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Baldur's Gate

Brotherhood Of Steel
Farris Jeweler's Day Off

Alturiak 18th?

In the morning, Finley’s groggy sleep was interrupted by Laradon and someone else who fell on top of him in his bed. He jolted awake screaming “NO ARIA NO!!!!”. The other guy recognized Finley, and introduced himself as Farris Mountfairer.
He said he was a jewelsmith and a fan of his work. Finley didn’t recognize him. After conversing for a bit, Finley asked him if he wanted to put pants on. Laradon was disappointed as signaled Finley to get out. Farris asked if he could stop by Finley’s shop later and if they could work on something together. He replied that he is currently busy, but maybe later on.
He left to his workshop, the same way he crashed on the bed the day before, and noticed people looking at him weirdly. When he got closer, he noticed people lining up to his workshop. He entered the shop and let people enter. An old guy came in and said he has information about his girlfriend and wants money.
Finley explained it was a long time ago and he already got info about her. Finley agreed to give him specifically the money and that way he will tell the others that he already got the information. The man told him he works in Rivington and saw her cross the bridge. Then other people started entering one by one and he dismissed people who had the same info about her entering the city.
He paid people from different parts of the city. It seemed like she entered the city from the basilisk gate, and saw her around the lower city, and in the Wide. The most recent one was yesterday. He then left the workshop and told people that he no longer takes information about her, just business inquiries.

Aria was a kebab.
She went to Father Alby. Alby poured some wine and she sat down to confess her sins.
She told him about her torture and the Bhaal-influenced murder of Arepal.
She was concerned, as it was the first time she lost control. Alby noted that her saying “first time” implies it will happen again.
He told her that the more powerful someone, becomes the more they are influenced by the gods, and sorcerers such as herself are especially susceptible. He told her she must find a way to control Bhaal’s essence. The cost will be great, but not as much as allowing it free reign. Unfortunately, the last person who knew about handling Bhaal’s essence was murdered by the Baldur’s Gate Two.
Aria asked if Abdel Adrian left a journal. Alby didn’t know but said that the patriars or dukes would. She mused that perhaps writings of other people who need to control their curse like lycanthropes would be useful. Alby apologised that he cannot help further in the matter.
He suggested she studies evil in all its forms to know her enemy.
She decided to heed his advice and vowed to get a library card, in the meantime distracting herself with clergy work.

Raoden was busy with busywork as Marzat’s apprentice. He didn’t have any time for himself or his research. After one such day Raoden had a tantrum that he can’t work that much. Marzat said he was free to quit. He told her he isn’t doing any productive work.
Marzat told him to look at the experiment she was conducting. It took her two months of research to get to the practical experimentation.
She said she was teaching him patience – that being a wizard was about sitting on your ass doing things you didn’t want to do for months on end. She then told him to fetch her a scroll. He obliged while calling her a bitch under his breath, to her satisfaction.

Once he could summon the willpower to stay awake for ten minutes after work, he resummoned Max.
Max complained that he was sent to his death and then died. He also had a problem with the amount of time it took Raoden to resummon him.
Raoden thought it was fine because he assumed he died instantly. Max asked him if he knew what it was like to burn alive, then realised he does. Raoden said they can now bond over their shared pain.
Raoden decided that Max was mad because he missed him. Max said he was never using the help action again and he was not coming back next time he’s burned alive. He then immediately forgave Raoden.
Max went to sleep, and Raoden cleaned up Max’s fez and left some nuts for him.

Oliver had three things to do.
First, he went to the temple of Umberlee to talk to Mel. She told him that a Sister has reached Ulgoth’s Beard, and they could still be redeemed through penance.
Oliver asked her what she knows about devil deals and whether the gods can break those deals.
She said she recommended against making such a deal, and that gods can – but won’t – break them. She produced a small coin and told him it was a soul coin she got from a devil.
She said it is useful for many purposes. For example, if you were at sea and Umberlee required a sacrifice, you could drop the coin.
Additionally, it can be used for certain spells.
He asked how one gets such a coin. She told him the Guild would be able to point him in the right direction, but warned him against dealing with devils.
He explained the ghost ship situation and his desire to help. Mel told him perhaps Umberlee blessed him and let him narrowly escape being part of that ghost ship. He said he can’t abandon his crew. She warned him again of interfering with devils.

He asked if some sailor came in and talked to her about something interesting. She said there was a sailor who saw a black ship with black sails anchored on an uncharted island, somewhere to the north.
He asked her to keep him on the up and up, thanked her, and left.

Secondly, he went to the library to read up on soul coins, where he met Aria.
He told her she was looking better and asked her how she was doing.
She she’s feeling weird – she does regret what happened but she doesn’t remember doing it, so she doesn’t feel how she expected to feel.
Oliver sympathised that she can’t escape her blood. She said that was what she came here for.

Oliver explained the purpose for his visit.
Aria said it wasn’t a great look, morally speaking, to use a soul coin to trade with a devil. Oliver said they probably deserved being turned into a coin from dealing with a devil.
Aria said that has been debunked by independent fact checkers, one can be turned into a soul coin by a wizard or such. And in either case, some people who make deal with devils are desperate or stupid rather than evil.
She suggested dealing with the ghost ship some other way, healing them or killing them.
In any case, Oliver told Aria they’re all rooting for her and will help her and make sure she won’t do it again.
Oliver decided to research ghosts and other types of undead instead, to try to find out what he’s dealing with.

Sergor reached the Citadel of Strategic Militancy. He went to one of the clerics to turn in his quest in shame. He was told to take it to the smithy.
There he saw Farnsworth working on a sword.
Sergor gave him the holy symbols of Garagost. Farnsworth spat on the ground as he took them, then directed him to Morgan Barrelheim.
Morgan spoke to him about his mission while playing a game of chess with him. They talked about how the mission went wrong.
Sergor said he first assumed wrong that there would only be one caster. Secondly, they left their own casters exposed by splitting the party wrong.
Third, they focused the wrong targets with the explosion. Morgan recommended they have a scout tell them the threat level of each target.
Fourth, they did not finish off the people hit by the explosion. From this he learned that carriage drivers can cast spells.
Morgan asked how well they worked together. Sergor refused to snitch and said they all did a good job. He pointed out some good teamwork moments. Meanwhile he got trounced at chess many times.
Morgan asked him to stay and meditate on his battle, and resume his meetings with Sadon. So meditate he did.

He eventually won a single game. Morgan congratulated him and said he would do him good to play a game once a week. Sergor tried to play up their previous successes with sirens and such. Morgan told him it takes one failure to die. Sergor asked what the Garagostians were doing and Morgan said to leave the thinking to people with a brain.
Back at Farnsworth’s, Sergor was given a holy symbol of the red knight made of the Garagostians symbols. He received the blessing of The Red Lady to let him channel divinity to get people to get the fuck back in position.

And every night that Sergor was enjoying his vacation, Baldurian warehouses and businesses burnt down as the war between the Iron Throne and The Guild continued.

Alturiak 23rd?

Finley arrived at his workshop in the morning, where someone was waiting for him. It was a battle-worn guy who said he was there because of the advertisement. He said that he has a network of friends in the city who are able to get the person he is looking for to him for the low low price of 4000 gold. He suggested that they already kidnapped her and every day they need to keep and feed her the price will increase. Finley said that he doesn’t have that kind of money so he said he will be back every morning to see if he can pay. He then left so Finley sent the homunculus to follow the guy. He learned that he went to the Low Lantern so Finley gathered the crew at the Steel Dragon.

Finley told Aria he needs her to use her Bhaal powers to murder a bunch of people.
After they calmed him down, he explained the Faye situation. They pointed out there’s no proof that they actually have her.
Raoden then asks for a biological piece of Faye so he can clone locate her, but Finley only has spell components of hers and no possessions. Raoden suggests that if he forgo sleep for a couple days he could pirate a scroll of scrying from Marzat.
Finley was pressed for time, so they decide to ask tomorrow for proof that they have her alive, and a possession of hers. Raoden then had to go because his break was over.
Aria then expressed concern about the phrasing of Finley’s request of her, and about the fact that he wanted to murder a bunch of people. She agreed with his sentiment but asked him to take a breath, but he insisted that he knew her for a long time yet only asked her to kill people this once. Aria warned him that he didn’t want to go down this path and it’s very hard to stop once you start killing.
Oliver said he should expect that Faye is going to be mad at him and blame him for what happened.
Aria suggested two plans, one where she tortures people brutally and one where they politely ask for proof that they have Faye alive.
Aria then asked Finley to describe the man and disguise her, allowing her to go look for him in the Low Lantern. Aria got 4 four potions of Alter Self to look like a pirate and headed to the Low Lantern.

Aria was not used to the scummy vibe because of her being a pretentious patriar. She saw a few people meeting Finley’s description. She sat nearby and listened inconspicuously, but not inconspicuously enough. She was noticed, do so he apologised and left. She heard a commotion from downstairs and realized there are more floors to search. She checked for suspects and saw a high roller at the gambling table. She watched him. Someone called him Steel, and asked why he was spending so much, to which he said “Wer’e going to get a big fat paycheck”.
She left and waited outside for him to leave. He came to the Singing Owl, where Finley and Oliver were already sitting. Finley was very surprised. Steel asked him what he was doing here and if Finley followed him. Finley protested he was already there, drinking with his friend. Oliver told him to piss off, which he did. After pissing, he came back and demanded a drink from Oliver.

Aria came into the tavern and was surprised to see them, but happy when Finley confirmed she tailed the right person. She went outside to not be seen.
When he came back from taking a piss, he demanded Oliver buy him a drink. Oliver suggested he go to the bar, and tried to make him trip which caused him to get mad and start yelling, which prompted Finley to stop writing the summary. Aria walked into the tavern and tried and deescalate the situation by buying him a drink. They successfully defused the situation, and Aria shared the information she found out, and they also learn that he sleeps in the Singing Owl, usually after sleeping with a woman or two .

Alturiak 24th?

Di next morning, Finley re-enchanted the cloak of elvenkind.
Steel came back and asked for the money.
Finley said he talked to his pirate friend who knew about these things, and Oliver told him to request proof they actually have her.
Steel said he could give him her hand or her eye. Finley told him that would be the last thing he does. He demanded they ask Faye to give them an object Finley would recognise. He begrudgingly accepted and said to prepare 5000 gold for this afternoon.

Oliver followed him into a warehouse, but found no good entrance. He did notice the warehouse was rented from Heartlands Circle.
He tried to look in under the door and saw him going in deeper.
He looked for secret escape routes to no success, so he went to the sewers. He found out no guards in the sewer but chose to not proceed further.
While Oliver went on this stealth mission, Finley attempted to gather the group, but couldn’t get to Raoden because he has become a responsible adult with a job and doesn’t have time for his childish shenanigans.
Marzat just wouldn’t let Finley meet him. Finley sent his homunculus into Raoden’s room and Max let Raoden know about the monstrosity that came into his room. Max tried shooing it away, but failed. He asked Raoden if he can try and kill it. Finley attached a note to his homunculus letting Raoden know there is a mission of utmost importance. Max let Raoden know about the note. the homunculus left and returned with a potion of flight, vomiting it out as that’s how the homunculus can carries things. Raoden read the note. Max poisoned Raoden against his friends, saying that they only ever talk to him when they need something from him, which depressed Raoden.

Raoden went to Marzat and told her the good news that he’s not going to pirate a scroll from her, instead he is leaving to help Finley save his dumb friend. She did allow him to leave as long as he comes back to make dinner

Raoden rendevouzed with the group and then discussed the plan with Aria in which they discuss getting there before they hurt Faye.
They came up with a brilliant plan – when the guy comes, knock him out and have Oliver replace him, disguised as him. Meanwhile Raoden goes in invisible through the sewer entrance, with Aria waiting in the sewer. When the time is right, Raoden teleports Faye outside and everyone charges in and kills them.
Raoden stood his ground and refused to risk his life by being alone in the room with thugs. The ghost of Sergor said that Max could be invisible on Oliver’s shoulder, and Raoden could see through him and cast the spell.
Finley could go with the “messenger” (as he was told he’d see her), then when he sees her, tell her she’s about to be teleported to safety so she doesn’t resist. Then the thugs can surrender or die.
The plan was ready, with time to spare so Raoden would be back in time to make dinner.

Steel arrived to the workshop and asked if Finley had the money. He did, and asked if she was safe. Steel said he’ll see her soon. Finley bid him a good night as Oliver knocked him out. They tied him up and had Oliver disguise himself as Steel. They went to the warehouse with Raoden and Aria in tow.
The moment they walked in, Oliver noticed an archer loosing an arrow. Oliver was hit by multiple targets. He ran to where Steel went previously and saw another thug full of arrows.
Aria walked in and noticed an orc with blue warpaint. She asked what they were doing but they didn’t answer.

As the orc ran to attack Finley, he stopped as he recognised him. It turned out that these fellas were Jonah’s Brotherhood! Finley introduced the parties. Jonah asked him what the hell he was doing kidnapping Faye. They cleared the misunderstanding, as Finley was merely naive in taking out the ad and not malicious. Jonah scolded him for his idiocy. Aria told him to fuck off. Finley too said fuck off while hiding behind Aria.
They left, and Johnny told Raoden they should get dinner sometimes. Raoden responded with death threats.
Oliver told Finley he shouldn’t let people talk down to him like that. Finley said he was used to it. Raoden told him he can sympathise as he also is used to harsh mentor figures. Finley said like the one he’s supposed to be making dinner for, which everyone found to be a low blow.

They looked around the scene and saw it was a surprise attack. They found one of Faye’s hairs which Finley kept. They wondered how they knew about this situation to save Faye if they didn’t know her personally.
They wanted to find out, so they asked around until they found Johnny Brightsong performing in the Helm and Cloak.
Johnny revealed that Little John saw Faye being grabbed and that’s how they knew about the kidnapping. Johnny proceeded to ask Finley why Jonah had such a bad opinion of him.
Finley said he joined the Brotherhood under false pretenses, pretending to be an adventurer so he can go gather ingredients with them, and in the process made a lot of rookie mistakes.
Johnny said it still would be a big jump to assume he would stoop so low, and maybe he was mad because he got bad news from his Circle in Cloakwood. Aria said that’s an interesting side quest, but Cloakwood was too high level for us.

But what will they ask Johnny next? Will they ever take a stance in the Guild Wars? Will Raoden make dinner in time?

Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!!!!!!

Garagone with the Wind
Clerics al a carte

Alturiak 12th

The party debates burying the body, eventually they do agree to bury him. As they look around for a shovel Raoden just poops one out. Finley apologizes to the corpse and they mark the grave anonymously in the forest.
Before they can head off, Raoden decides to head back in to talk to Thalantyr, as he wants to know if he is acquainted with Gamalon Idogyr. Thalantyr says he knows of him but hadn’t met him, so Raoden tells him of the spell jammer book he found, but Thalantyr is not impressed by it and tells him to go study it himself instead of taking shortcuts. Raoden asks him about the sage himself and Thalantyr tells him the sage is fond of mental challenges and hates when people sneak up on him. They debate magical philosophies but Thalantyr doesn’t see Raoden’s way of thoughts shaping reality as he is an old boomer stuck in his ways, but he leaves Raoden with a parting lesson "never assume your intelligence allows you to bypass the goddess, it merely allows you to interpret her thoughts’’.
As they are about to leave Thalantyr mentioned he buys magical items so Raoden confers with the group and they suggest selling the gauntlet of Velsharun. He offers 1k (as he calls it 2 charges) for it but Raoden tries haggling it up to 1.25k but fails so they strike a deal at 1k gold. Thalantyr sucks the magical power from the gauntlet using a rod he pulled out and throws away the now useless gauntlet.

They leave to go ambush the caravan and discuss the plan. They plan on using an oil barrel disguised as a bush, and to blow it up next to the caravan. They rest up for the night as the caravan was still a day away.
Oliver asked how Sergor was doing, as they seemed to be the two who are taking it better.
Sergor said he is concerned about the Bhaal aspect as they saw first hand what happened to people under his influence. They decided to be the responsible adults and talk to the children about it as their mom is the issue (and is catatonic).

As Finley absentmindedly prepares things for the night trying to distract himself Oliver walks up to him and tries checking up on him. Finley says everything is going wrong, and is concerned Bhaals influence just moved on to somewhere else. Oliver replies that it’s just her ancestry catching up to her and they have to deal with it at some point, and Aria herself doesn’t want to act this way. Finley asks if he means to deal with it like they dealt with Ravengard but Oliver reassures him she is not that far gone yet. They discuss how they can help her, Oliver wanting her to control the power while Finley says he doesn’t know how to help her. Oliver reassures him it’s OK as nobody knows how to help her. Finley says after that happened he stopped seeing her as a friend and instead was scared of her but admits Oliver is right he should be concerned for her not of her. They both agree to talk to her once she is out of her catatonic state in approximately 2 weeks.

Sergor went and talked to Raoden who was sketching in his book. He asked him if what he’s doing is related to his staff he wants investigated. He also asked how he’s doing with other things that happened recently. Raoden said he’s not sure what he is talking about. Sergor mentioned the Aria incident, and Raoden said he’s not sure he wants to talk about it, she did it, they buried him, and it’s over. Sergor said that he shouldn’t repress that and they should talk about it, as they usually kill people to prevent more murder, but this time she just murdered him. Raoden said he has a hard time about all the killing that they do, and he never killed before he met the group, but this time wasn’t just killing, it was even further than torture. Sergor asked him to try to put himself in her shoes and how it would make him feel. Raoden said he understands why she did it, but doesn’t that make her as bad as them? Sergor said he thinks he got it easy as she could have just tortured him until he was mad. Sergor said it’s good he has a hard time because it says he had good morals. Raoden said he knows his father and his friends killed people but he went adventuring for fun and it seems like when they kill people it’s not to be heroes and save people it’s for political reasons or for money. He also said he wouldn’t have had the idea of adding fragments in the barrel before he met them. Sergor said that the last two weeks haven’t been the best. Sergor suggested Raoden be the change he wants to see in the group. Raoden said it’s hard to go against a whole group so Sergor suggested he do what his therapist told him and say no when he doesn’t feel comfortable doing things. Raoden said it’s easier said than done, and he’s not very good with people. Sergor suggested a code word for when he feels uncomfortable, so they can stop and talk about things to understand what he feels. Raoden said he thinks his safe word would be “Immersea” as it reminds him of a peaceful memory. He said it’s a good idea and gave him an idea for a spell research.

Suddenly time wound back up and we were brought back to the conversation between Oliver and Finley. Oliver brings up Faye and asks how he’s dealing with it. Finley says he’s used to her, she always blows things out of proportion and refuses to admit she’s not right even if most of the time she is right.

Finley is a wife beater.

Oliver asks when was the last time they talked, and Finley says it was when she ran off and the conversation went badly as Faye blamed him for everything that happened and asked him to leave her. Oliver then inquires about Mordred and Finley says he wasn’t the nicest person but he did raise him so maybe he just wasn’t good with people. Oliver inquired about his research and Finley replied that Mordred was doing all kinds of stuff but nothing like the thing that blew up. He thinks it’s somehow related to Emrys the dragon, but always thought it’s kind of a parental lie to get the kid to do things until the dragon actually showed up. Oliver suggests that maybe Mordred used him and actually bought him off his parents. He then proposes trying a different approach rather than chasing after Faye, as she is afraid of him and is running away from him but Finley insists she knows him all her life and knows he wouldn’t hurt her. He does admit that when he finds her he will get the second half of the list even if he needs to take it by force, as she is being immature and it’s not a sibling spat there’s an entire village at stake.
Oliver suggests using compassion to find her but doesn’t have a concrete plan, just a product manager plan. He leaves it at that and says they will think on it as Finley agrees to stop trying to chase after her, admitting that he at least got some information on what she’s doing from the cabin. Finley thanks Oliver for talking to him about it, it made the whole Cera situation seem much less important now. Oliver then abruptly suggests she’s a gold digger and it’s not his baby. Finley, beginning to question her motives, admits that he did trust her but only knew her for 1 day so maybe he shouldn’t fully. He says it’s different from back in the village, everyone took care of each other there but out here people take advantage of one another, can’t even beat your wife without being blackmailed by someone.

Alturiak sometime after 13th

The next day Oliver gives a rousing speech where he says they go ambush so they go ambush. Max is on the lookout and Raoden disguises the barrel of oil now also filled with ball bearings to make the explosion throw them out as a bush. They hide and barely scrape by in their stealth checks, Raoden begins by casting fireball and blowing up the barrel causing the fight to start.
The enemy priest uses his chaotic rebound to stop the effect on him and dodge the fireball, but the caravan itself and the driver are hit hard. They chose to explode the barrel on the caravan itself, allowing the two armored horsemen free reign, and with the parties lack of experience fighting mounted combatants they struggled.
The party then proceeded to lose track of their focus, allowing heavily injured enemies to just stay alive firing spells at them, but eventually manage to win the fight, after almost dying.
They loot the corpses in shame and take their holy symbols. Sergor started burying them but gave up after burying a couple, deciding instead to just move them from the road and move on.

They then proceeded to head back to Beregost to begin their apology tour. As they approached the village, everyone in sight looked at them dismissively.
Led by Sergor they head to Feldrops Inn. Sergor began by approaching the bouncers and giving them a fine bottle of Orc whiskey, which he then complimented by giving them some money to pay for damages incurred by him. Oliver then asks the bouncers to get the owner so they can apologize to him, but they refuse and proceed to argue for a while. Raoden uses this as a distraction to just head inside as he wasn’t banned directly just by association. He goes up to the bartender and asks him for a cup of wine after making baby talk. He apologizes to the barkeep while claiming no responsibility for Finley’s baby. He pays him 100 gold for 30 gold worth of damages, all while the barkeep/owner keeps being mad about city folk so Raoden name drops Shadowdale in an attempt to look better. The barkeep pockets the money and then kicks him out after going on a racist tangent, so the party sees this as their cue to fuck off and go to the Jovial Juggler to sleep so they can finally head home.

Alturiak sometime after 14th

There’s no random encounters on the way home so the So Far group arrive at Baldur’s Gate without issue.

Alturiak sometime after 17th

As they reach the Steel Dragon Rickey shows up (in a sense, it’s his bar it’s more us that show up) and says there’s someone looking for us, they asked him to let us know to come to the clock tower. Finley then asks him some weird questions about people whose name he doesn’t recognize so he ignores them. Rickey then proceeds to catch the group up about the ongoing guild war going on with people burning each other’s warehouses.
Then, realizing they finally have some time off they split up.

Sergor leaves the city and heads to the citadel of strategic militancy to turn in his quest.
Raoden goes to Marzat and lets her know about him meeting up with Thalantyr, he asks her about his rod and she tells him about some of its features. Thalantyr claims it has over 15 functions, some of which include call lightning and using his device in his home. He asks if it’s weird that he met 3 master conjurers in Baldurs Gate in such a short span, and Marzat says that it makes sense as there’s no magic item shop in the city so there’s a lot of conjurers.

Finley looks into making the robe blueprint he found in the caravan, but he doesn’t have the necessary resources so he instead makes the puzzle box.
Oliver goes to the wide to look for a box of watercolors for painters, he gets one that looks the most like a makeup kit, as he wants to give Nelly a palette that she can disguise as a different thing. He instead ends up buying a makeup kit and replacing some trays with water colors and along with a pack of notes she can draw on.

The Bhaal Knight Rises
Fantastic Fayes And Where To Find Them

The party set out to look for Faye. We cut through the woods to save time because Finley was worried about her.

Oliver heard a group of heavily armored people walking close to us, and snuck up on them to see who they were. It appeared to be a Flaming Fist patrol searching for something or someone. We approached them, and they told us they are searching for bandits who have a camp somewhere in the area. We thought about helping them, but then remembered that we were in a rush and moved on.

We arrived at the lakes, which to be honest look more like ponds, and saw a few summer houses scattered around – Faye must be hiding in one of them, as the houses are empty this time of the year.
Aria noticed tracks leading to or away from one of the abandoned houses.
Raoden sent Steven to peek through one of the windows. He said it looked abandoned, but there were alchemical ingredients and equipment in there.
Raoden noticed someone looking at us from the tree line. It looked like he was following us for some time now. When he saw that we were trying to get into the house, he came forward and told us that Faye left because someone who was looking for her found out that she is hiding here. Apparently this guy was the groundskeeper for the summer houses that are not abandoned, and as long as Faye didn’t try to get into them he didn’t mind her staying in one of the abandoned houses.

Inside the house, Finley went through the stuff that Faye left. He found some weird alchemical ingredients, but couldn’t figure out what she was making. He also found a note that said “Better luck next time, F. F”.

After a quick conversation with Steven, Raoden asked Finley if he is looking for Faye because she is his friend or because she has the other part of the list. Finley said that he is worried about her and that he wanted to find her because he thought someone is after her. However, it seems that she thinks that he is the one after her, and that she is blowing things out of proportion by being afraid of him. He hoped that with time she would become less mad at him, but it turns out that she only became more paranoid. Finley also told us that Mordred always left her out whenever Finley and him worked on the ritual.
Having finished our business in the area, we continued our journey towards Beregost through the Friendly Arm Inn.

Oliver asked Bentley the barkeep if he saw Faye. He said that she did pass through the inn, asking to buy some weird ingredients, but that was almost a month ago.

The next morning, we continued on our way to Beregost. Suddenly, Oliver noticed that there was a hill giant on the road. Oliver moved closer and saw that he killed a Flaming Fist patrol and is now eating their remains, so we charged him. Unbeknownst to us, another hill giant was hiding behind a, wait for it, hill, and he hit Finley with a giant rock that almost knocked him out. We quickly dispatched both of them, took the badges from the Flaming Fist corpses, and moved on.

As we entered town, a Flaming Fist mercenary tried to recruit us into the Flaming Fist. We politely declined and went to find Officer Vi, the officer in charge, in The Jovial Juggler.

At the inn, Raoden tried to pinch the ass of a Flaming Fist who turned out to be officer Vi, so she knocked him on his ass. We informed her of the dead patrol, so she rewarded us with some coin. Aria asked the barkeep if a man named Arepal (the Flame) came to the village after Ravengard died, and he said that he knows a man going by that name working as a guard for Thalantir, a local mage living in The High Hedge west of Beregost.
Finley asked about Faye, unrelated to unwanted pregnancies. The barkeep said that she indeed came by the inn for supplies, around 8 days ago.

We moved on to Mother Gossil’s shop, the town’s healer, to inquire if she saw Faye. She said that she came to her a few months ago, and that she saw her a few times around town more recently.

Our next stop was Feldpost’s inn, where Cera with a C works now. A waitress came to take our order, and we asked her to call for Cera with a C and tell her that Finley is looking for her. Cera with a C came to our table, and it was very obvious that she was indeed pregnant. An awkward conversation ensued, but it seems that she didn’t speak to Flora Mckinney – the rumors around town were enough. However, she did claim that Finley is the baby’s father, but that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. We had a discussion about fatherhood, and whether Finley wants to be involved in the child’s life, and then raised a glass of pure Dueragar whiskey to help him forget his troubles. Aria, Oliver and Finley got smashed – Oliver hit up everything that moved and got thrown out, Finley cried about loving Cera with a C, and Aria encouraged Finley to go talk to her. They stumbled in her direction and Finley cried and said he is sorry and didnt mean for things to be this way. Cera asked if they had been drinking. Aria claimed that they haven’t and then said only one glass of dark dwarf drink. Cera said it was racist and Finley started crying. She then put them to sleep in a room upstairs. Sergor and Raoden had another round and Sergor got smashed as well. He then picked up a fight with a random person, and when an orc tried to intervene, Sergor picked up a bottle and smashed it on his head, causing a huge bar fight to break out, lasting a while – with Raoden dodging around and enjoying the show – until a group of about five people finally managed to throw him out.

We woke up with a devastating hangover, and decided to stay away from Beregost for the near future. We continued onwards to the High Hedge to talk to Arapel. When we got close, we saw the griffins that were mentioned to be living there, and there was a weird vibrating feeling all around, like lightning has hit nearby.
Sergor knocked on the door, and a clay golem opened it. We told him that we are here on Flaming Fist business and he let us in. He led us to a room with a crystal ball in the center. A lightning ball was circling the room, bouncing off the walls. Near the crystal stood Thalantir, and Raoden introduced the group, then mentioned he is a big fan of his. Thalanthyr said he doesn’t know who he is, but did know of his dad, saying he would’ve expected more from the son of the Guardian of the Tear of Mystra. Raoden then said he is the apprentice of Marzat Creekleaf.
Thalanthyr then urged them to get down to business regarding why they’re here.
Aria explained they’re there to question Arepal, Thalanthyr’s servant. Thalanthyr was not happy they wanted to question his servant, and said they would have to question him in his presence.

Aria then honestly told him that Arepalwas a shitty person, and accused him of false imprisonment, forgery, bribery, dereliction of duty, and so forth.
Thalanthyr assented, allowing the group a 10 minute timeframe to question Arepal. The clay golem then went to fetch the man, a 30-something, black haired guy dressed normally and not like a servant.
When Arepalnoticed Aria, his eyes immediately widened for just a brief moment. As soon as she opened her mouth, Arepal turned around and bolted away. Sergor tried to command him to stop, unsuccessfully, and as soon as he finished casting the spinning lightning bolt hit him square in the chest, sending him off his feet.
Thalanthyr then raised his hands and all golems froze. He then proceeded to admonish Sergor, telling him NEVER to cast spells within his halls.
Aria ran after Arepal, and managed to catch him with a levitate spell just a hair before he disappeared within the forest’s trees outside.
Thalanthyr shouted some more at Sergor.
Aria started intimidating Arepalwith her whole creepy as fuck, vigilante of Brampton thaumaturgy shebang.
The rest of the people were on their way outside to meet the two, and while walking Raoden asked Thalanthyr if he could poke his brain a bit, though Thalanthyr rudely declined, leaving Raoden flustered and sputtering.

It was at this point the group saw Aria in her prime, with poor Arepalpissing himself shitless.
She grilled him for details on the night her brother was brought to the Seatower dungeon.
He revealed that on the night that Matt was brought in, he was brought in by people carrying swords with special red gems within their hilts, saying he was to be kept there as insurance.
He said his commander, Calen, told him to keep it quiet and reveal to no one that Matt was being held there.
Suspecting Arepalwas withholding information, Aria cupped his head in her hands, and inflicted wounds on him, burning and withering his head, causing him to scream in pain.
He then revealed that random people would come to the dungeon, pay him off, and he would let them torture Matt because no one would know he was even there.
The only one he recognized was a young patriar boy with blond hair and green eyes.
Raoden hugged himself, whispering to himself about what kind of awful group he had gotten himself into.

Aria began feeling like something insidious was bubbling inside her, demanding she kill Arepal. He in turn had nothing bubbling inside, as he had already vacated his bowels by now.
He said that he saw Matt jump into the river during the great dungeon escape. Aria asked who sent him to the High Hedge, and prepared another round of Inflict Wounds. He replied that the Castellan of the Watch gave him the command to leave and go far away. He listened because if the castellan gave the watch, obviously it came from a patriar.

Raoden glanced at Thalanthyr just to gauge his reaction, and noticed that he is as still as a stone, heavily invested in what was unfolding outside his mansion.
Aria let Arepaldown on the ground, and told him they’re gonna take a few hours to relax, and he’s gonna be under watch, to give him some time to collect his thoughts and remember any detail he might have omitted.
By the end of it the group noticed that Aria’s whole body was shaking, barely stopping herself from killing him.
Thalanthyr told Arepalhe’s fired, turned around, and left.
Raoden begged Aria to let the guy go, or at least put him in jail instead of torturing him until he dies. He told her she already gave Arepal irreparable trauma for life. Heck, she gave Raoden irreparable trauma for life.
It didn’t seem like Aria was convinced. Arepaldid manage to remember that the patriar boy’s family was the Sashenstars.
When she was done interrogating him, in a split second Aria had her knife in her hand, and Arepal was on the ground, blood spurting from his slit throat covering her.
Finley and Raoden immediately shouted in alarm and ran forward, Finley trying to stanch the wound in Arepal’s neck to no avail, Raoden pushing Aria back shouting in her face she didn’t have to do it.
When she came to, she wasn’t even aware she killed him. At this point Raoden just threw up and ran away into the trees, terrified.
Finley told her he’s legitimately scared of her. Sergor told her that for a split second there, he saw the symbol of Bhaal in her eyes, suggesting maybe she should drop the vigilante act for a while.
Sergor suggested Aria at least give Arepal the decency of burying him, as the griffons were circling above.

Back at Baldur's Gate
Gathering all the side quests to the south

Alturiak 2nd

As the group went further into land, it started raining. The land became muddy, making it hard to travel.
Sergor told Oliver that technically he was in the ocean during the fight with the sirens, and he is okay save for a light drowning.
Oliver said that it’s not exactly an ocean since you can’t really sail on it. Raoden said maybe he paid his debt by lightly drowning. Oliver responded that he doubts it, as he doesn’t think this counts as a proper ocean, but maybe he paid his debt by freeing Ulgoth’s Beard from the false cleric, but then again he does not believe so.
Finley said he wouldn’t assume anything about the gods, especially Umberlee and he should stay on the safe side.
Aria said she thinks he is okay, and then Max started asking Raoden about Oliver’s curse – like is the curse real just because Oliver thinks it’s real?
They then got into a philosophical debate on how your thought could create or alter reality in the Material and Fey planes. Max then explained that all Fey creatures want to come to the Material plane, because in the Feywild they must abide by the rules of the Archfey but in the Prime Material they are free spirits.

Raoden later asked Oliver why would he choose a patron god who drowns people, because that sounds abusive. Oliver replied that when you’re sailing the sea you kind of have to, since otherwise she gets jealous and drowns you.
Sergor asked if he is allowed to swim. Oliver said he hasn’t tried and doesn’t think it’s a good idea.
Sergor suggested attempting to do so with a rope, but Aria and Oliver said if she is intent on drowning him no rope or anything else could help. Finley said he’d be interested in experimenting with it if not for Oliver’s life being on the line.
Raoden suggested they all go to the temple of Umberlee and hear what the priestess says, so they could all give interpretations for their ambiguity. Oliver said they are welcome to but he already decided what he is going to do anyway. Finley said they will join him, so if Umberlee drowns him they will all drown together. Oliver said that if they mean to join they should also visit the temple at least a few times.

The group continued looking for the cyclops. Raoden decided to beseech higher beings for guidance, then used a Creator Token™ to cast Augury. The clouds started swirling above and Sergor noticed they were forming droplets towards the east. He thought the droplets looked like those of the symbol of Bhaal.
Raoden knew intrinsically that the cyclops would be in the east, then turned to the skies and thanked “The Creators or Lurue, whoever it was that helped”. They decided to bed down for the night as it was getting late.

Raoden was miserable because it was raining and muddy and everything was dirty. It’s been a while since any of them had to sleep in a situation like this, and no one missed it one bit. Raoden mentioned that at least previously his group contained a ranger and a druid so staying in forests wasn’t as miserable.
As Sergor was taking the last watch, he heard bear noises, then saw it coming out of the bushes. He lit a torch in an attempt to scare it off. The bear got the message that there is no food for it there and left.

Alturiak 3rd

Morning came and the winds were blowing. They decided to keep going east. Sadly, the rain has washed away all possible tracks.
Finley decided to find an animal and ask it if they saw a cyclops. He asked a rabbit and it said it saw one, and showed him the way it went.
Raoden sent Max up to scout ahead, and after a while he found the cyclops and said he seems like he is ambushing something.
Raoden said they should ambush him back. Sergor said he’s friendly so they are ok and don’t need to attack it.
They followed the direction and eventually saw the cyclops. He was hiding and looking at a pack of deer, one of them a golden stag.

Raoden decided to sneak up to the cyclops and asked him if he was hunting the golden stag. He startled him, causing him to yell and scare away the deer. The cyclops was mad Raoden ruined his observation.
Raoden offended him by being surprised that he is a scholar, considering cyclops aren’t the brightest bunch. Raoden then asked him what he is researching, and the cyclops responded that he is trying to understand the golden stags’ breeding habits.
Oliver asked him if he is the one called Morran and the cyclops was pleasantly surprised his name precedes him. They said they were sent by Morren to look for him, and he was surprised because he didn’t realize he was away for more than a tenday.
Sergor said that he thinks he is in danger because they saw the sign of Bhaal. Morran said that that is not how omens work. If they saw an omen, it was meant for them.

Morran asked the So Far Group what they were doing there and Raoden told him everything. He was shocked they went to kill innocent sirens. The group protested they weren’t exactly innocent, seeing how Oliver almost died. Raoden asked him how he got there and if he wanted to play cards. He didn’t. They told him they don’t have time to notify his foster family of his doings and whereabouts, as they probably need to head to the city. Raoden told him he enjoyed the conversation with him and gave him a book of goblin poetry he’s been carrying a while, which baffled Morran. Raoden then explained that as poetry is unique and rare among Goblinkind, so is a scholar among Cyclopkind – so it seemed like a fitting gift. Morran then took the book, appreciative of the thoughtfulness.

He told them he left his original home when a fire giant moved in and started subjugating everything around him. Sergor asked if he would want to go back there and he said that if he finishes his research and the fire giant is defeated, sure. He said he was looking for a flower named Hiatea and Aria said it’s named after the giant goddess of agriculture. After the conversation they parted ways.
Sergor asked the group if they are not worried about the Bhaal omen and he said he is afraid what they will find back at the city. They started riding towards the city.

Alturiak 4th

On the second day, they noticed a group of what resembled lizard people hiding in a bush. They were a race called Taslois. The group debated what to do so Oliver just shouted to them if they saw anything interesting on the road. They didn’t really speak common. Raoden made an illusion of a lion trying to pounce at them, sending them all scurrying away.

Alturiak 5th

During the next night, Aria approached Finley. Raoden proclaimed that 60 is less than a 100 and everybody knows it, referring to something about age, maybe.

Aria told Finley that it’s been a while since they spoke last and asked how he is.
He said that he thinks he is better than when they started and he feels like he knows what he’s doing and has a goal. Heknows how to get the ingredients he needs, and they also know where the assassin of Aria’s family is (though it’s still locked behind a level barrier).
She asked how he is doing after they had a lot of encounters in comparison to how it was as a beginning.
He said he feels less bad about it and he thinks they are doing the right things. Traveling with her, a cleric of Kelemvor, was especially reassuring.
He asked her about the events that happened to her family and how she began killing people. She told him at the beginning she was locked in her room for months, afraid of going out.
Finley related, saying she went through the same initial shock he did, and they are both capable now. However, he was worried about Raoden who is not taking it well. She said Raoden seems very troubled, and was worried because he brought the Creators up again.
Finley said he can’t help but wonder if he would have been better off if he didn’t meet them.
Aria said that he still grew more powerful thanks to Finley’s help. Finley thanked her and asked what she wanted to do after they find her family’s killer and if she would want to become a patriar again. She said she hasn’t given it much thought, and it seems like it’s not even a life she lived anymore. Plus, she doesn’t know if the patriar community would accept her.
She said that she lost trust of most of the patriars except for one old friend she hasn’t met since the assassination. Aria asked him what his plans are after he brings his family back. He said that he realized how small his life was in Warmmellow, and he thinks he wants to stay in Baldur’s gate to study and learn and achieve bigger things.
They toyed with the idea of being two dukes of Baldur’s Gate, then the Baldur’s Gate Five Dukes. Aria said that she doesn’t know exactly where her powers come from and what if her powers went away after they are done so she has to live the patriar life. Finley said that Raoden gave him a book about his father and his adventuring group and one of them had powers from a patron and then he changed patrons.
Finley thanked her for checking up on him. She said that ever since the start she saw him and Raoden as younger brothers, and he said he sees her as one of his three older sisters. He also asked her to check on Raoden one of these days because he is worried about him. She said she is not sure if any one of them could really help him.

Alturiak 6th

The group finally arrived at the city and immediately found a Baldur’s Mouth seller. The paper was talking about the events of Ulgoth’s Beard. Then there was an exposè about Sergor. It said he threatened his fiance’s father to allow him to marry her, and then a bunch of people saying its wrong.

The group went to Marzat‘s tower. She asked for the pearl but Raoden said the gem is more important. She insisted on getting the pearl first and told him he should learn to first finish the task she gave him and then do whatever. He gave her the pearl then showed her the soul gem. She was excited about the magic ingredient, but they wanted to free it.
She said it’s a hard task, but if they want she can try to free it but they should know it’s a very powerful magical ingredient. Raoden said that it’s evil. Oliver asked what happens to a soul when it is used as an ingredient. Marzat said it’s mostly consuming the soul. Finley said souls should pass to the gods and live happily ever after which prompted Marzat to say that you don’t really get to live at the god’s realm. Sergor said he wanted to find out who the soul is. Marzat said she doesn’t care even if there is a way, but she will buy the gem for 4,000 gold. They refused. She then gave Raoden tasks so he had to stay.

Most of the group went to the temple of Kelemvor. Aria asked to see Father Alby. They were sent to Alby’s study. He identified it as a soul gem and asked where they found it. They told him the story. He said if they leave it with him he can try to free it. Sergor was afraid the soul is evil and will return to its body, but Alby said that’s not how it works. They left it with him. They told him about the Bhaal omen and he said whenever Bhaal is involved there will be bloodshed. He said he will take care of the gem. They thanked him and left, receiving Kelemvor’s blessing.

In the meantime, Oliver went to the Blushing Mermaid to collect the payment from the harper. He told him they finished another stash and stopped the caravan and that he used the dagger. Oliver got the money and asked about further tasks. The harper said that they have a lead but not enough information, so he should come back in a few days.

After all that Sergor and Oliver went to buy soap at Bob and Gale’s Serene Soaps.
Finley went to the scientific society. He also wanted to learn how to make his eye into a working arcane eye so he went to the Sorcerous Sundries. He was given a book that he can learn from. They upsold him on a crystal ball.

Oliver went to the temple of Umberlee, and as he walked in he was told to donate money this instant. After giving the temple his money, he asked for Mel.
She was fetched and let him know that the high priestess herself wishes to speak to him. He was led deeper into the temple to a door he’s never been to.
The high priestess was very hot, and immediately kicked Mel out so she could have some alone time with Oliver.
She shoved him onto a chair, and said the Queen is pleased with him for getting rid of a disgusting male imposter who dared say he worked for the Queen. He has gained the favor of the Queen herself with that action, the high priestess put her legs on him and rewarded him by sexually assaulting him.

After the deed was done, and he got sufficiently pegged, he followed her into a corner of the room where the floor was open to the river’s water and she performed a ceremony. He got resistance to thunder damage permanently, as Umberlee’s favor.
The priestess then kicked him out so he went back to Mel. He drank some wine with Mel but this time didn’t get sexually assaulted, just verbally assaulted.
Oliver asked if the temple could send a priestess to Ulgoth’s Beard to offer them guidance after they’ve been mislead for a while. Mel told him they already sent a priestess to punish the people of Ulgoth’s Beard. She then said his devotion to the queen is inspiring.
Oliver understood he was misunderstood, but went along with it to not displease the priestesses. Oliver asked if this means he can go back to sea but Mel said she doesn’t know, and the only way to know is to try.

Finley went to his workshop when suddenly a bulky and tall woman with dark blonde hair and a huge axe walked into his shop. She said she was there for the bounty, and knew where his girlfriend was. He paid her, and the barbarian let him know she was hiding in an abandoned cabin east of Beregost. She saw her poring over a bunch of potions there less than a tenday ago.

Raoden went to ask Aria and Oliver if there is a branch of Stan’s Emporium in Baldur’s Gate and was shocked to learn they have no idea what he is talking about. He then asked the Sorcerous Sundries the same question and was told there are no other magic shops in Baldur’s Gate.
He then left and went to a jeweler to buy five simple rings. He asked the jeweler if they have amethyst rings and he said if he could provide the amethyst, sure.
He then asked if he could get rings with amethyst on them. They could do it and after bartering for a bit he bought the simple rings.
He then immediately left to Finley’s workshop. He wanted to make walkie talkie rings, but after some “divine guidance” realized it would take a while and there were mechanics to figure out.

Aria, who was staying at the Singing Owl, was notified there is a messenger for her. He had a delivery from the Heartland Circle. There was a letter from Ailen saying he hopes she gets her estate soon. There was also a package with a large bouquet of flowers and two books related to gems, with bookmarks. She thought it was a nice gesture but she had already read the books. The tavern owners started questioning her about who it was from. They suggested she burn the letter so people don’t find out about her being a Ravenshade. She then went to Gerald to ask if there were any updates about anything but there were none.

Sergor went to the auction house to check if there is a schedule for their auction and was told it is at the end of the month.
He then went to Jefor’s house. He was greeted by Gavin. Sergor told him about the events that happened in Ulgoth’s Beard and specifically about the devil summoning and the symbol of G on the key.
Gavin said that he thinks it is not his first time and it is all concerning, and they should keep their eyes open about all the things they’ve seen.
Gavin then asked how he is dealing with the recent publicity. Sergor said it’s so fake that the quotes she provided contradict the statements preceding them.

He then went home to Little Calimshan. When he arrived, Borm greeted him and said a letter arrived for him. The letter had a seal of the red scion. It said that a caravan of Garados is traveling through the city in the next two tendays and he is ordered to destroy them and bring their holy symbols as proof.
Sergor told Borm he is sorry he was mentioned in the paper, but Borm said they expected it so all good. He asked if anything is new he said not much other than what he heard except for the letter. Born asked what the letter was about so Sergor told him. Born was a little surprised but eventually realized it’s what paladins do. He then went to pick up the shields they ordered. He tried to find Aria and couldn’t find her so he left that at the inn.

Oliver went to Nelly and caught her up. She asked him if he ever thought about what if he led a different life.
He said that when he was a child he wanted to be a lumberjack like his father, but if he stayed at his home town and not became a pirate he probably would have died a poor boy.
She told him she wanted to be a painter but her work discouraged her against having any hobbies. She never thought of doing something else because she doesn’t know what’s out there. Oliver told her she’s stuck in a cycle, she can’t know what’s out there because she’s busy working, making her unable to find other work. She assured him that though no one dreams of being a prostitute, she’s enjoying her life.
He asked her if she would still be a painter now. She said she was too old to apprentice for a painter, and she had no skills for other jobs. Plus people don’t respect prostitutes and wouldn’t want services from ex-prostitutes.
He said that he would, as he’s developed a liking for prostitutes, probably because he knows they’ve been through the same rough childhood he did.
She said that he ascended that status now and is a famous adventurer. He said it only happened to him recently and it could happen to anyone, including her.
She congratulated him on winning Umberlee’s favor. They then discussed how the gods work in mysterious ways. She invited him to pray to Sharess but he didn’t want to upset the bitch queen. He watched her pray.

Alturiak 7th

The next day, Raoden went to Kipp‘s apartment and noticed Mordala.
She was happy to see him but said he missed the dinner they scheduled. He said he had to leave the city and did not have any way to contact them.
She said she’s heard that since the last time they spoke he’s been through a lot and asked if he is okay now. He said no, and he has weekly court mandated meetings with a shrink.
She said she hopes it helps him in the long run. He started talking when they heard a knock on the door.

He then saw a blond guy enter the room and kiss Mordala. She introduced him as Johnny Brightsong. He was excited to meet Raoden, Lightsong’s son, and said he is a big fan of Raoden’s dad. Mordala then asked Raoden what he was about to say and he stuttered and asked if she knew where Kipp was. She asked him if he was staying and he really wanted to leave because he could not process the two of them being together. She asked Johnny to give them a minute. She asked him if everything is okay and about the apprenticeship. He told her he has a bunch of stuff to do now as an apprentice, to have fun and that Johnny seems like a nice guy. (sound track)

He said goodbye awkwardly and left. He went to an alley and kicked a trash can then hopped around in pain. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, fading to dull grey, like the last minutes of the day after the sun disappeared behind the horizon. He could barely hear the noises of the street, sound echoing like from the end of a long tunnel. He felt Max trying to talk to him but could not hear him through the emotions. He then decided he needs to kill Johnny, and went on his way.

Raoden then went to Harren Hawke’s.
He was greeted by the familiar door with a face, asking for his business. He said it is about the plane traveling crystal.
The face then disappeared and the door opened. Harren greeted him and asked how he could help. Raoden said he lied, and needed his help killing Johnny Brightsong, but after a moment said he was joking and he actually came to ask if he thought about anything else in exchange for investigating the crystal.
Harren asked if that’s the only reason he came there, to which Raoden said yes. He said that he still didn’t think about an exchange, but he is interested in researching the gem. He said he has been researching Raoden’s father and learned that one of his father’s friends had ascended to godhood. He wanted something that belonged to him. Raoden said he didn’t have much other than his axe, so Harren said he wanted it.
Raoden asked why he wanted it and why he was interested in god related items, but Harren would not share.
Raoden said it’s going to be very hard and take a really long time, and Harren replied that they have that time, seeing as they’re both wizards. Raoden was displeased and left. He then went to Finley’s lab to work on the schematics and found him trying to read a book while impatiently tapping his foot.

Sergor headed towards Kaylein‘s house.
On the way, he heard a commotion in the market. Someone was giving a speech.
He did not recognize him, but he was clearly Caleshite.
He told them their life as eternal refugees is no way to live, trying to convince them to go back to Calimshan.
Sergor suspected he was trying to take them back as slaves and yelled at him that his friend already tried that. The man told him being a slave is better than living here in squalor. People started throwing rocks at him, so he left.
Some agreed with him and some didn’t. Sergor did not see where he went and continued on his path.

Kaylein greeted him and they talked about the paper. She said her father doesn’t care too much as it didn’t affect his business.
She asked if he came to see her father, and he said he came to see her. She let him in and asked about his latest adventure. He told her what they were up to.
He asked her how she was doing, and she said her studies are going well and she learned a few minor spells. She then showed him a few cantrips.
He said a lot of wizards, at least the ones he encountered in the party, are insane. She asked how come, and he told her one is half-halfling, half-elven, half-demon, and completely nuts. The other one is like 16, or at least acts 16.
She said maybe he should not hang out with them anymore but he said they are useful and he doesn’t choose his friends. She said she’s waiting for when they get married so he can quit adventuring.
He told her he’s not going to stop, just dial it down. She said he is hopefully going to be a father and he will have to be home.
He said he is still a paladin and has duties, and if the world needs saving priorities change. She agreed and said she likes the optimism thinking the order would send him on world saving missions and said she understands. He promised he will be with her as much as he possibly can and will do his best to stay alive.

Finley and Raoden managed to decipher the schematics Finley found, and found out it was just a puzzle box.

Oliver went to the library to research demons, souls and contracts. He found out that there are soul coins which are a valuable currency in the hells, and that deals with devils are very detailed and can be broken either by using details in the contract or by making a new deal.

When the group was sitting and talking in the Steel Dragon they were approached by a messenger saying Rilsa wants to meet them this evening at the smoking rock.
Raoden blurted out that Mordala has a boyfriend. Sergor asked him if she’s the paladin he told them about and Raoden said yes and he wants to kill the boyfriend, and the worst part is he is a fan of his father.
Finley said he knew of the boyfriend, as he was replaced by him in his old adventuring group. The group asked him if he ever told Mordala how he feels and he said no.
They asked how they met and when he fell in love with her. He said he was not in love with her, he just wanted to kill Johnny, because he stole Mordala. Arya questioned him a bit about how he felt and concluded that Raoden is, indeed, crushing for Mordala.
He said that he asked her for dinner, but it was never romantic. Aria asked him if he ever specified it was a date, or just them, and Raoden said no.
Aria told him he should go talk to his psychologist and Raoden said his psychologist told him to say no to things people ask him to do and he doesn’t want to, so he’s saying no.
They told him he should not kill Johnny, but he was not convinced. Aria said that as someone who is on the other side of a similar situation he should not do that. He was still not convinced. Finley suggested that Raoden should be a shoulder for her to cry on and slowly poison her against Johnny, but Sergor said if she found out what he did she would never talk to him again.

Raoden was then very rude to Aria. She got offended, saying she was just trying to help. Max then suggested agreeing with Aria so they can kill Johnny later.
Finley comforted Raoden, saying musicians tend to have fleeting relationships. Aria said he missed his chance and should wait if he wanted another chance. Sergor sugested Raoden date Catheera to make Mordala jealous, but warned it’s a bad idea. Raoden said it’s a good idea, causing Aria to storm out, just to come back moments later.

Finley told them someone answered his call of searching for Faye. He told them she was spotted by an adventurer recently on the road towards the south east. They said it was good news, as they’re heading in that direction anyway. Finley told them the complication was that they did not end on the best terms as they fought over the ingredient list and tore it in half. They asked him when was the last time they saw each other and he replied it was a year ago. Raoden said maybe time apart healed the wound.

Sergor told the group he got another “kill a caravan” quest and updated them about the details. They looked over their maps and saw how all the pieces fell together – The last heist, the caravan, the equipment in Beregost, and Faye were all either nearby or on the way.
They split and said they will meet Rilsa this evening.

They met in the evening at the Smoking Rock, and waited for an hour until she arrived.
She greeted them and Sergor asked her if the preaching guy in Little Calimshan was related to her. She said no.
Rilsa said she has a proposal. First she said they wanted them to kill Marjulin Bravehaven. She said the Iron Throne are going back to their old ways and have decided to attack them.
Raoden asked her if they harmed them. She said they did not, but the Iron Throne had attacked their agents.
She said that she has other people who would do it, and whoever does it first gets the prize of 5,000 double eagles.
After the conversation they all agreed they’re not going to do it, but they did not agree about whether they should inform anyone. Most of the group thought they should inform at least Jefor. Sergor and Oliver said they should not get involved. The rest of the group managed to convince Sergor that they should not sit on the information that the Guild is trying to assassinate someone.
Oliver said that Marjuline might be even a worse person than Rilsa as far as they know. He said that he also thinks that they are already implicated because he thinks the attack she was referring to is their attack on the caravan. Sergor said it could be anything else, but that it is logical to assume they are being followed, as a way to see what they would do with the information they just received.

To be extra cautious, they decided to send Max to inform Jefor, even though Oliver was still not convinced. They went up to a room at the inn, and Raoden changed Max from his hawk form to a seagull, a bird much more prevalent in Baldur’s Gate. Finley made him invisible and they sent him out the window to Jefor, with a note tied to his claw explaining the situation briefly and a request to burn the note upon receival.

Wrath of the Beach Queen
Moist Deaf

The battle against Kalen raged on, growing harder and inching closer towards climax.
As Aria turned Othelstan into a raisin, she felt a force moving from the Sheriff to the demon statue.
Kalen reached towards the statue’s hands, and ripped open a hole in space to summon a devil.
Oliver chided Kalen for his false-prophetry and struck him down with the wrath of Umberlee. The priest laughed as he died.
Raoden fired a chromatic orb at the head of the statue, cracking it. A creepy rumbling filled the room.
Sergor told the barbed devil to beat it then sent it back from whence it came.
Finley was also present.

After the battle concluded, they looted the sherrif for some pocket change, and the priest for a scroll, his robe, and a key.
Raoden Detected Magic then investigated statue and circle. The circle was a standard issue summoning circle. The statue was not made for any devil in particular, but served as a focus of some kind. Raoden dispelled the magic on the statue to suppress it temporarily then Sergor attempted to knock the statue over. He tied a rope around the horns and pulled it down.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Finley went outside to the commotion of villagers. Oliver told the villagers they were being misled by a false prophet who colluded with the Sheriff to summon a devil. He invited them to see for themselves. He lead them inspirationally to the warehouse, picking the lock to the entrance.
The moment he opened the door, they witnessed the statue crash, its head rolling and stopping at their feet.
They then explained how they came to suspect Kalen and find the sacrificial room.

Raoden reiterated that they are here to represent Baldur’s Gate and asked them to appoint a new representative that they trust.
He then studied how the sacrifice worked to figure out how to summon devils (merely as an intellectual curiosity, wink wink). He surmised that the sacrifice was alive for most of the process and horrifically tortured him to prepare his soul for the sacrifice.
He then vandalised the altar with Lurue’s symbol and scrambled all of the ritual implements.

Oliver and Sergor went to throw Kalen off a cliff to the sea to please Umberlee.
Oliver then asked for the group’s permission to distribute the sheriff’s money to the people, then went to the village meeting and handed it to them. They were thankful.

Raoden read the scroll and found that it was a spell he never heard of before, made to poison bodies of water. He identified the robe as a robe of useful items. One of the remaining patches was a spell scroll, which Raoden opened to reveal a scroll of Beast Bond.
After a short rest, the Elder entered the warehouse and thanked the So Far group. After a discussion, the village agreed that the cultist’s intentions were not pure. However, they still think they have been mistreated and want better terms. The group said that’s what they’re here for and
requested letting a Flaming Fist in to see what happened. They agreed and said they will talk shop in the morning.

Oliver tried the key they found on the Umberlee chamber in the temple, but it did not fit. Sergor noticed that the key has an engraving of an infernal letter equivalent to G. Sergor woke up Officer Kowalski Flame Corbar and told him the news. He went with Sergor to the warehouse.
Kowalski was disgusted at their devil worship, but Sergor said that just because their leaders worshipped evil gods doesn’t mean they do, take Bhaal and the Flaming Fist as a completely random example. Kowalski said that was forever ago get over it. Aria fervently guided Raoden with the power of Kelemvor, and so he screamed a primal monkey scream and searched the entirety of the warehouse but found nothing.

They went on to the Law’s house to search it but only found a pittance. Finley crashed on Law’s bed.
Oliver checked a the temple once again, this time a hole in the submerged half of it, and finally found the chest that fits the key. Inside was a small ruby that he couldn’t identify because all the spellcasters were asleep.

Alturiak 2nd

Di next morning, Oliver gave a rousing speech congratulating them on their achievements. Raoden volunteered to lead the negotiations.
Finley identified the ruby as a container for a soul that can be given to a devil. A soul was already inside.

The time for negotiations arrived, with the So Far group in one table and the elders on the other. Sergor set Raoden straight on the facts and Finley gave him some liquid courage.
The elder said he will hear what the Baldur’s Gate representatives have to say.
Raoden introduced himself and immediately everyone got sidetracked with the reputation of the long-defunct Baldur’s Gate Five.

Raoden expressed the So Far Group’s concern for the safety of Ulgoth’s Beard. They realized immediately upon hearing about the situation that some bad actor was influencing them and indeed there was. The So Far Group put a stop to his evil ways.
He reminded them that Baldur’s Gate agreed to a raise every single time it was requested, and they are prepared to offer better terms, but Baldur’s Gate has some terms it would like in return.

He explained that Baldur’s Gate expects an apology for the sudden halting of operations and putting sailors’ lives at risk. The prideful villagers were taken aback by this request. They retorted that the Flaming Fist’s patrol were stopped without warning as well.
Raoden said Baldur’s Gate were under a bad influence similarly to them, and now that the So Far Group stopped that they are ready to resume patrols.

The elder demanded a 50% raise. Raoden told them that they’ll give them an even higher raise in return for an apology and six months of no wages.
The elder countered that they will apologise with the asterisk of their undue influence and will not accept any delay in payment as people will starve.
Raoden responded that the So Far Group will give them some gold now to tide them over and they will come to collect it once Ulgoth’s Beard get their salaries. They agreed, and after some more negotiations gave them a raise of 400 gold and a reduced entry price into Baldur’s Gate so they can buy food. The final raise amount was 400.12 gold. Raoden and the elder had a spit-filled handshake and the negotiations were completed.
The Flaming Fist left to report the happenings and the So Far group stayed for the celebrations and siren hunting.

Raoden offered the service of the construction of a continual flame to reduce the amount of whale oil they used. The elder could not accept until they consult a priestess of Umberlee to see that it won’t incur her wrath.
By the way his name is Gurhan.

Raoden asked Finley to go on a walk with him. When they got to the beach Raoden asked him if he could keep a secret. After a potion shake, Raoden told him he hasn’t stopped believing in the Creators and in fact his belief is just getting stronger by the unfolding events.
He told him he thinks all adventures are being controlled by either the same group or different creators.
He listed things that he sees as proof for that including Finley’s home disappearing, and that adventurer’s lives are always full of weird events that shape the world.
Finley said that he is mixing cause and effect – the people who he hears of are the ones who are famous and did important things, but you don’t hear about the group of adventurers who entered a goblin cave never to return.
Raoden said that no sane person would become an adventurer, but Finley protested that he is sane. Raoden asked if he likes going out killing people and Finley said no but it just keeps happening.
Raoden explained that every adventurer has some tragic background. Finley responded that those traumas are what makes them go out and adventure otherwise they would just have a regular life.
Raoden repeated that all of that is related to the Creators. Finley said that he can see proof for the Gods being there but no proof for Creators being there, and said that he thinks Raoden has been through a lot and is trying to find a way to explain it.

Raoden said it all started when he became an adventurer, and there is too much correlation to the Creators, and can’t just be Lurue. Finley suggested he ask Lurue about everything that happened. Raoden said he thought adventuring would be fun, that he would get to be a hero who saves people rather than killing people every other day.
Finley said he needs to find what is his purpose in life rather than going with the flow and justifying everything that is happening as the Creator’s will. Raoden said that ever since he arrived to Baldur’s Gate his life has been shit, and that he has a group from before he likes more than the So Far Group, but he doesn’t want to leave Finley as he is a really close friend of his and the first one to truly understand him. They hugged.
Raoden said adventuring sucks. Finley said he can’t argue with that, but he did find schematics of something cool and asked Raoden if he wants to try to figure it out together. And so they did.

In the meantime Oliver performed a ritual on the temple.

Afterwards, they went siren hunting, but not before having a lengthy discussion on Air Bubbles and who should have them.
They continued up the coast to the north and spotted a small boat with a fisherman.
Raoden asked him if he saw a siren. He answered they’ll spot them for sure if they keep moving north, but he’s not scared of them.
He asked if they spotted any cyclops lately because he lost his. His name is Morren and his cyclops name is Morran. And his mom’s name is Morranda.
They bid him adieu, and vowed to find the cyclops at any cost.

They continued until they heard a woman’s scream. They found a blue skinned woman in tattered clothes being chased by fishermen.
Sergor called out to them to stop. The siren ran up to him and asked for help.
The fishermen accused her of killing some of their family members, but she claimed she was just sitting on a rock and singing.
Sergor asked if she has any family and she said she has some up north.
The party allowed the fishermen to murder her and extract a pearl from her chest. They justified it as compensation for the grief she’s given them. They wished the group luck on their siren hunting and told them the location of her den

The So Far Group continued north until they found her cave. They found a fresh corpse as well as some aged ones, along with their possessions. They continued until they heard a serene song. It tempted them to throw down their weapons and go towards the singing.
They were all huddled next to Sergor for his big dick energy, but Oliver and Finley started walking towards the song in a trance. The other party members could not determine the direction of the song, so they followed the charmed duo. They pretended to be charmed as well, but Sergor did a terrible job and ended up imitating a zombie.
They climbed down a slope in the rock into a cave and reached the sirens. Raoden deafened Oliver and Finley, which let them try to resist the sirens’ song again.
Sirens appeared and kissed Oliver and Finley. Finley resisted but Oliver immediately fell unconscious and was taken into the water.

The party saved Oliver and fought off the sirens. Aria opened the nearby chest because she forgot traps exist and got lightly poisoned.
Inside the chest there was trayzur. They also extracted the pearls from the sirens and the jumbo matriarch pearl.

Sergor was bummed out over killing women begging him for mercy but was comforted by the fact that his goddess would approve of his strategy.
They set out to find a cyclops. But will they find him? Or will he find them? Or perhaps they will find the meaning of friendship? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!

The Devil Wears Seaweed
Bitching in the Name of

The session picked up at the house-turned-common room.
Raoden was at the bar, along with everyone else apparently. Sergor asked how much of the village earnings go towards whale oil, with 85% of it being used for whale oil.
Sergor hatched a plan to replace the traditional fire with a torch of continual flame, so that they could cut down some (or entirely) on their whale oil consumption.
While they were discussing what they should do about the village, the door to the room opened suddenly, letting in some of the sea-breeze.
An old man stood at the door carrying faded rags, wearing a rope-and-seaweed belt, and a holy symbol of Umberlee as a necklace.
The moment he entered all the villagers slouched even more, cringing before him.
He scanned the room and noticed the So Far group, then approached the bartender. Sergor tried to eavesdrop on their hushed conversation, and heard them shit talking the group for being spies or lackey’s of the Baldur’s Gate patriars.
He also mentioned that they will manage to return the favor of Umberlee.
Sergor called to the holy man, and everyone turned their attention to Sergor. The man started telling everyone that if they yield now they will never regain the favor of Umberlee. He said that Baldur’s Gate will be drowned soon.
Sergor told them that Umberlee favors Baldur’s Gate because they pay her more money. The holy man called this blasphemy and said there will be no negotiations.
Sergor asked if that guy was their leader, and the barkeep said it’s their holy man. Then Sergor clapped back saying that as a holy man himself, the guy looked like a fake man more like.
Then the barkeep was pissed and kicked Sergor out.
The barkeep told them that right after their problems began, when suddenly there was blight of the fish, the holy man came to their village to tell them that Umberlee was mad.
Raoden said to him it sounds like the holy man was in charge of it, it’s exactly like a classic con, then immediately begged not to be kicked out he’s just telling it like it be.
Different members of the group tried to explain that we’re not here to beg on behalf of Baldur’s Gate as we have no stake in the game, we just want to help them.

Outside, Sergor began tailing the holy man, trying to detect if he’s an undead or a fiend or some such. He didn’t feel anything off him, so instead he turned to creep on some kids in the village.
He tried to entice them with food and a game of “Chess”.
At that moment both Sergor and Aria had a revelation – Umberlee isn’t supposed to have male clerics!
This guy WAS a fake man.
Raoden asked Aria why she gasped, and she said she will tell them outside.

Meanwhile Oliver rounded the town’s wall and went to the cliffs, gazing out over the sea.
After being intoxicated with the feeling of freedom, he went back to business and scouted the village. It did not appear to be occupied by bandits as he previously thought. He noticed the small temple of Umberlee. He decided to sneak in by climbing over the wall of the village. He found Sergor haranguing children, and Sergor caught him up. Oliver said that the “blights” make no sense because Umberlee doesn’t make fish rot, she drowns fish. (he then corrected himself to ships).
Afterwards Sergor asked him if he’s excited for his sea exile anniversary, and Oliver told him he’s terrified. Sergor told him that there’s no need to worry because the So Far Group will support him, and also insisted that they steal a ship for the operation rather than rent one because he wants the legitimate pirate experience.
At that point Aria decided to break immersion and dragged Finley and Raoden outside to meet Oliver through meta-knowledge.
Raoden suggested that maybe the guy isn’t a cleric but a druid of some evil nature spirit, or if he is a cleric, he’s a cleric of a different, evil god.
They thought of going to research the fish.
Finley told them he can talk to fish, much to Sergor’s surprise and to Raoden’s knowledge.
Then Raoden got into a whole discussion on whether the fish needs to be in water or not, or if Finley needs to be in the water, to speak to the fish.
Then that conversation devolved into a debate over intelligence of different fish, sexual activities of dolphins, and whether Oliver would have sex with a dolphin.
Then they finally discussed how to take down the holy man.
Then suddenly Raoden noticed someone watching them, hiding within the shadows. He appeared to be beefy, belonging to the mercenaries probably. He wasn’t even particularly hidden or eavesdropping, just watching the group from afar.
Raoden told the group about him while Aria went to ask the barkeep about their temple and any previous priests.
The barkeep told her that they don’t need a priest at all times, they just go to the temple to worship Umberlee.

Sergor decided not to torture the mercenary guy, instead approaching him like a normal person.
The guy didn’t look all that rugged compared to the other mercenaries, but he did have a mean looking spiky flail tied to his belt. He looked rather local actually.
The “mercenary” told Sergor he is the “Law Jaw” in this here quaint little village, you see.
The Law Jaw was offended that Sergor would bribe him to answer questions.
Oliver joined the conversation, trying to engage the man as a fellow follower of Umberlee.
He managed some more progress, but it seemed these villagers were very much indoctrinated into following the fake man blindly.
He introduced himself asCaptain Othelstan, and told them not to make any trouble in his town.

At that point they decided to go speak to a seagull. Finley bought a fish-related meal and took out a box with holes and a wire that he affixed to his ear.
Then he handed out the fish food to the seagull and began speaking to the seagull.
Finley didn’t manage to get much information out of the seagull, but he did persuade it to fly and show us where it last saw the fake man.
Then Raoden insisted Finley ask the seagull if it has a family or any children. The seagull answered in the affirmative.
Finley tried to ask if the fish turned bad when the fake man came but it was too complicated for it.
Then they started hearing a commotion higher up in the village. They hurried up and saw angry villagers with pitchforks and torches at the village gates.
The Flaming Fist were here.

Sergor tried to find out what was happening but only managed to make everyone angry.
Aria used Thaumaturgy to shout over everyone and silence Sergor with her “No, but…” skills, completely ignoring his leadership attempts.
She persuaded the village to let the Flaming Fist go back outside, so that the So Far group could regroup with them before commencing the negotiations in earnest.
The villagers did stay nearby, mad as hell.

They asked the officer for his name, and he introduced himself as Officer Kowalski Flame Corbar.
Finley managed to convince him to give them until morning to take care of the fake man, so that they may handle the negotiations after the town is no longer under his influence.
Upon hearing theyre not within Flaming Fist jurisdiction, Raoden was interested to know what would happen should they kill the flaming fist officers here.
He was told they would be hunted and killed on sight, so he discarded that idea.
They then adjourned.

They decided to gather evidence over the fake man, so Oliver was turned invisible so he could sneak in while the rest of the group entered the temple to talk to the fake man and distract him.
They found the fake man inside, on his knees, scrubbing the floor.
He admonished them for taking so long to come and pray to the Bitch Queen.
Finley introduced the group, and the fake man introduced himself as Father Kalen.
Raoden asked him about his gender, being a male in service of Umberlee. Father Kalen said he is only a priest and not a cleric, and the village angered her so much, they do not even deserve a female priest to begin with.
To buy time for Oliver to sneak in, they joined Kalen in prayer. The ceremony was accurate, but very simple to perform.
Afterwards Aria asked about his past. He said he came from Neverwinter, where he worked cleaning the temple of Umberlee, but is originally from Luskan. In a dream he saw that Baldur’s Gate was mistreating Ulgoth’s Beard and came here to help them.
Finley told him that fighting the Flaming Fist wouldn’t be in Umberlee’s favor because it would end with the Flaming Fist killing all her true believers in Ulgoth’s Beard. Kalen said they wouldn’t dare slaughter the villagers because the wrath of Umberlee will end Baldur’s Gate.

Oliver snuck into Kalen’s private area. After investigating, he found documents about religious ceremonies, charting a ship from Neverwinter, and clerical documents of the town. Strangely, not only did he have access to things regarding the town’s business, but also signed orders from him as if he runs the town. In particular he ordered the whale oil to be on the second floor of the warehouse, making it harder to take out and bring to the lighthouse.

Oliver let one of the group know that he is going back out to the town to investigate something.
The rest resumed questioning Father Kalen, specifically about his divine mission, and about the negotiations with the town.
He was adamant there would be no negotiations, either the patriars acquiesce to the Bitch Queen’s demands or Baldur’s Gate would be drowned wholly.

The So Far group kept insisting that if not for them, the entire village would be massacred. They believe the villagers would rather back down and get money than die slowly to the Flaming Fist. Father Kalen said they’d rather die a quick death than die of starvation.

On the way to the warehouse Oliver spotted Othelstan spying on the temple. Oliver looked to the sea and asked Umberlee for sign if Kalen’s a fake. He failed to perceive one.
He got to the warehouse and went up to the upper floor, which was locked. He unlocked it and saw the floor is packed full of jars of whale oil, equipment, salt, and some food.
He found a trapped door (not a trapdoor) leading down. He disarmed it but failed to unlock it.

He heard something from downstairs, maybe a squeak, but unlike anything he’s ever heard.
He waited next to the warehouse for the group to join him.
Aria spotted Othelstan on the way back from Kalen, and they had a talk with him about what Kalen said. He escorted them out of the village, but Oliver managed to sneak a note into Sergor’s pocket explaining the situation.

At that point Oliver saw Father Kalen go into the warehouse and go down to the lower floor, followed shortly after by the Law Jaw.
The group tried to sneakily walk into the village, but Sergor ran into the wall, Aria shouted when someone stepped on her foot, and people obviously noticed them.
As they got close to the warehouse, Sergor sensed divinely and felt that there are definitely fiendish and undead presences within.
They snuck in downstairs, and found both the Law Jaw and the priest doing some ritual sacrifice thing, and a fight broke out because they didn’t sneak well enough.
A few moments later two flaming skeletons emerged from beneath the stairs as well, to bolster the enemy forces and a small imp came to stab Raoden.
The group fought hard, they fought well, but then the session ended.

The Guilds Merry Caravan

As Oliver is gathering his things in the Steel Dragon Inn, Rickey grabs him aside and hands him a message asking for a meeting in the usual place ASAP. Oliver then heads to the Blushing Mermaid to meet with his Harper BFF.

The Harper lets him know of a new opportunity that is time sensitive, they’ve learned of a special caravan coming to the city from the north, the guild is smuggling illicit materials (drugs, weapons and gems) into the city. They are willing to pay 5000GP for us to kill the guards and dispose of the materials. Oliver asks if the guards are guild members (so he can feel good about killing them), and the Harper man replies that they are Guild or Zentharim so he can feel good about killing them.
He then gives Oliver an offer exclusively for him, they want to keep the factions in the city fighting each other so they are willing to pay him 1000GP to plant a dagger at the scene of the caravan, Oliver tried inspecting the dagger but found it to be a regular old daggeridoo.
Oliver then asks him for some more information on the caravan and is told that one of the guards should be a cleric of Bane and they should have 2 carts. The caravan is supposed to arrive in a few days.

The party then heads to Blackgate to commence operation Heist 4 (to this day the origin of the name is unclear but it’s fast 4). Finley aviates Raoden and Oliver, so they can sneak into the stables undetected (Finley also made Raoden invisible but I wanted to write aviate and then they redid the plan and I don’t wanna edit it). They approach the windows and Raoden attempts to befriend the horses inside successfully. They managed to enter the back room, as it was untrapped and unlocked. Raoden managed to find a trap door inside a chest in the otherwise standard looking room, as the name suggests the chest is also trapped and Oliver disabled the trap and unlocked the door, finding a ladder heading down. The ladder had weakened steps to make it break and the floor of the room underneath was filled with straw hiding bear traps which Oliver avoids as he is not a bear. They find the usual stash of gold and attempt to disguise their tracks as they leave, but this time slightly worse than usual. Oliver thinks if anyone were to inspect his work they could figure out he messed with it.

While the pair of sleuths perform their sleuthing Finley accidentally steps on a piece of parchment. Within the parchment is a very elaborate piece of design. It appears to be a box of some kind but is highly advanced. As he stares at it he gets pick pocketed but can’t figure out what the mechanism is in the design.

The party regrouped in an inn for the night and Oliver told them about the quest from the Harpers. Finley says he doesn’t really know who the Zentharim are so Aria feeds him leftist Baldurian propaganda about them being evil. Raoden then reveals his side quest about getting a pearl from a siren patriarch. They discuss what they should do about the flaming fist and decide they should just meet them there as it’s better to not have them involved with the caravan murders.

Hammer 27th

The next morning the party splits up, half getting ready for the journey renting horses, getting metal for a random design they found on the ground and some food, while the other half head to the seatower of Balduran to discuss the travel plans with the flaming fist.
Sergor talked to a high ranking flaming fist member in charge of their side of the negotiations. They agreed that the flaming fist will depart in 2 days and they depart now as long as they don’t start the negotiations until the flaming fist arrives.

Raoden remembered he bailed on a meeting with his unicorn buddies but didn’t feel too bad about it because he was sad that Mordala misunderstood his invitation. He then went to talk to Marzat one last time before leaving asking for her advice on fighting sirens, first asking if they are hot. Eventually he asked if he can copy the blindness deafness spell to combat the sirens song but to his dismay she said OK sure, but it will take him some time to copy it as it’s a second level spell. He decides to take the time to copy the spell and leaves a message to the group that he is going to be late through carrier pigeon Max.

They wait for him at the exit, and ultimately depart at noon.

Hammer 29th

They head up the coast outside flaming fist territory and prepare to ambush the caravan. They prepared flaming bolts so Finley could cast pyrotechnics and hid around the terrain waiting for the caravan to arrive. Somehow they were the stealthiest they’ve ever been. They use the element of surprise to send a fireball and blow up a lot of the guards, combined with using pyrotechnics and Arias spirit guardians. Raoden then summons his Dowar friend again to fight the cleric of Bane. Oliver throws the Harper dagger at one of the horses but does not pierce his skin, so it is at the scene of the crime. Aria used her cleric of death powers to walk around and drain the life out of the cleric of Bane and they make quick work of the rest of the caravan.

As the party begins to look inside the caravans, there’s lots of weapons, but they suddenly hear clapping from behind and see a man approach. It’s a man claiming to be part of Brooks Merry Band and they want to claim this caravan. Sergor and Finley recall that Brooks is Onthar Brooks, a famous bandit that operates in this area and they raid a lot, while having a lot of bandits as they are a large crew. Oliver walks towards them and a fight begins as negotiations fall apart (hopefully not an omen of what’s to come).

The bandits manage to kill Raoden’s fey right away, then the leader resisted Raoden’s suggestion to not fight them. Finley and Sergor combine for web-beam a new innovative spell out now in stores but the leader retaliates by critting Oliver twice with his lucker noob moves. Raoden teleports one of the archers on the roof of the burning cart which breaks and he starts burning inside horrifically. As the leader died he cried that Brooks will get us all, but the fight ended shortly after with the last 2 remaining archers dying. After the fight and they take a moment to catch their breath Finley just sits down on the ground a bit away from the carnage and stares.
Raoden enters sicko mode (completely disassociating with that’s actually happening) after basking in the glory of battle and starts cleaning up the battlefield masking traces of magic that wouldn’t appear in a fight between the bandits and the caravan group.
They collect the cash and gems and realize they made a killing in more ways than one, but they are unsure if the gems are real with the recent rumors of the Guild smuggling fake gems into the city. They then topple the cart and leave weapons scattered around leaving it like a bandit attack that went very wrong (and very odd).

They grab their stuff and walk towards Ulgoth’s Beard.

Alturiak 1st

As they arrive at Ulgoth’s Beard in the evening of the next day, they notice it is a poor fishing village built on a cliff, with stairs leading down to docks below. The entrance to the village has been blocked by roadblocks in front of the gate, and there’s a small in not great shape wall around the city. They see the So Far group coming and yell that they can’t come in, so the group lies to them and say they are adventurers looking for sirens and need a place to rest for the night. The guard goes in and calls an old looking scruffy guy. When he arrives they come clean and reveal who they are and why they are there. Finley says they have a history of putting the flaming fist in line and are willing to leave their arms outside. The man agrees for 4 gold each to enter. Raoden tries to hide his staff as a walking stick but they figure him out.

As they took our weapons they refused to take Aria’s holy symbol as they don’t want to “anger the Gods anymore”. They refuse to answer questions about where the money goes or why they (mercenaries) are there. Oliver refuses to give away his weapons to mercenaries so he stays outside the village. The village is tiny, filled with the smell of rotting fish, and there is no inn in the village but there is a house turned into a common room. There are several ruffians inside the common room, probably off guard mercenaries. Everyone in the village seems thin and starving. Raoden heads up to the barkeep and tries to covertly hand him two pieces of gold, but is spotted in the process so he tries to convert it to rounds for the whole house but nobody is thankful. As they begin asking questions to the barkeep the session ends.


The party went to Silvershield’s office in the palace. After waiting for 30 minutes (ughh) we we’re allowed in. He acknowledged the group’s rebranding as he welcomed the So Far Group. Sergor asked him about the Baldur’s Mouth, and Silvershield told us the questions they asked him: Is he about to extradite Oliver for piracy, will he banish Sergor for threatening citizens, several questions about the Ravenshade family, Is he comfortable with Raoden being the son of a tyrant king, and is Aria the vigilante. He also asked him about Norrid, and Silvershield told us that he is in prison and that anything else about him is classified. He also told us that if we help capture the serial killer in Wyrm’s Crossing, he will let us help in the investigation of the serial killer in The Upper City.
We told him the evidence we have of The Preacher being a vampire turning others into vampires and spawns.
He asked us not to tell anyone about this, and told us that he will send an envoy to Silverymoon looking for information and that he will form a task group in The Watch to investigate the matter.
We also told him about our intention to convince The Parliament of Peers to be declared as the representatives to negotiate with Ulgoth’s Beard.
Raoden then proceeded to threaten Silvershield with war with Shadowdale, due to Silvershield hypothetically saying he could imprison Raoden as a foreign trouble maker, but then we left.

On our way back, we were approached by a cleric of Lathander who asked us if we wanted to pray for his quick return. Sergor and Finley prayed with him, while Raoden made up a prayer of his own hoping Lathander and Lurue and Meilikki are good friends.

The group looked for a bar with some privacy in The Outer City to work on the speech for the parliament and pass the time until the nightly heist. We found one in Stoney Eyes, and sat down for dinner and drinks.

After we finished working on the speech, we set off to do the heist. As we approached the farm, we once again saw the lookout. Oliver sneaked to the shed, avoiding the lookout by going from the opposite direction. He unlocked the window, avoiding the trap that Raoden pointed out in the scouting session. He entered the shed, while flying of course, to avoid the traps on the floor. He managed to go down a trapdoor, avoiding another trap, and entered a small dark chamber with a chest, the regular hidden compartment, and another trapdoor. He performed the good old switcheroo, and then disabled a trap on the trapdoor and opened it. Inside there was a candle, so he took it and replaced it with a different candle (?). Finally, he investigated the chest and figured out that it and the candle are all part of a big, explosive trap. He left, returning everything he changed back to the way it was.
Meanwhile, a drunk interrupted the rest of the group’s efforts to write the speech, so Raoden suggested that he forgets everything and goes to sleep.
The night was declared a great success, and we went to sleep as well.

Hammer 26th

The next morning, we went to The Parliament of Peers meeting. Sergor gave the speech, and was met with much resistance, as the patriar families thought it beneath their honor to negotiate with peasants. Sergor told them that we would do it for free, unlike anything The Flaming Fist would do, which piqued their interest. They did, however, insist that a few high ranking Flaming Fist officers join us, as we have no experience negotiating. In addition, they limited the amount of payment increase we can offer to 100 gold. We convinced them that if the peasants offer a formal apology and accept a delay in payment, then the raise can go up to 500 gold. A motion was then passed that we will be the representatives as long as we adhere to the terms previously agreed upon, and the meeting ended.
We were then summoned to appear before the Dukes who wanted us to convince them that we are the right people for the job, and that negotiations should be held at all. We managed to do that by arguing that it’s not about the money – the peasants will suffer greatly for their transgressions by accepting our terms, even more than what the patriars suffered by losing ships (Fucking bastards), and that satisfied them. In addition, the dukes agreed to pay 2000 gold a year to the Flaming Fist to resume the patrol to Ulgoth’s Beard, mostly to prevent outside influences on the people there. Content with our accomplishments, we went our separate ways to prepare for the journey, as we were only given two tendays to complete the negotiations.

Raoden told Marzat that we were leaving, and she asked him to bring her a pearl from the heart of a siren matriarch, as some siren nests can be found along the coast. He then met with Mordala, and they caught up about recent events in each other’s lives. He tried to ask her out to dinner, but she misunderstood and told him she’s cooking enough for the team and for him to join. He disappointedly agreed to return later that evening for a group meal.

Aria went to meet Gerald before the party left, and he told her that there are rumors that the Baldur’s Mouth is going to publish an article about a surviving member of the Ravenshade family. She asked him to find out where the editor lives, so she can try and convince her to not publish the article.

Sergor went to talk to Rollerand, first informing him that he took his advice and is trying to change the narrative by helping Ulgoth’s Beard, and secondly if he has any advice about fighting vampires, but he didn’t have any.
He then went and talked with Borm about the happenings of the day, also asking him to please keep a record of all Baldurs Mouth out when we are out of the city. He then bid him farewell and Borm wished him good luck.

Oliver slept with Nelly and told her that we are leaving.

Gerald returned and told aria that flora lives in the Heapside. She asked him if he has any idea how to persuade her to not post the information, he said that she can give her something juicier to post. She couldn’t think of anything. She decided to go to her house anyway. She found the house and knocked on the door. She was just told to come in. Everything inside was pink. She got out of the kitchen and immediately recognized her. She assumed she came to her to stop the article about her. She said Raoden really fucked them with that interview, and she thinks he doesn’t even realize that. She said she doesn’t have anything interesting to give her to post instead, and just came to beg her. She asked her what she is afraid of as she is the vigilante of brampton and surrounded by a group of capable friends. She said that there are implications and people that will get hurt. She tried to understand who but Aria didn’t want to comment. She asked her not to post it because the result of that could be deadly. She reminded her they saved the Baldur’s Mouth. Floora said she thought she would be happy with this publication because she will inherit all her family’s wealth. Aria told her that might cause the same things that happened before. She asked who killed her family but Aria said she doesn’t know. She agreed to delay the story if she gives her exclusive information about who killed her family and Aria agreed. Aria takes another poisoned cupcake and leaves.

Information is power
Heron Hawk has a nice badonkadonk

Hammer 23rd

The session began as Oliver went to the temple of The Bitch Queen and donated 10 gold.
He then went back to the docks when he last saw the remains of the ship he gave as an offering the last time looked at the horizon to see if anything was out of the ordinary.
He started speaking to Umberlee:
“You’ve brought the ship again. Why? The screams that I’ve heard, are they the screams of the drowning or those of the suffering souls under a demon? Are you trying to keep me away, or pull me back? Priests and priestesses have their unique way of telling you everything without telling you anything at all. From what she said 6 years ago I thought I had to stay away, but did you keep me alive because you have a purpose for me?”.
Then he just stared at the sea, and left after a while. Passing by Umberlee’s statue he poured some water from his vial, and saw the perpetually judging face of the statue of The Bitch Queen.

Sergor went back to the library to research how to kill vampires and found out they come back to life, but he couldn’t find any good solution to how to prevent them from doing so.

Hammer 24th

Di next morning everyone met at the Steel Dragon to go to Harren Hawk’s tower.
Arriving at the tower Sergor knocked on the door in a very weird way and a wooden mouth appeared on the door asking for their business. They identified themselves and were let inside. The tower was very magically impressive. From the stairs they heard metallic footsteps, and saw a human with a weird armor made out of both metal and robes, with a big staff-sword on his back.
He welcomed them. Roaden was quick to correct him that their name is not the Baldur’s Gate Five, but the S.O.F.A.R group, and asked if he killed the entirety of his old party for the loot. He did not agree to call them that, and said “who knows” about the second part.
Raoden asked if he was looking for an apprentice. Harren said that he is rude as he just started an apprenticeship for Marzat, and besides that wizards don’t steal each others apprentices.

Sergor started explaining the preacher’s situation, and asked about the key. He started looking through some drawers and pages. He found a Flaming Fist report about a stolen key. He was the owner and creator of the key. He said that the key creates a portal to wherever you want, even different plains.
Aria asked how he stole the key, and he said it was easy as he was his apprentice. He said he was an untalented and boring person named Kaul. That all happened two years ago. He said he wasn’t the same way he is right now. He was younger and had his eyesight. Aria suggested that maybe a vampire is feeding on him.
They asked for any information about Kaul that could help them. Harren said that he didn’t have a lot of magical abilities but he had interesting powers in creating magical items. He said that they created two more magical items. One was a medallion in the shape of the sun of Amaunator. That medallion was Kaul’s.
Raoden showed him a medallion and asked if he knew anything about it. He said that it is just a trinket that can be bought in the Wide.
Aria asked if there is a way to track the key, but Harren said that is the good thing about the key, there isn’t.
Harren said that now he knows Kaul still possesses the key he would give him a visit the next time he decides to make a ruckus. They told him he shouldn’t go alone and explained what they found out about the cult. Sergor asked about the bat they saw during the event. He said that out of the powerful mages none of them have bats as familiars. He said that they should inform the parliament of peers, but they said he has influence in the parliament so it’s a problem.

Raoden asked about the spell-jammer book but he didn’t know much so he asked about the crystal on his staff. Harren took a look and said he senses the essence of the shadow realm, and the essence of a specific place in the Feywild, one of the gateways to, not actually in the Feywild. He suggested running some more tests. Raoden wasn’t sure about it as he didn’t want to depart from the staff. He also asked about hat-dog and Harren did not understand the point and suggested not to do that, and instead go to therapy to deal with the loss of his dog. He suggested starting with regular basic magical items.

Oliver asked about his ship. He absentmindedly mentioned that the ship sank 6 years ago. Harren suggested that if it is a demon it’s a problem because he does what he does for the enjoyment of chaos. If it is a devil he is in luck because that means the deal that was made can be undone. He said souls are more in the realm of devils, and the reasons for making deals with devils are usually desperation or power hunger. Finley asked if Oliver’s captain was someone who was power hungry and Oliver said that he was the most joyful person he ever met and would never do such a thing. Sergor asked how the ship sank and if it was in a way that would cause the need for revenge. Oliver explained the situation and Harren said that maybe he made a deal to save his crew. But it is assuming it’s a devil again.

Raoden asked how they can fight and stop someone who has such a key. Sergor said that they should get enough proof before they do anything. Harren suggested not to follow him through the portal. They asked why and he demonstrated how he could easily trap them like that by making them stuck between two fake doors in the middle of the earth.

The group thanked him for the meeting and left. Aria said she can ask Gerald to find more information. Sergor said he wants to talk to parliament of peers so the group can be the representatives of Baldur’s Gate to Ulgoth’s Beard. They discussed what to do and split up.

Raoden went to Arburus Provos. He was stopped by the guards at the entrance, but was eventually let inside. He was greeted by Catheera. They talked about how they have been and she showed him she can now do magic. She said she wants to know how to defend herself. She let him into the living room and he said he would like to speak to her father. She asked what about it and he explained the situation. She said she will go tell him, and came back after a bit saying he’s just about to finish a meeting. He asked about what Caldor told her when he tried to recruit her into the cult. She said he was very nice and answered all her questions and said that she is going to take a test and if she passes she will meet the masters. He said they are followers of the one true god and if she passes they will tell her the truth. She said all she remembers is being excited and entering an ally and seeing the yellow glowing eyes, and then him and pain and the guards. He also introduced her to friends of his that were also followers. Raoden thanked her for the information. They were waiting for a while and she was very direct and affectionate but Raoden returned no affection. After a while the servant called Raoden to talk to the father. Raoden jokingly said he asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage. He said that he would not allow that. After a while of each talking about how his own way of government is better Raoden asked to be the representatives to Ulgoth’s Beard. Arburus said that is excellent. Raoden was surprised it was that easy. He asked where the bathroom was and was directed outside which baffled him. Arburus asked him to come back after he’s done. He then came back and they debated about bathrooms. After the debate they split and Arburus said they will update him about the meeting.

Sergor went to Borm. He came back to his home and saw three large crates at the entrance. His aunt told him those were deliveries for him. He went to see Borm. He told him about his plan. Borm told him the city only wants Ulgoth’s Beard to understand they can be replaced easily and should be thankful for what they have, and he is probably not putting himself in the best position. Sergor said he would rather have any authority rather than none. He then went to open the boxes and that was his armor. It was a very beautiful Caleshite armor. He then hired mercenaries to get the shields he ordered from his order for Aria and himself. Sergor realized they didn’t know what Ulgoth’s Beard wanted so he went back to ask Borm. He said that the dukes weren’t clear but they said they probably think the city is not paying then enough attention.

In the meantime Aria went to Gerald. She asked him if he found out any information about the serial killer. He said that he did. They are working in the Wide, mostly in daylight and sometimes even in plain sight during busy hours, slitting the victim’s throats. She updated him about the situation with the vampires as well, and the people in the watch that are affected by the cult. He said that this is troubling and he would keep an eye. She asked him for a list of people who disappeared and came back and he said that he would try to provide that. She also asked for a list of the victims of the murderer. He wanted to see her later that day but she said she has other plans doing some shady business with the group.

Finley went to Norold Dlusker. Nimrod asked why. While walking in the Wide Finley noticed a bunch of people looking at him weird. He was happy that people noticed his new eye patch. When he arrived he was greeted by Norold who was happy to see him. He told him about the plan, and asked him to recommend that they be the representatives. He said sure but don’t connect it to the workshop.

While everyone went to talk to their patriar connection Oliver went to the Blushing Mermaid as he had no connections. He got some rum and looked for the Harper, but the waiter told him he has been out since morning, so he left.

They all met back at the Steel Dragon. Finley said Sergor looks like a lizard with his new armor. They updated each other about their meeting. Sergor said they should meet either Silvershild or Blazespear. They voted and Blazespear won, so they went to the Seatower. They were let in pretty easily. Blazespear was in a meeting and when they were called in they saw a bunch of officers including Jefor exit his office. The group entered the office and explained the Ulgoth’s Beard situation. They asked what they wanted and he said he didn’t know exactly as they were vague. He said that they probably want respect and money. He told them the city probably wants to send Flaming Fist to bully them so it’s good if they send the group so he doesn’t need to send his man. He told them the dukes already decided that there is no wiggle room and they are only giving them a chance to go back to work before they take over. They asked about the deal and it’s recent updates and Raoden said that they deserve a chance to renegotiate the terms if it’s been many years. Blazespear said he agrees but it is not the official stance of the city, and they would agree to renegotiate but that’s not what they asked, they just stopped working the lighthouse. Raoden said that it sounds like everyone is in the wrong in the situation ESH. Finley suggested they stop paying so they have to do their job to get paid, and he said that they will lose the moral high ground this way. Sergor suggested they buy the lighthouse, but the city would not agree due to the behavior of the village. Sergor asked for a list of disappearances and he told them to go ask Jefor, so they went to his office. They went there. He told them that in regard to the previous request there were 2 people in hiding and Ravenguard was involved as well as someone who was transferred to Beregost after the breakout named Arepal.
Sergor told him about the vampires. He told them he had to inform Blazespear immediately. They asked him to please be careful with the information. They then gave him the rest of the information they have about the situation. Then they left Seatower.

Sergor went to schedule a meeting with Silvershield for the next day, while complaining he refuses to sea him. He managed to schedule a meeting but still claimed Silvershield refuses to see him. Oliver called a group meeting.
He said that during the Hawke meeting he accidentally let slip something that he meant to tell them in two days which was that his ship sank.
He was boarding a ship they were attacking, and the rest of his crew stayed on the pearl. Before he was up the pearl was already halfway underwater, and everyone on board died. He was left alive as his enemies saw it as a bigger punishment than killing him.
He was left in Baldur’s Gate and went to the temple of Umberlee where he was told by a priestess something that made him think he shouldn’t return to sea.
He wanted to go back to sea in 2 months and 2 days, the sixth anniversary of the ship sinking. Raoden asked why not just go now. He explained that he until then he wanted to visit the temple more, and also they have things to do and he assumes things would develop and they would have more things to do. He said that he wanted to let the party know in advance in case they would like to join. He recommended that if they do they all should visit the temple before going because Umberlee is a bitch to those who don’t pay respects and also to those who do. Aria asked if he is planning to go back to sea and leave them forever and Oliver said he’s not sure as he doesn’t know what the resolution would be. Raoden told Aria he should and good riddance.

Raoden then went back to his job. He paid an old woman to cook instead of him as he didn’t want to cook the meat.

Aria went to scare bad people. She asked her homeless network and found a murderer. She stalked the guy to make sure she’s the correct guy. She managed to intimidate him into confessing, and she killed him, leaving his body in the street.

The rest of the group rested until the heist at night.

In the evening they all went to Norchapel. They saw that the area is pretty open so they could be easily spotted if they approached the shed. They tried to figure out a plan. They decided Raoden would scout today and the heist would be the next day with the cloak of elvenkind. Finley made Raoden invisible and flying and he flew to investigate the shed. He found out that the door was trapped but wasn’t sure what the trap was. The windows were also trapped. He decided to make Max appear inside and looked through his eyes. He saw a trapdoor, and the trap that is connected to the door has a string that goes inside the trap door. He then made Max disappear and return to the group to update them about his findings, sketching a map of the inside. They then left the area to rest.

Hammer 25th

The next morning Finley went to the Hog and the Hen. Holly said he’s been away for too long and is too skinny. She gave him a drink and food. He asked her for updates about the pearl and she got him a letter from Kanen. He said that he is the most beautiful man he’s ever seen and wanted him to have the most beautiful pearl, and he seems to be inexperienced in courting and even though he is showing him affection he owes him nothing and doesn’t need to show affection back, and that the pearl is his regardless.

Raoden went to his job and it seemed like Marzat was making him do busy work on purpose. He did it until he was too annoyed and complained that what he’s doing is unrelated to magic. She told him just because he’s not sitting next to a spell book doesn’t mean he’s not learning. He told her about Ulgoth’s Beard and she said she might have a task in the way. He said that Harren Hawk was interested in having him as an apprentice. She called his bluff. He complained about the pace of the learning and she said they should talk about it in a tenday. After he finished his tasks for the day he gathered material components and went to Harren to give him the crystal to investigate. He wanted the ability to research the Tear of Mystra in return. Raoden asked him if he had any means of sending a message to his father. Harren cast a spell and Raoden asked his father if he could give the tear to him and in response he heard someone laughing very hard. He then used another sending to explain it better. He then heard louder laughs. Raoden then said that he doesn’t think his father is susceptible to the idea, and just laughed in response. He asked if he wanted anything else in return. He said that he would think about it, and Raoden left.

Oliver went to the Blushing Mermaid again and asked the Harper about the organization trying to understand the general goals and mission of the organization. He learned that they were trying to protect the small people from sources of power crushing them. Oliver then told the agent that this aligns with his goals and beliefs and asked what joining them entails. The agent said that he would need to be successful in the missions they give him and his personality needs to match the organization. He said that is understandable and all he needed to know and left.

Sergor went to the harbormaster to look for information about the last negotiations with Ulgoth’s Beard. The clerk would not give him the documents because he’s not authorized to see them and doesn’t have any written permission. After returning with a writ and paying people 30gp total to pass them in line he learned that the last negotiations were 150 years before.

Will they manage to do the heist next session?
Will they ever get to Ulgoth’s Beard and mange to solve the issues?
Who is the next expose is going to be about?
The answer is no.

Vampire Diaries
A Butchered Heist

The gang met up at the Steel Dragon to discuss their plan for the Blinding.
They decided to make Max invisible and have him follow The Preacher to gather more information, and grab one of his lackeys while they are separated for interrogation.

The Wide was decorated festively with symbols of Tyr. A huge crowd was standing next to a stage erected by the Statue of the Beloved Ranger. Priests were handing blindfolds. Some fancypants in the crowd had decorated blindfolds, who would ever wear such a ridiculous thing.
A priest approached the Group to give them blindfolds. Raoden wore his immediately to not stand out even though no one else was wearing one yet.

Quickly the place became very crowded, even outer city people who normally were barred from these events were allowed in.
Sergor cast Detect Evil and detected a bit of everything. Feys, celestials, and fiends, but no undead.
Finley made Max invisible and he scouted from above.

A priest of Tyr went up on stage. He cast a spell to raise his voice and started the ceremony.
He spoke of how no one is above justice, not even the gods himself. Tyr blinded himself for his failures in the times of trouble. In reverence to this show of blind justice, his followers blindfold themselves on this day.
He put on blindfolds and the crowd followed suit, but the So-Far-sans-Raoden Group didn’t.

Raoden tried to detect if any magic suddenly appeared to find The Preacher, specifically conjuration to detect his key. He only found minor magic items. Through Max’s eyes Raoden tried to find any people with no blindfolds. He saw a group of thuggish people. Their arms were covered in the same place as the preachers thugs usually are. The group moved towards them.
Max noticed a bat flying around just like him to watch over people. Max followed the bat but couldn’t figure out what he was looking for.

When near the thugs, Max reported that another group appeared and The Preacher among them. The Preacher preached his usual preachment and left. The Preacher went to a door, took out a key, and put it in the lock. But just before he turned the key, he turned his head instead and looked directly at Max. He pointed his finger at Max, his eyes glowed yellow, and he banished him to whence he came.

The thugs dispersed, some of them putting on a blindfold. Raoden cast Hold Person on one of them. As the group tied him up, a watchman shouted at Raoden to stop. They told him that adventurers can’t arrest people willy nilly.
Aria noticed that their uniforms are not standard, they were changed to be puffier in the arms. Perhaps to hide their Preacher Marking!?
Aria asked who their commanding officer is and they answered Lieutenant Varren, whom Aria recognized. Fin removed the thug’s bracer and showed it to the guards and asked them if it seems familiar. They feigned ignorance.
Sergor recognised a patriar and called him over. Luckily, it was Ailen Whitburn.
He told the watchmen to stand down, and let his guards arrest the thug. They told the watchmen that the So Far Group will hand the thug to the Watch, but they will have access to the prisoner.

Finley investigated the thugs tattoo to see if it’s an actual bite mark but couldn’t figure it out.
One of the bodyguards taking the guard recognised Oliver and said he fucked his girl and for that he will do him a solid. He took them to some sequestered empty building.

Raoden told the thug that he’s not a crazy violent half-orc like Sergor, he’s a good cop who doesn’t want to see him tortured by a crazy violent half-orc. So he SUGGESTED he cooperated. But the prisoner rolled a 20.
Sergor walked up to him instead and cast Lesser restoration. He felt that something was affecting the thug, but it was too powerful to be cured with that spell. He tried Protection From Evil to the same effect. He felt that the prisoner was definitely under the influence of a sinister being.
Raoden recognized it as a charm, but the magic itself was long gone, leaving only a crazed fanatic.

Oliver stripped him to look for other tattoos. He found some that made it seem like he used to be a sailor.
Oliver asked him about his history. He told Oliver he was a sinner like him moving from port to port. He rambled about the gods using them as playthings and that the One True God will give them eternal life.
Oliver threatened his life and the thug was elated to be sent to the Eternal God.

Raoden took out his creator tokens and used Augury to ask them if questioning this man will give them any information that will lead them on the path to The Preacher. The result was both good and bad.

On closer examination Aria saw that the thug’s arm tattoo was covering puncture marks.
She asked how to join The Preacher. He said you must pass the trials, then they will know and let you in. He refused to let her know specifics in advance. He said you must cast the gods from your heart and the followers of The Preacher will come in the night, eyes glowing, and take you to your test.

Oliver ran out to buy holy water and tried to rub it on the prisoner’s bite mark, which did nothing.
The thug recognized Raoden and said the chosen ones are angry with him for interfering.
He referred to The Preacher as “the most holy one”
Sergor read Volo’s entry on vampires and discerned they are dealing with a thrall.
The group let the bodyguard take care of the thrall and bring him to the Watch.

They then went to Sow’s Foot to visit their favorite codecracker. He finished translating the book. They paid him with the Guild stash money and got the book titled INDEPENDENCEUZKURS CAPTAIN’S LOG.

It was about a (probably) gith spelljammer who escaped slavery from (probably) ilithids.
He searched for a sage named Gamalon Idogyr in Toril. He arrived during the spellplague and was warned against entering due to ships malfunctioning. He went in anyway, and crash landed in a flooded mine. His diary ended with him going to seek the sage.
Finley was very excited at the prospect of a plane-jumping ship being in their vicinity. But first they went to Marzat so Raoden can ask her about some stuff from the diary. However, a jew let us know she was busy at the moment. Raoden asked him to ask her if she knew the name Gamalon. After going and returning he said she did know the name and to come back tomorrow, then kicked them out.

Raoden resummoned Max who was confused by what happened to him and mad that Raoden did cool stuff without him. Raoden apologized and bribed him with a snack.

The group decided to rob a (G)u(i)ld(th) stash in Sow’s Foot. The stash was in the cellar of the Ham’s House butcher shop. Sergor went in and met a very fat gnome. He asked him what his most expensive cut was, then ordered tenderloin. Sergor surveyed the layout of the place while the gnome brought him his meat. He got his meat and said he’s going to eat it on the spot for some reason.

After a characteristically long deliberation, they concocted a flawless plan. When the last customer left, Max – invisible – flew in the open door and went to the back room. Raoden teleported Oliver in, who used a flying potion. He investigated the trap door and determined it was a trap door. He opened it and flew down the stairs. He lit a torch and saw barrels, crates, and a small shrine to a gnomish god. He investigated and saw what he thinks is a hidden door that definitely has no traps.

There was a small opening but he could not manage to pry it open. The opening continued down like a tube. He took a sausage hook and used it to pull the door out. It slid back and opened. He saw traps, as well as equipment, daggers, leather armor, etc.
Behind some crates there was a removable brick. He recognized the same trap from last stash. He disabled it and took the gold, replacing with ball bearings. In another crate he found hidden 3 flaming fist badges which he took as well. He set everything in its place, poured seawater on the hidden door’s mechanism to make it seem like it’s been unused for a long time next time someone opens it.

They celebrated a successful heist by sleeping in Stonyeyes. At night, it appeared to be completely unprotected. A lot of half orcs were walking around and doing things that justify the stereotypes against them, such as mugging and threatening honest folk.
In a tavern, Sergor made the barkeep cook the meat he bought and paid extra for the honor.
Everyone got pickpocketed, then didn’t find any rooms in any inns. They went to sleep in Little Calimshan.

23 Hammer

They woke up early Di next morning so Sergor’s uncle wouldn’t yell at him for associating with Oliver.
Everyone except Oliver went to the library. Sergor read about vampires and found out all the major vampire lords have different abilities and weaknesses, but they are all evil and the sun either kills them or weakens them.
By drinking all their blood, a vampire lord can create vampire spawn which are weaker and have to obey him. Thralls are put under the lord’s charm

Raoden tried to find things about spelljammers but the library had very limited information.
He looked into Gamalon Idogyr, who was the count of Spellshire and the court mage of Tethyr. There was no record of his death but there was a newer court mage.
He also copied the translation of the gith diary in hopes he could give the original as entrance for Candlekeep.

Raoden went to Marzat and a jew opened the door. He said he’ll check if she’s available and slammed the door. Minutes later Raoden was let in to the reception. He asked for tea just to make the jew work.
Marzat came in and told him his potion was good enough. She made him her apprentice, telling him he was to work from dawn til much after dusk, cleaning and doing back breaking labor. She promised to tell him all about his spelljammer curiosities over dinner.

In the Blushing Mermaid, Oliver met the harper agent. Oliver told him about their heist progress and he arranged for payment. He then refused to give his name but asked all about Nelly. After an awkward conversation Oliver left to the Steel Dragon Inn.

For Marzat’s dinner, Raoden refused to cook meat and made a vegetarian meal. She was very cross with him. She told him to follow the recipe exactly and treat with the precision of a potion recipe. He argued but she told him to follow the recipe precisely. He offered meat replacements so she offered Finley as a tutor replacement.

They talked about Raoden’s staff. Marzat told him it was given to her as a gift for helping an archfey. The crystal was her own addition, which she won in a duel against a red wizard.
He asked about the history of the crystal, and she said she will teach him how to magically study its history starting next week.
Raoden somehow connected it to Uzkur, but she saw no connection.
She said Gamalon was still alive last time she talked to him 25 years ago. She said Idogyr lived on the rock of Bral from before the spellplague. He is approximately 170 years old.
She explained that a helm is an engine that starts the spelljammer by converting wild space magical energy to kinetic energy, and phlogiston is a flammable material found in wildspace that allows you to travel faster by riding its currents.
They talked more about the larger world. She mentioned that she visited Selune once.
They finished dinner and sent him to do some chores.

The rest of the group mentally prepared for their meeting with Hawke tomorrow. But what will they ask him? Will they find the Independence, or at least learn a valuable lesson along the way? Will they ever go to Ulgoth’s Beard? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!!!!!!!