all in danger in the process and that’s not ok. He alleged that ever since he “disobeyed the orders of the prince and didn’t get on the boat” Raoden dislikes him, so he shouldn’t be the one to talk to him.
The rest of the group agreed that they should talk about dangerous behavior and that it should stop, but they are not fine with letting Raoden harming himself. Aria also said she thinks that what Raoden probably sees is as Oliver abandoning them in a crucial moment, but Oliver was not convinced and said that it does not excuse the behavior. He also said that probably Aria and Finley should talk to him because they’re the ones he likes the most.
He mentioned that not only did Raoden run into traps and endangered them all, he tried to case a spell on him to force him to go on the boat that would put them all in danger, and he blew up a powder keg on Seatower killing himself and almost killed him too. Sergor and Aria said Raoden probably didn’t know he was there, and he was just trying to be heroic.
Oliver said that at the beginning he gave Raoden the benefit of the doubt, but after seeing the repeating behavior he doesn’t anymore and still thought they should talk to him.
Then they all went to sleep.

11th of Hammer

Di Next Morning they adjourned from the temple.
On the road they all converged on Raoden, Aria saying she thinks it’s time to have a group conversation. Raoden agreed and told Sergor it’s time he shower more.
They all said that they mean to talk about Raoden being reckless and selfish.
He disagreed, and told them they in turn don’t care about him. Sergor put him in a torture house and Oliver punched him in the head and also abandoned them when they needed him, while they joined him in chasing Darril Bozerman and also in tracking down Vasq.
Raoden was reckless in trying to help and save his friends.
Aria then tried to steer the conversation to new beginnings, and after some heated discussion with some mutual insults between Raoden and Oliver, they managed to apologize to each other and agree to turn over a new leaf as Finley said they should leave all the problems to the Baldur’s Gate Five and now they are now the So Far Group, and So Far they didn’t have any problems, starting now. In the spirit of coming clean, Finley admitted he’s afraid of ladybugs, but no one responded and the silence hung in the air while they all kept riding ahead.

In Beregost, Finley took a gem from the party loot and put an equivalent 100gp back in, and gave the gem to Cera the tavern wench who fucked him the one time.
In the meantime Sergor went to the smithy and asked to the deliver his armor to Baldur’s Gate when it is ready.
Then they all kept on riding towards Baldur’s Gate.
The night before arriving in the city Raoden brewed some anti-insanity tea again in preparation for his check up with the psycholo-quack. Oliver stayed up to watch with Finley and talk to him. He saw Finley gluing wood around a gem, and Finley explained that he was re-making his humonculous, with a few new changes.

Oliver told him that he meant to ask him a favor before they get back to the city and everyone is busy with their own stuff. He asked him as the smartest person he knows to help him with understanding what is going on with his ship and the demon captain. Finley said Raoden is smarter than he and maybe he should ask him. OIiver last time Raoden researched something he got fucked up on drugs and he didn’t want to put him through that again so soon, falsely believing his ghost ship is as interesting as magic that Raoden would go drug-crazy about that too.
Finley said he can look into that, but that Sergor too would probably have more knowledge about dealing with demons and stuff. Oliver said that he already asked Sergor and he said he doesn’t know anything that sounds relevant and he didn’t seem to him like the research kind of guy.
Finley then said he will look into it.
Oliver then hesitantly said there’s actually one missing detail that could be relevant. Feeling that he’d already once trusted Finley with his life flying above the sea using a potion he made he said fuck it and decided to tell him.
Calling hamster to be a part of the story telling he reached inside his coat’s inner breast pocket, and pulled out a piece of old parchment, stained with what was seemed like a drop of a clear liquid.
On the parchment were various verses from the same incomplete song he gave Finley once before, inside the replica of his ship. This time it was apparent that the verses were written as things unfolded as the writing was a bit different from one verse to the other. Reaching the end of the song he noticed that there are two more verses that did not appear in the copy that he previously received, written in a very shaky hand writing.
When it dawned on Finley that the ship sank, he noticed that Oliver was tearing up. He asked if Oliver lost everything, and in turn Oliver said it was his home. His family.

Oliver told him that they used to have a strategy, ramming or passing by another ship, and he would jump and take out the leaders top to bottom. They tried to attack Dragonfang (a different pirate ship), and by the time he managed to climb the ship he saw that the Pearl was already half sunken.
Finley said he’s familiar with being the last one left, and hiding it. Hiding how you feel, and assured him that he is not the one to blame. Oliver replied that he could have stopped it, and that those were his men. His job was to keep them safe. Happy. It’s all he cared about.
Finley told him he still believed he could get his people back, and maybe if the ship is back that’s a good thing too.
Oliver agreed and said that he didn’t think he would ever be able to said again but it seems like now he has to. He confided that he doesn’t know if Umberlee has something to do with it, but that was what the priestess have claimed when he arrived at Baldur’s Gate. He added that what made him unsure was the rise of the dead ship that the priestess could not explain, and ever since talking to her about that he’s been worried about the souls of his men.
They agreed they would help each other get back home.
They shook on it, and Finley pulled Oliver into a hug and cried on his shoulder.
Before they faded to black, Oliver said he hoped it didn’t change Finley’s opinion of him, but Finley said that it did because now he trusts him more than ever.

Arriving at the Wyrm’s Crossing the group decided they’re going to avoid paying taxes. They declared they have nothing to declare, and when Vasq tried to tip off the guards the group handed him off as a bounty and received 500gp in Sergor’s name because he is tax exempt as a member of the Parliament of Peers.
Inside the city a courier announced a new issue of the Baldur’s Mouth and the Group accosted.
The first article was about Guild extortion in the lower city being at an all time high.
The second article was about Marshal Blazespear being appointed a new Duke despite Silvershield’s opposition.

The last article was gossip – A temple to Waukeen is being erected.

They all then went to the Blushing Mermaid to let the Harpers representative know that they have put Vasq in custody.
Oliver told him the good news and the bad news – We caught him, but the Flaming Fist took him. The rep said he can work with that.
They told him Vasq works for the Zhents and to make sure to not let them know that the So Far Group messed up their plans. The rep said he will see what he can do. He gave them a sack of gems worth about 1k GP, and told them it was all a test to see if they are worthy of future jobs.
Then they went to Marzat’s.
Raoden antagonized the poor boy who claimed to be the future apprentice of Marzat.
Then they met Marzat herself and gave her the Book of Vile Darkness. She was interested and Raoden asked if they can trust her not to read it and actually destroy it, and she said they can trust her.
Raoden excitedly told her that he killed monsters and only cried a little. Also he was not tempted by the darkness and found a scroll that can help him restore his connection to Max, allegedly.
She asked them if they found anything related to the book with it, but they didn’t really. They told her of the evil items they found, so she asked them to bring them and also the corpse of the necromancer.
Later when they brought everything, she dismissed them and said she’s gonna start her research.

They all left Marzat, with Sergor, Oliver, and Aria going to the temple to Kelemvor, Raoden going to meet with his psychologist, and Finley going to mummify the Mimic tongue.
The trio paid to discover that the necromancer’s dagger and cloak are not cursed. Raoden told his psychologist he hasn’t used drugs in a while, but didn’t say he still believes in the Creators.
Oliver went to the Sorcerous Sundries to inquire about transferring the enchantment from the dagger to his scimitar, realizing that would end up costing a fortune.
Raoden went to Azakah. He slammed into the shop exclaiming that he found the ritual for reconnecting with Max and also that he was not tempted by the darkness. She didn’t even remember who he was, so she stabbed him in the neck with a porcupine spine and licked the blood, immediately remembering him.
She told him to just go home and do the ritual.
He asked her if she knows anything about his staff, which she took and plunged into her cauldron despite his protests that it’s a family heirloom.
She then took it out and unscrewed the crystal off of it, telling him that interestingly it was from the Astral sea, but then made its’ way through the Fey Realm, the Shadow Realm, and the Plane of Fire, and the staff itself was the vessel harnessing its power.
She told him once he understood who was the original owner of the staff and why it made its way through all those realms, he would learn to unlock its true power and would also be able to exchange the crystal for other crystals with different powers in turn.

And then the session ended.

Itzhuls Out For Summer
Raoden's Folly; Ulcasters School for Animated Dead; Itzhuls Declassified Mage School Survival guide

The fight with the elementals resumes after a short 1-week break.
The earth elemental shoved his way into the middle of the group, but like most school bullies he got put down by a bigger bully (Aria).
With the earth elemental gone the group managed to make quick work of the fire elemental.

After catching their breath and investigating the summoning circle Oliver snuck ahead to have a quickdraw match with a skeleton holding a hostage, but sadly he lost, leaving the halfling hostage dead.
They found the room where hostages were held before they died, and Oliver was certain that there’s a trap inside that room, so they went the other way first.
The party kept exploring the dungeon going through all the rooms, with Oliver leading the way looking for traps.
They then found a dining room and someone hiding in one of the pantries, called Kihx, a small goblin woman with a dirty apron.
Oliver asked her 2 questions – who she is and if she knows the way to the exit, and then let her go without asking anything about the layout of the school. She said she was just a cook and that she knows the way out and left.

As Oliver walked into one of the empty rooms and looked ahead, he saw a big metallic creature staring tight at him. The metallic creature summoned magic missiles and fired them at Oliver.
Raoden yelled that it’s acshually a shield guardian and they are used to protect casters and that he is a nerd. He also said that they have no weaknesses. Then more skeletons came out and started attacking us too.
Oliver hid and Finley fired some acid, Raoden summoned an illusionary wall to block the guardian’s path. The skeletons were quickly taken care of when suddenly a web appeared, seemingly the work of an enemy caster.
As the illusionary wall went down we saw a weird looking gith-ish creature wearing weird robes and floating in the air, holding a metallic glove with fangs and a strange magic dagger. They also saw a few zombies and a flesh golem waiting for them behind the wall.
The fight became very bloody quickly as Oliver and Sergor both went down and were brought back up by Finley. Raoden then teleports Oliver to the necromancer to try and backstab him.
With the necromancer focusing on Oliver the rest of the party managed to take down the bags of health and face the necromancer.
The necromancer then decided to run away using dimension floor and resurrecting a skeleton horse outside the ruins.

Raoden then quickly sent max outside, who managed to see the skeleton, the rest of the party ran to their horses to give chase.
They yelled at Vasq that the dungeon is still trapped and dangerous as they left to ride towards the necromancer.

The necromancer reached some sort of woods and left his skeleton horse at the entrance, when the party reached the woods they sent max back to make sure Vasq doesn’t go into the ruins when they are gone.

They spread out and entered the woods. The necromancer managed to sneak up on Finley and casts a spell on him. Finley yelled as he was attacked by three bolts of energy and went down. They then all saw the necromancer hiding on a tree (d-y-i-n-g) and began attacking him. Aria managed to heal Finley back up as the necromancer attacked Raoden with his bolts of energy knocking him out as well, but it wasn’t enough as there were too many foes for him to face and he died. As he was dying he yelled “Velsharoon curse you”.

The So Far group then proceeded to loot the corpse and limp their way back to camp so they could rest. Raoden went over Itzhul’s spell book as they rode back but sadly he didn’t find his task or ritual there. As the party began resting (shortly) Finley identified the items we got from the corpse those said items were then listed in a tool called the party’s keep.

Oliver gave one of his inspiring speeches, this time in a regular pirate accent (boring), and we headed back into the dungeon. The room where we fought the necromancer seemed to be a lab of some sort with an attached storage room and a bedroom. Oliver investigated the room and found a trapped chest and a secret door. He disarmed the trap and opened the chest to find a bunch of clothes, candles and 800 Gp and 90 pp.

Inside the hidden door lay a temple to Velsharoon. There was a shrine with the corpse of a naked woman, a fancy chalice, a ceremonial dagger, and the symbol of Velsharoon.
As we walked inside the body jerked up and walked towards us. Raoden threw a firebolt at it, and then the rest of the party tied up the zombie, only to change their mind and kill the zombie.
They stole the fancy chalice dagger and symbol and then Raoden proceeded to desecrate the temple, turning it into a temple of Mystra, and then deciding to also draw the symbol of the creators on the back of the shrine.

Sergor grew impatient as the rest of the party began investigating a pantry they already investigated and left to go towards the treasure room. Sergor triggered a trap but narrowly avoided being covered in grease, he then called the rest of the party over so they can detect the traps there.
Raoden used his magic skills to detect that there’s a ton of magic inside the corridor, mostly evocation conjugation transmutation and necromancy.

We argue for a while about what to do, and Sergor decided to trigger the second trap to ascertain what it is and finds out it is fire as he gets burnt by it.
Raoden gets tired of arguing and decides to make a run for it, he gets greased up, lit up and poisoned. He dies to the poison and Aria brings him back up from afar using healing word.
Raoden then remembers he has a spell left and teleports Aria inside the room after all the traps.
Aria sees tons of chests and starts searching for a mechanism to disable the traps but one of the chests begins attacking her.
She runs through the trap towards Raoden and dies, Raoden heals her and then the mimick knocks Raoden down with his acid.

Aria heals herself and runs back through the traps trying to get back to the group barely alive.
Sergor puts on the glove symbol of Velsharoon and amulet and the traps don’t trigger so he grabs Raoden and takes him out. Raoden triggers the trap and Aria spares the dying on Raoden keeping him alive.
They then proceed to get the fuck out of the dungeon and go to sleep.
Vasq greets them with supper, and they go rest (longly).

10th of Hammer

As they wake up they head back into the dungeon, checking all the items to try and figure out which one makes the trap not trigger. They find out it’s the amulet and tie a rope around it. They then all make their way to the corner with Sergor heading in first and throwing the amulet back, but as he makes his way into the room he is immediately spat on by the mimic.
Raoden teleports Aria again and she inflict wounds on the mimic but gets glued to the mimic as she touches it.
Sergor throws the amulet back to the group and Oliver catches it.
Finley casts flaming sphere from afar to have it ready for his turn across.
Oliver makes his way through the trap and throws the necklace back to Finley as Sergor kills the mimic.
With no imminent danger they Raoden and Finley both make their way across. They proceed to open all the chests and use their magical keep to write down all of their findings.
Raoden detects another aura at the end of the room, the aura of the session ending (its evocation), so they use the amulet again to avoid the trap and loot the chest at the end of the room as well.

Back to school
So far so good

8th of Hammer

The session began and Oliver suggested not to get back in without a plan. Finley suggested starting with resting, and Raoden said he has a plan. He said that he is a conjurer so he will conjure. He then sang old McDonald for a bit. Sergor asked him how long it would take him to fix the circle and summon and he said he doesn’t know. He said other spells with ritual take him about 10 minutes. Oliver said that he thinks Vasq might be after the book and he knows about the Necromancer and he might be holding it. Raoden decided he wanted to investigate the upper ground of the school’s ruins, and Sergor helped him while the rest went to rest. They found an old pair of socks, broken pieces of a glass orb next to some sort of mechanical contraption, and small wooden beams underneath a wall. They lifted the wall and saw underneath them was a destroyed table that contained a small diary. Raoden then started running towards camp and calling for Finley. When he arrived at camp he saw Finley sleeping so he shook him awake and asked him to identify what he found. He realized it was a toy of a small glass orb containing a toy mechanical fish. He mended it with magic and handed it to Raoden. When Raoden figured it’s just a toy he just smashed it on the ground disappointed and walked away. He then sat down and cast comprehend languages and found out the book is in Gyth and it was encrypted.

When they were resting Sergor heard skeletons approaching them so he woke everyone up and immediately healed Oliver and blessed a few of them. A fight ensued. During the fight Finley was severely wounded and skeletons broke his hand. When all the skeletons and zombies died Sergor went and healed Finley. Raoden came out of his hiding spot and then felt something bite his leg, seeing the fallen workers returning to unlife and attacking them. After they befell them Aria treated Finley’s hand. Raoden offered him opium. Sergor and Aria told him why the fuck do you have drugs on you, you just got out of rehab. They argued about self prescribing drugs do heal emotional pains. Vasq was sad his workers died. Sergor asked Raoden to set up an alarm at the entrance so they will be notified if anything is exiting. The group gathered the corpses and burned all of them, then got off the hill to set up camp.

During the night they decided to go seek the ghost of Ulcaster. They approached him and he said “students from all over Faerun, the best teachers would come.” He kept rumbling about the school and never seemed to be aware anyone was around him. Raoden decided to take time to follow him while the rest went back to sleep. His movement seemed to be completely random.

9th of Hammer

After they finished resting they discussed their plan. The plan was Max fly in to scout the area and see if it is still clear, and then Oliver sneak ahead of the rest and they go in. Oliver tried to inspire the group but Raoden would not let him speak because he called Max “the bird” and not by his name. Max spotted a skeleton in the entrance holding a hostage, and another one inside. Finley cast invisibility on Oliver and Sergor made his scimitar magical. When he sneaked down the skeleton said “turn back” and killed the hostage even though he wasn’t looking at him. Raoden detected magic and a necromantic aura and concluded the Necromancer probably felt then coming in. They decided to teleport Oliver behind the skeleton and he will immediately attack it. Max flew in so Raoden could see behind the skeleton and teleported him inside by slapping him. Oliver managed to kill the skeleton and shut the hostage’s mouth. He took him to the group and they questioned him about the rest of the ruins. After the questions Raoden went to the circle and tried to complete the protection circle as best as he could, but he figured out he couldn’t. He tried to see if he can use the summoning circles themselves. All of a sudden a fiery and a stony creatures appeared from the circles. The elementals started attacking them. Raoden tried to talk to them and ran away. Sergor turned them and they entered the room filled with darkness. A few screeches later the darkness vanished. Afterwards they turned back to the group who waited for them in a corridor, with the seeming intention of killing Raoden.

Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Liesen Up Here's a Story

6th of Hammer

Finley woke up at Cera’s place. After a brief exchange, they walked to the inn. He introduced us to her, and we had a very cringey discussion about his experience before she kissed him and left after a promise to try and come back this way on our way back. Vasq and his head of protection arrived, and we talked about preparations for the journey, which will take approximately two days. Before setting off, we went to the smithey, which is apparently run by the famous Taerom. Sergor ordered the best quality Kalishite full plate they could make, and off we went!

Just as dusk was settling in, one of the workers screamed for help as he saw something in the bushes. As it turns out, it was a baby basilisk and its mom, the baby was spooked and the mom was just protecting its retreat. We moved on and avoided the unnecessary fight.
A few hours later, we reached the spot where we must get off the road towards the hills and decided to camp there instead of continuing off-road at night.
At the last guard shift, Oliver heard a strange noise in the direction of the hills we were marching towards. He woke everyone up and went to investigate. Suddenly, he shouted “watch out”, as a huge boulder fell from the sky and slammed into Finley. Another boulder fell on Aria, almost killing her. A hill giant stepped out of the shadows, and a fight began. After a devastating smite attack from Sergor, the giant died and we went back to sleep.

7th of Hammer

In the morning, we ate a huge breakfast from the meat of the animals that the hill giant carried, and continued onwards. As evening fell upon the day, we finally spotted the ruins a few miles ahead. Reaching them took us a few more hours, and we set up camp. Vasq told us about how he became an archeologist: he was a worker for a group of adventurers exploring ancient ruins. The party died, he was the only survivor, and he was hooked ever since. He told us about a few of his previous expeditions, like a haunted castle in the Neverwinter Woods and an ancient Netherese temple in the Anauroch desert. The workers started hacking away at overgrown plants covering the trap door which is the entrance to the lower part of the school, but Finley noticed that someone had already hacked through and recovered it. Raoden noticed footsteps and drag marks going into and out from the ruins. The footsteps appeared to be somewhat skeletal and zombielike, and the drag marks might have been people being dragged inside. During the night, a blue light appeared in the ruins of the upper part of the school. Aria ignored it, but Oliver went to investigate and saw that it was the ghost of Ulcaster. He tried to talk to him, but the ghost ignored him and mumbled stuff about the school.

8th of Hammer

Come morning, Vasq told us that he is looking for a Netherese book of rituals with dark coverings, and opened the trap door for us. We descended into the unknown, with Oliver and Raoden leading the way to search for traps. During our exploration we stumbled upon a group of dirty skeletons that immediately attacked us. We quickly dispatched them and moved on. We saw a wererat gnawing on some bones but it morphed into a small rat, entering a tiny hole and escaping.
After hearing weird thumping sounds from up ahead, Raoden sent Max forward to check it out. He entered a room with bodies of various levels of decomposition and a svirfneblin going through them. When it saw Max, it ran down a corridor and we followed. The corridor ended in a room, with two svirfneblin chopping bodies on a table. They told us about their master, Itzhul the Desecrator, a powerful necromancer, in exchange for letting them go before we fight him.
In the adjacent room we saw body parts sewn together into weird abominations. The gnomes told us that they are failed experiments of their masters, so Aria finished them off to spare their souls.
We escorted the svirfneblin out and rested for a bit, before going back into the ruins to search for Itzhul.

After going through some corridors, we entered a big room with weird colors splashed on the walls and on the floor, and magical runes scattered on the floor. Raoden cast Detect Magic, and discovered that the ancient runes still hold weak conjuration magic, used for summoning. He surmised that this room used to be a conjuration classroom. Smitten, he immediately set to deciphering the runes. The Summoner Circle itself was broken, but Raoden believed he could fix and then use it to summon help in the upcoming fight. He took out his chalks, but Sergor heatedly refused because he hates Outsiders and was afraid that they would turn on us mid-fight. Raoden insisted that he would only summon Feys and not demons, so there shouldn’t be a problem, but Sergor was not convinced and said maybe they can try on their way out, in relative safety, after clearing the dungeon.

We moved on, saw a room filled with magical darkness, and decided to go in. When the last of us entered, we got attacked (of course)! We had no idea how many enemies were around us and we were taking heavy damage, so we ran away.
We went to the only place left unexplored: a corridor leading to a room, both filled with spider webs. Raoden set them on fire, and they burned down together with the spiders. Unfortunately, the room was empty, so we left the ruins to rest and plan how to deal with the darkness room. On our way to the exit, an explosion of dark energy hit us and took Finley down. Sergor healed him, and we ran out.