Baldur’s Gate, the greatest commercial metropolitan port on the sword coast, the city of opportunity.
Strategically cradled between high cliffs in a crook of the river Chionthar, the city controls the Wyrm’s Crossing – the largest bridge along the Coast Way. The city benefits from taxes collected from merchants crossing the bridge from south or north, from ships going up river from west or east, and from every person that walks through any of the city’s gates, making it the largest and wealthiest commerce center along the Sword Coast. The city sponsors over 90 guilds, but unlike its Waterdhavian competitor to the north, free trade means no one is forced to join a guild, and guilds are forbidden from interfering with others’ trade (or rather, forbidden from being caught doing so).
Though the city’s Grand Dukes are members of the Lord’s Alliance, Baldur’s Gate has always prided itself on its neutrality.
Its people are proud and entrepreneurial. They pride themselves on their diversity and accept even those considered “evil” as long as they come to trade fairly.

Baldur’s Gate has just one rule: don’t interfere with trade and business. If you follow this rule, the city’s famed mercenary company, The Flaming Fist, which is used as the city’s main policing force, will stay out of your way.
This near lawlessness attracts an endless amount of trouble, making Baldur’s Gate a haven for the worst type of people. The worshipping of no god is forbidden, which has attracted activities from the churches of Cyric, Bane, Shar and many other evil deities.

What evil horror will the city draw next? What villains will try to bring it down? And how will your fate be intertwined with that of the Gate?

Baldur's Gate

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